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Alan Ladd Jr., legendary producer behind Star Wars and Braveheart, dies at 84


Ladd continued to direct up-and-coming talent, such as with Ron Howard’s breakout feature, “Night Shift.” His streak of success continued after he disbanded The Ladd Company and became president and CEO of MGM/UA, producing films like “Moonstruck” and “A Fish Called Wanda”, and supporting former collaborators like “Spaceballs” by Mel Brooks and Ron Howard and “Saule” by George Lucas. He even launched one of the most surprisingly successful comedy franchises of all time, “Police Academy.”

When Ladd left the executive job in the early 90s, he brought a new incarnation of The Ladd Company to Paramount Pictures, and in turn tried his luck with another actor-turned-director: Mel Gibson, producing the second Oscar of the filmmaker. winning feature film, “Braveheart,” a film that won five Oscars. The success of the new Ladd Company continued to flourish with a film adaptation of “The Brady Bunch” and its sequel, and even after his departure from Paramount, Ladd directed films like “An Unfinished Life” and Ben’s first film. Affleck, “Gone Baby Gone”.

Ladd leaves behind a cinematic legacy that spans nearly every aspect of the industry: from arthouse triumphs to genre milestones to technical boundary-pushing. He is survived by his wife, Cindra Pincock, his children Kelliann and Tracy Ladd, his half-brother David Ladd, his half-sister Alana Ladd and his sister-in-law Carol Lee Stuart-Ladd. Without Alan Ladd Jr., Hollywood history would not only be completely different, but much less special.