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Alameda Webster Tube Closure + Find a Duck, Win a Prize


Happy Wednesday, Alameda residents! Here’s everything you need to know today.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Partial sunshine. High: 63 Low: 45.

Here are the best stories today in Alameda:

  1. Alpacas roam free in Oakland (SF Gate)
  2. Oakland’s legendary soul restaurant, Brown Sugar Kitchen, closes after nearly 15 years (SF Gate)
  3. Webster tube night shutdown (Alameda patch)
  4. Small flowers: photo of the day (Patch Alameda)
  5. Free Organic Gardening Webinar for Alameda Thursday (Alameda Patch)
  6. 25-Min. Pasta + Italian Sausage, Shoots: Cooking With Courtney (Dublin Patch)
  7. John Madden Honored in Congress (Pleasanton Patch)

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  • Golden State German Shepherd Rescue: “***** GOLDEN STATE CELEBRITIES ***** Paul Heggen, Chief Meteorologist @ KPIX, San Francisco will introduce two of our dogs … Rusty and Spencer.” (Facebook)
  • West Alameda Business Association: “Check out the recent Redfin article in which our friends from the Feathered Outlaw were featured! ” (Facebook)
  • Alameda Free Library: “Have you ever found a yellow winter duck?” 🦆 Tip: If you’re shopping on Park St. or Webster St., you have a good chance of finding a duck! You only need to find one duck to win your prize. ” ( Facebook)
  • Public Information Officer Sarah Henry, City of Alameda: “Late night tube closure alert Jan 11-14 – Caltrans has scheduled a full Webster tube closure overnight (entering Alameda)” (Nextdoor)
  • Next door neighbor, eastern end area: “Hey Neighbors, does anyone have any suggestions or recent experience installing their electric vehicle charger that they want to share? – I want to know your opinion. Thanks in advance ! “(Nextdoor)
  • Next door neighbor, Bay Farm: “Any recommendations for watching Golden State Warriors games live on TV?” – What chains? “(The next door)
  • Next door neighbor, Gold Coast: “Wondering if anyone knows an arborist specializing in Japanese maples? – Needs a reboot.” (The door next door)

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Bea Karnes