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10 Weirdest Isekai Anime You Won’t Believe Exist


The anime has no shortage of lengthy or downright weird isekai series that place the protagonists in bizarre situations. The fantasy aspect of isekai makes almost everything possible in the plot, from magical systems to reincarnation as a separate species. Isekai’s characters have no choice but to adapt to an unfamiliar environment for their survival and purpose.

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Some isekai anime take particularly unusual directions with the plot pushing how drastically a character’s life can change in another world. The unfortunate protagonists manage fantastical situations beyond imagination with a mixture of comedy, identity crises and intense battles for uncommon causes.

ten Ya Boy Kongming! Send a master strategist into modern Tokyo

Ya Boy Kongming! follows the reincarnation of legendary military strategist Zhuge Liang Kongming in modern Tokyo in the midst of a Halloween party. Kongming uses his brilliant tactical skills in a world very different from the battlefields of the Three Kingdoms era of his past. The once-feared tactician visits the laundromat, designs nightclubs, and participates in rap battles on the local music scene.

Kongming befriends a group of musicians and learns about the modern world from locals who doubt his identity. His increasingly bizarre adventures detail the difficulties of navigating at an unknown time.

9 Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear gives the protagonist a superpowered bear costume

Bear Kuma Kuma Kuma the protagonist Yuna transports her to a fantasy world with a bear costume that she receives as a reward for her experience playing World Fantasy Online. Yuna gains a reputation as an adventurer thanks to the exceptional stats and unusual appearance of her bear costume. His signature bear costume stands out among the typical outfits of his friends and fellow adventurers.

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Yuna’s bear costume exists as one of the most unconventional items of magical power in isekai anime. She never dwells long on the fact that her battle armor is an upgraded pajama-like bear costume.

8 Reincarnated as a sword with a sentient weapon

Reincarnated as a Sword focuses on the reincarnation of the salaryman Master into a magic sword in a fantasy world. The master retains the ability to speak but depends on a wielder to use their powers and move around their environment. He provides guidance and assistance from his magic to a catgirl, Fran, throughout her journey to achieve evolution.

Although the isekai anime features many unusual character transformations, reincarnation into fixed objects is still a rare occurrence. The master lacks the freedom of movement that other isekai protagonists depend on as fighters or travelers.

7 It’s that reincarnated as a virus story turns a scientist into a virus

That’s it reincarnated as a virus story follows the reincarnation of a virus researcher in a world other than the same virus he once studied. The scientist faces the consequences of his involvement in dangerous circumstances as he plots to take over his new world with its viral properties. It infects and controls various species to gain abilities and prolong its survival.

The cutesy appearance of the virus and its tendency to give infected people similar characteristics makes a grim situation look oddly adorable. The former researcher’s medical knowledge comes in handy in unexpected ways.

6 Hello Kara Maou! Transports the protagonist with a toilet

Yuri Shibuya finds himself in medieval Europe after a group of bullies shove his head down the toilet. His new surroundings include a fair share of odd features, from vegetarian sharks to a case of misunderstood marriage. Yuri’s discovery of his demonic heritage and rightful position as Demon King further heightens his struggle to adjust to his new role.

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His efforts to convince the various demons in the region of his worth as king lead to comical and unintended conflict. Although Yuri manages to make a good impression, he makes many mistakes upon discovering his unusual new reality.

5 Oda Nobuna’s ambition turns warlords into anime girls

Yoshiharu Sagara is transported to the Sengoku period in Japan to discover that the warlords of the time have become anime girls. He accompanies General Oda Nobuna, the world’s version of feudal lord Oda Nobunaga, on his mission to unite the regions of Japan. Yoshiharu encounters other famous warlords on Japanese battlefields while exploring the significant differences between his new world and historical events.

He struggles to fix the rewritten history while serving in Nobuna’s army and avoiding battles against experienced warriors. While talented anime warriors frequently appear in isekai, historical battles between anime princess generals create bizarre occurrences.

4 Outbreak Company Creates Otaku Missionary

Shinichi Kanou finds himself recruited and sent by the Japanese government to another world to introduce anime culture to a fantastic new audience. He shares his extensive knowledge of anime and manga with the citizens of the Holy Eldant Empire, who view his teachings with both skepticism and growing interest.

Shinichi gradually spreads the influence of otaku culture through the Holy Empire Eldant hierarchy by befriending the queen of the empire, who is interested in manga and the Japanese language. He spends his days talking about his life’s passion in a hilarious and peculiar way.

3 Life With An Ordinary Guy Who Got Reincarnated In A Fantasy Knockout Creates An Unexpected Friendship Dynamic

Friends Hinata and Tsukasa wake up in another world to find that Hinata has reincarnated into a pretty anime girl. Tsukasa and Hinata find themselves destined to save the world from a Demon Lord while doing everything possible to deny their attraction to each other. The couple grapple with the puzzling circumstances of Hinata’s newfound beauty and the curse against them.

Hinata and Tsukasa’s attempt to protest their situation only further entraps them in their new world by the goddess who brought them. Their path to tracking down the Demon Lord turns out to be more complicated than expected.

2 Yashimaho reincarnates the spectator in a daycare center

yashimaho puts the viewer in the role of an overworked protagonist who is reincarnated as a 5-year-old via a blue pacifier. The series features short, one-minute episodes that place the viewer in a daycare center run by magic-wielding gentleman guardians. by Yashimaho an unusual premise and visual novel-like animation create increasingly bizarre interactions with no established plot.

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The direct interaction with the viewer adds a perspective rarely seen in anime as a genre. Each episode takes a much more direct point-of-view approach than other isekai series. The lack of distinction between viewer and protagonist keeps the action close at hand.

1 Heating pork liver turns an otaku into a pig

Heat the pork liver reincarnated an unassuming Otaku as a pig after passing out from eating raw pork liver. Pig quickly befriends mind-reading girl Jess, who accepts his strange situation but openly threatens to eat him. Despite his unknown form, Pig becomes the key to saving Jess from a terrible fate linked to his mysterious powers.

Pig learns to use his enhanced intelligence and senses to keep himself and his friends safe. The circumstances of his reincarnation detail a unique friendship dynamic and turn of events.

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