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Award-winning Food Critic noodle station ends 2021 strong | News


FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, 22 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Noodle Station, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant serving bowls of noodles, bao and beer, had a bumper year in 2021. The fast and casual restaurant appeared on Food web and the Kitchen chain, has won food critic awards and has impressed many diners with its “Asian soul food”.

The idea for the concept of building your own bowl came from the chef and co-owner that of Walter Harris trip 2017 to Japan and fits perfectly into today’s lifestyle of getting healthy and fresh food fast.

More than just providing tasty lunch and dinner fare, Noodle Station has teamed up with the nearby Live Music Room Culture Room to stay open late after concerts. They have also teamed up with Aballinstudio to offer “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz”, a recurring comedy evening organized in the restaurant.

“We are proud to be active in the community,” said Mitch zelman, partner of Noodle Station. “People are what brings a community together and we want to do more than just fill people’s stomachs with our high quality ingredients.”

Noodle Station diners build their own bowl of noodles by choosing ingredients from four categories. They start with noodle bases like ramen, udon, soba, veg, and a glass of sweet potato, then add one of three broths (sweet potato veg, pork tonkatsu, and chicken-oyster. -ginger) and one or more proteins (chicken, breast, pulled pork and tofu).

If customers aren’t sure which flavor combinations might work well, they can also choose one of the “signature bowls”. 3 Little Pigs combines udon, pork belly, pulled pork and candied hijiki bacon. The Keto Bowl is a mix of carrot, zucchini, and daikon noodles with pulled pork in pork broth, while the American samurai mixes rice and ramen noodles, hoisin glazed brisket, braised pork. 1 pm and chicken with five spices.

Not a fan of noodles? Diners can also choose a steamed bao (similar to an Asian taco) and add protein and vegetables.

For more information on the menu or specials, please visit their website.

Learn more about Noodle Station

Noodle Station, located at 3045 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, opened in january 2020 and has since become a favorite haunt for local diners and famous food critics. In addition to being featured on the Food Network, the restaurant has been featured on Hungry Black Man, Josiah Eats, and Chase Creative on YouTube.

For more information, please visit https://eatnoodlestation.com/ or call (954) 990-5460.

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