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5 must-see destinations in Asia for the perfect vacation


Asia is a whole continent of endless possibilities capable of stimulating the imagination of any traveler. Magical jungles, islands with turquoise waters surrounded by palm trees, traditional villages, religious temples and sacred mountains await you. From the traditional land of the samurai, Japan, to historic Myanmar and the immersive tranquility of the islets of Thailand, every trip will thrill you. Let’s find our way to the secret and unknown treasures hidden by the Asian land.

  1. The exotic beauty of Doi Mae Salong, Thailand
    The list of hidden beauties in Asia opens with the charming village at the top of Thailand. Doi Mae Salong combines the beauty of Thailand with the special cuisine of China and the charm of Myanmar. The village is located near the border with Myanmar and is famous for its Chinese tea merchants. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains like Mae Salong in Chiang Rai province, and if you need to get closer to nature, a visit to the top of the mountain will reward you with its exotic beauty.
  2. Paradise in Silk Country, Yaeyama Islands, Japan
    The journey to the hidden emeralds in Asia continues in the land of silk, Japan. The Yaeyama Islands, along with the Miyako Islands and the Okinawa Islands, form the three main island chains of the Okinawa region. The tropical atmosphere and laid-back rural lifestyle of the permanent residents will inspire you to travel with a difference. The Yaeyama Islands are an ideal getaway destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Japan’s metropolises. This island paradise offers secluded beaches for ultimate mental and physical relaxation. Of course, experiencing the seabed at Japan’s best diving spots will make your travel experience take off. Finally, be enchanted by the beauty of the well-preserved traditional village of Ryukyu on Taketomi Island, another destination in Asia that still retains its natural beauty.
  3. Lawrence of Arabia’s Experience in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert
    Wadi Rum, or otherwise the Valley of the Moon, is truly a desert region, a miracle for all mankind. It is the particular climate that gives the region its undeniable appeal. Capture the sun as it melts into the hundreds of towering canyons, get lost in the rocky palace of Petra and sleep under the stars to admire the uniqueness of the night sky. Follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and live the unique experience of the desert as in the film of the same name. The Jordanian Wadi Rum monopolizes the interest of any tourist who wishes to visit a unique treasure in Asia.
  4. China’s sacred mountain, Wudang Shan
    China may belong to Asia, but its size is capable of creating a full-fledged continent. Wudang Shan Mountain is located in the northwest part of Hubei in China. It is called the sacred mountain of China because it is surrounded by Taoist temples and monasteries. Hot summers and cold winters characterize this magnificent place. All temples and monasteries are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If in your travel goals you also include China, then you should devote some time to the sacred mountain. Countless cultural activities will take you to different eras of Chinese culture. If you are a martial arts fan, consider visiting Wudang Kung Fu or Tai Chi masters. A good time to visit the mountains is fall or spring (March to May).
  5. South Korean Buddhist Temple, Haedong Yonggungsa
    Finally, the historic Buddhist temple Haedong Yonggungsa is definitely worth a visit. It is located in Busan, South Korea and was built in 1376 by a conqueror named Naong during the Goryeo dynasty. Originally, the Temple was called Bomun; however, during the Japanese invasions in 1592-98, the Temple was destroyed. In the 1930s the church was rebuilt and took on the current name, while in 1970 the main sanctuary was rebuilt with special attention to color. To get a perspective of the place, consider that it is built on a rock with an amazing view of the sea. So when is a good time to visit the place? The best time is the cherry blossoms in April; otherwise, on New Year’s Day, make a wish at sunrise. During celebrations of the Buddha’s birth, hundreds of lit lanterns light up the night sky. Whenever you visit South Korea and the glorious Haedong Yonggungsa, the epilogue in Asia will be truly unique.

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