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Black Clover Chapter 318: Lucifero emerges in a different form, the threat continues in Spade Kingdom



Black Clover Chapter 318 is the next installment in the Japanese manga. But it looks like readers will have to wait another week to see the next part. Black Clover Chapter 318 is on hiatus this week.

The fight between Ultra Black Bull, other Magic Knights Vs. King of Supreme Devils continues on Black Clover Chapter 318. Black Bulls wants to save Captain Yami and William. Asta and others realize that they are in danger. The warriors wonder what will happen to the world.

Instead of coming on Sunday, Black Clover Chapter 318 will be released on Sunday, January 2, 2022.

In Black Clover Chapter 317, Asta and Liebe enter Devil Union mode. Asta uses the ancient anti-magic weapon, Demon Slasher against the King of Supreme Devils. The sword is also known as “Demon Slasher: Infinity Slash”.

Asta cuts Lucifero’s giant form into two halves. One of the halves of his body fell on the nearby town, which could injure citizens and magic knights. As Mimosa Vermillion and Yuno Grinberryall appear, Yuno is using Sprit of Euros. It destroys the part of the body.

On the other side, Patolli also managed to keep William from falling to the ground. Almost all Black Bulls and the like are safe. The castle began to fall into ruin. All members are happy to see the end of Lucifero. Captain Yami regained consciousness. He lands atop Flower Capital and complements the Black Bulls for their heroic deeds.

For many years, the devil ruled Spade Kingdom. Finally, the people of the country obtained freedom. The citizens and warriors of the Spade Kingdom dream of building a peaceful country. They began to meet and embrace their loved ones.

But, as they were celebrating, suddenly a mysterious devil appears and yells at the Magic Knights to run away as Lucifero’s manifestation was half over before Asta slashed him. The demon defeated all the magic knights in an instant and they fell unconscious to the ground.

Lucifero, the Massive Mana emerges and the second door to the underworld opens. All the devils kneel down and bow their heads in front of Lucifero. Black Clover chapter 318 will witness Asta and Liebe’s furious battle against the Supreme Devils.

It will be difficult for Asta and the team to fight against Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 318. All Black Clover chapters are available online at the Viz website, Manga plus and the Shonen Jump app which is available on Android and IOS.

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