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Cut a paper electric guitar riff and scissors made by a traditional Japanese cutler


The town of Seki in Gifu Prefecture in Japan is praised for its rich tradition and history of making samurai swords, and in modern times it has spread a reputation for cutlery and blades of all kinds. at the cutting edge of technology. The city’s longtime and renowned makers continue to innovate with crafts such as the world’s first foldable and disposable paper razor blade.

Nikken Cutlery is one such manufacturer. The company, which has been making blades for 75 years, has released some creative blades before, including scissors inspired by iconic anime. Neon Genesis Evangelion and letter ops authentically inspired by the famous blades of the legendary Shinsengumi warriors.

Now their latest crowdfunded version (via the Makuake website) combines the tip of their blades and music with high quality office electric guitar scissors.

The series of scissors is called Seki Sound and can be used both as an interior decoration for music lovers and used to cut your paper with the precision of a well-designed Japanese blade. When closed, the scissors look like a miniature electric guitar and even come with a display stand.

Once opened, by removing the headstock which doubles as a safety cap, you can open the guitar to use it as a pair of scissors.

Seki Sound is available in two colors: black and red for the standard model, and metallic blue and pearl white with luster and blade for the special model.

Each Seki Sound model is carefully crafted one by one by skilled Seki cutlery craftsmen down to the smallest detail.


You can follow updates on the crowdfunding product through Seki Sound’s Makuake page.

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