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Knights are very popular characters in anime who shine alongside or even as the main character of a series. The swords, shields, and spears in the hands of these characters cross the battlefields with grace and honor and leave fans in awe of their skill.

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Medieval fantasy anime has seen a significant increase in releases over the past few years, and an abundance of new knights have appeared in fan-favorite series such as Sword Art Online and Seven Mortal sins. Some of these characters have become iconic as fan favorites on the show and key story elements. Here are some of the most iconic knights in anime.

9 Parn – Lodoss War Recording

Recording of the Lodoss War is a classic anime story that became popular in the late 90s. The story follows a group of adventurers who must battle an evil power to protect the land of Lodoss before it is swallowed up by chaos. Parn is the leader and knight of the party, the sole responsibility for leading his friends to victory rests on his shoulders.

Parn is the child of a famous disgraced knight, which prompted him to become one himself to redeem his surname; Parn is a very compassionate person who believes in being on the right side of things and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Additionally, Parn is an expert fighter, having gained insurmountable experience in several land wars that have earned him some respect.

8 Skull Knight – Berserk

Skull Knight is the constant immortal enemy of the Hand of God in the Berserk universe; not much is known of his backstory, only that he is a victim of the Eclipse who survived and dedicated his life to destroying the members of the Hand of God.

Skull Knight is also the savior of Guts and Casca, rescuing them from the demonic realm of God Hand during the last eclipse and treating Guts as a makeshift successor to his cause. Skull Knight imparted his knowledge of God’s Hand to Guts and aids him in battle when needed. Skull Knight is an extremely powerful enemy capable of transporting different dimensions and even fighting on equal terms with Zod.

seven Claire–Claymore

Claymore is another classic anime that paved the way for visceral and bloody series like Goblin Slayer and The attack of the Titans. The series is set in a world where an organization of half-demon warriors engages in battle against demonic enemies called Youma.

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Clare is the main protagonist of the series and stands out as a powerful warrior and devoted comrade. Clare, on the surface, is a cold and efficient demon slayer, or “Youma”; however, below the surface, she is as human as the people she saves every day. Clare’s journey to end the demonic menace takes turns she doesn’t expect, and her growth is substantial among most anime characters to date.

6 Suzaku Kururugi – Code Geass

Suzaku commands a lot of respect as the character who rose from nothing to become one of the most valiant knights in the Code Geass universe. Born into a world where Japanese ancestry is discriminated against, Suzaku faces a giant wall to prove that he and the Japanese people are admirable human beings.

Along the way, Suzaku got lost after getting everything he wanted, which made for one of the more interesting character developments. Suzaku remained true to the oaths he took as a knight even though he was constantly scrutinized and became known as the White Grim Reaper on the battlefield. Suzaku is a noble and willful fighter who will stop at nothing to punish those who seek to sow chaos.

5 Bow – Skeleton Knight in Another World

Arc is the latest edition of Knights in Anime. the new anime isekai Skeleton knight in another world features Arc as an armored warrior who wields powerful magic and a long sword that splits trees in half. Beneath the armor, Arc is a NEET who was transported to another world after falling asleep while playing his favorite game.

Arc adopted the persona of a chivalrous knight but portrayed the trope well, having saved countless lives on day one and earning the respect of everyone who met him. Arc can use powerful magic spells like Teleport and Wyvern Slash that eliminate opponents in the blink of an eye; this, along with his incredibly powerful attributes, makes him an iconic knight who stands out among the crowd.

4 Arthur Boyle – Fire Force

Arthur Boyle is the self-proclaimed King of Knights in the fire force animated; he is a member of the Eight Team of the Special Fire Company along with Shinra. Arthur is a very strange individual to his peers, looking like a teenager with what is called Chunibyo, the victim of grandiose delusions that he believes to be real.

His fantasies led him to adopt the persona of a knight of old who must put an end to the infernal threat that afflicts the world. Arthur wields a thermal sword which he uses in combination with his third generation pyrokinetic abilities; Arthur is skilled enough to go one-on-one with Shinra at his best and not get overwhelmed.

3 Saber – Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night is filled with powerful characters, but none are as noble or dedicated a warrior as Saber. From her first appearance after a benign summoning by Emiya, Saber portrayed an elegance and confidence that elevated her above the series’ ordinary minions.

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In the story, Saber was the former High King, Arthur, who led the Knights of the Round Table and is arguably the greatest knight in existence. Saber uses the legendary sword Excalibur to battle her rival minions and protect the mages in her charge. Saber often walked the battlefield against impossible odds and emerged triumphant; her sense of justice and strength will make her one of the most iconic knights in anime.

2 Ezra Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Ezra Scarlet is a handsome and strong knight and a prominent member of the Fairy Tail guild, even serving as a master on one occasion. Scarlet is immensely powerful, gaining great strength while traveling on Team Natsu, earning all reputation. Although somewhat stern and off-putting to her pears, Scarlet commands great respect for her accomplishments as a warrior and her devotion to her comrades.

Scarlet uses special magical abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with in a fight; one of these abilities is called Re-equip Knight. The ability to re-equip Scarlet’s Knight allows her to instantly swap weapons and armor to always match the challenge she faces; this alone makes her incredibly difficult to fight and ensures she always has the edge in battle.

1 Asta – Black Clover

black clover achieved global levels of success upon release; Asta is the main character of the series and is one of the high-ranking members of the Black Bulls magic knight team. Asta is a powerful knight and can more than hold his own in a fight; however, it is Asta’s personality that elevates him above the rest.

Asta is known for his strong and charismatic personality; Asta has no problem speaking his mind or expressing his feelings to his friends or even complete strangers. Using his special anti-magic abilities, Asta is able to fight alongside his comrades and his rival, Yuno.

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