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10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked


King of Fighters XV was a big hit for SNK. The series has always floundered in the United States in the past, which is the biggest market for fighting games. However, maybe because of things like Terry in Smash Bros.It seems that king of fighters is finally prospering in the United States. It was thanks to this that SNK was able to announce the sequel to long-dead series like Fatal Fury.

Sure, king of fighters‘success on the inside entirely through external forces. It has one of the best casts in any fighting game, partly because it’s made up of several other game series. There are some really powerful characters in the library. Some of them are strong in the game, some are strong in the story, but they are all some of the most underrated in the game.


ten Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui is one of SNK’s most popular characters. Technically speaking, she is not KOFbut in fact the previous series, Fatal Fury. Shiranui is a ninja who trained alongside Terry’s brother and developed a crush on him. She actually wasn’t that big on the show, but king of fighters gives him a bigger role as the leader of his own team.

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Mai is a Shiranui style kunoichi. As a result, she is skilled in assassination as well as many fire-based attacks. Her jumping ability is usually incredibly strong and she also has projectiles. This makes her a powerful character for newcomers.

9 Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo Kusanagi was created as the new main protagonist of king of fighters. He led a team of fighters called Team Japan and although his teammates have been more or less important over the years, Kyo has always been important. Even after passing the torch to other fighters, he’s still important.

This is due to its natural pyrokinetic power. The ability to control flame was passed down through the Kusanagi line. Originally, Kyo doesn’t care about his fate, but after training, he’s become a powerhouse. He forms one of the “Three Sacred Treasures” group, meant to fight against the evil gods, so he must be tough.

8 Leona

Leona is a member of the Ikari Warriors team. She appeared later king of fighters game than the rest of the team, but became a staple in the series due to his unique role in the story. She was from a tribe dedicated to the evil god, Orochi. Her adoptive father saved her from them and watches over her because of her Orochi blood.

This Orochi blood can cause Leona to enter a dangerous state in which she becomes manic and destructive, indiscriminately attacking everything around her. To control this power within her, she underwent strict military discipline training. However, her hair still turns red when she uses her Orochi power.

seven Shermie

Shermie is a member of an evil cult dedicated to the resurrection of the evil god Orochi. She is also in a group with the other two members of her team, Chris and Yashiro. All three are equally powerful, but Shermie is the most common and popular of the three.

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She’s a good fit for any team composition as a Grappler and unique among Grappler-type characters, as she’s actually quite fast and able to dodge most attacks. However, she struggles with defensive options and projectiles.

6 ash purple

Ash Crimson was the series’ third protagonist. He was supposed to be an “evil hero”, unlike the other previous leads. He also contributed to the cinematic history of these fighting games becoming quite convoluted. Ash was actually the reincarnation of a time-based proto-god called Saiki.

At least, maybe, because a lot of the details about Ash were unclear. However, what is clear is that he was raised with the Blanctorche family and tries to free them from their fate of fighting the Orochi bloodline. To do this, he absorbs the powers of many other KOF characters, including Saiki. This makes him incredibly powerful for a time, but he actually uses this power to erase himself and foil Saiki’s plans.

5 Terry Bogard

Before king of fighters, there was a similar game called Fatal Fury. It was a take on street fighter 2 developped by street fighter 1and a personal story of revenge starring a certain Terry Bogard. Terry would continue to appear in king of fightersand even though he wasn’t the protagonist, he was still one of its biggest faces.

Terry is a master of the Tung Fue Rue style of martial arts. However, he doesn’t fight with one style, but a mix of boxing, karate, kickboxing and more. This makes him one of the most complete characters in the game, with tons of options and different combos. He can also harness energy for devastating attacks, like the indomitable Buster Wolf.

4 Iori Yagami

Iori Yagami was designed to be Kyo Kusanagi’s rival. He was a musician with flame powers similar to Kyo’s and debuted in a team with other rival characters. However, he ended up eclipsing the other rivals and Kyo in popularity.

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He is a loud and violent man with an iconic laugh and also one of the Three Sacred Treasures meant to defeat the god Orochi. However, Iori also has Orochi blood, just like Leona. This can cause him to enter a dangerous berserker state, just like her. His flames are hard to dodge and his attacks hit a wide range, making him one of the strongest in both gameplay and lore.

3 Crohn’s

Akira is one of the best sci-fi anime and manga in the world. The characters have become some of the most influential in Japanese media. In the case of King of Fighters 2001 character, K9999, perhaps too influential. The character looked a lot like the famous villain Tetsuo Shima and even shared a lot of his powers and his Japanese voice actor.

This resulted in the character being put away (perhaps for legal reasons) until a redesign in KOF15. The newly renamed Krohnen is Kyo Kusanagi’s 9999th clone and has been revamped to have tons of extra powers. This makes him one of the strongest characters, with an excellent set of projectiles and defensive tools. One of his specials even recreates Tetsuo’s iconic flesh form.

2 Rugal Bernstein

Rugal Bernstein is the original boss of king of fighters who started the tradition known as SNK bosses. He was an unfairly difficult boss who read player inputs to find out their moves before they even did. Other tough bosses would follow in his footsteps, but they don’t have Rugal’s legacy.

He was a German arms dealer who liked to collect strong fighters as literal trophies. His stage backgrounds usually had references to other fighting games in the background, and he used other characters’ moves in his moveset. It was recently added to KOFXV, but players were disappointed by its ease. He may have lost some of the Orochi power that made his previous fights so difficult.

1 Orochi

Orochi is unquestionably the strongest character in the king of fighters cannon. He is the dark god of his own cult and was created by Earth itself to rid it of humanity. He is more than capable of doing the job with his planetary power levels. He only appeared a few times in the KOF series, but each time was a special occasion for sure.

Shermie, Iori, Leona, and Rugal all had fractions of his incredible power, and he’s got the real deal. In his only playable appearance, he was revived incorrectly, allowing him to be defeated, but it was still an uphill battle. He’s also a Rugal-style SNK boss, with lots of unavoidable attacks and cheap AI. After a tough battle, Kyo and Iori managed to kill him. However, he returned and granted Shermie, Chris, and Yashiro new forms which became the final DLC of king of fighters 15.

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