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10 great alternatives to Rick & Morty


The golden age of television continues to advance and difficult and unpredictable series like Rick and morty have contributed to the advancement of the medium in an important way. Animation has always been a medium it’s ripe for innovation, but it’s particularly impressive how programs like Rick and morty strike a balance between silly, emotional, and sci-fi fueled storytelling.

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Rick and morty continues to receive praise, but its seasons come and go so quickly that it often feels like they’re over right after you start. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long for Rick and morty sixth season of science fiction shenanigans, but in the meantime, there are still some satisfying alternatives to check out.

ten The Venture Bros. is a perfect pastiche of comics, superheroes and sci-fi

TV The Venture Bros Rusty with the hologram of Jonas Jr

Many are ready to assert that The Venture Bros. was Rick and morty even before there was a Rick and Morty. The humble Adult Swim program has turned out to be seven powerful seasons that tell an increasingly complex and connected story. The Venture Bros. turns to radical science and the premise of science fiction, just like Rick and Morty, but he’s more interested in failure, generational expectations, and the fine line that exists between hero and villain. The Venture Bros. Didn’t care about comics and superhero culture long before it was the norm.

9 Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole Turns To Mad Science For Even Crazier Locals

TV Scientists Frankenhole by Mary Shelley

Another series of swimming for adults, Frankenhole by Mary Shelley comes from Dan Harmon’s frequent collaborator, Dino Stamatopoulos, and he often delves into the same inappropriate extremes as Rick and Morty. Frankenhole offers a satirical take on Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who develops a series of wormholes that can pull any historical figure out of time. These iconic people often dress in modern fashion, but the show’s use of unpredictable mad science and frequent left turns quickly brings Rick and morty in mind. Frankenhole the unique papercraft art style also stands out visually.

8 Solar Opposites applies an even more alien aesthetic to Rick and Morty style

Solar opposites shouldn’t feel so far away from Rick and morty since it is created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, two of the most important creative voices in the Adult Swim series.

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Solar opposites often engages in fantastic premises it’s more ridiculous than what Rick and morty look because of how the central characters are a family of aliens trying to make the most of their time on Earth. Solar opposites brilliantly deconstructs classic sitcoms and fish-out-of-the-water stories, but it always happens somewhere unexpected and the comedy is just as sharp as in Rick and Morty.

7 Futurama is both a masterpiece of science fiction and comedy

Futurama Opening Credits Tube

There seems to be unlimited freedom with Rick and morty since the series can easily escape into space and travel to radically different universes. Futurama operates with very comparable energy due to its 30th century setting which finds endless ammunition for its clever commentary on the future. Futurama is the rare example of a really smart sci-fi show and is proud of the theories he breaks down in addition to his heightened comedy and superlative character development. Futurama also knows when to engage in more dramatic storytelling, just like Rick and Morty.

6 Hot Streets poaches Rick and Morty Minds for absurd crime drama

Alien party in the hot streets of TV

Hot streets only lasted two seasons on Adult Swim, but he’s accomplished an incredible amount in that short amount of time, which is always worth checking out. Hot streets follows a special supernatural department of the FBI that handles the most unusual cases that plague the public. It’s not that revolutionary from a premise, but Hot streets comes from another Rick and morty scribe, Brian Wysol, and he makes sure every episode is filled with comedic nonsense. The characters in Hot streets are crazy enough, and Justin Roiland’s work as Chubbie Webbers makes a perfect distinction between hilarious and obnoxious.

5 Final Space embraces serialization with a story that spans the galaxy

Final space maybe is the show that Rick and morty would become if Morty permanently retired from his grandfather’s orbit and embarked on a life of intergalactic adventures. Final space has a diverse cast of broad characters, but it’s a surprisingly serious take on responsibility, redemption, and independence.

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Unfortunately, Final space was recently canceled after its third season, what was arguably his strongest. However, that shouldn’t stop audiences from giving this mature and emotional animated series a fair chance. Those who enjoy space travel, mysterious travel, and revealing character development won’t be disappointed.

4 The Midnight Gospel is a visual extravaganza that isn’t afraid to ask the big questions

Duncan trussell Midnight gospel is one of Netflix’s finest animated series. The series cleverly finds a way to combine Trussell’s existential and contemplative podcast with stunning visuals and animated footage. Each episode sends Clancy, a “spacecaster”, to a new world to discuss another principle of existence. At their surface levels, Midnight gospel and Rick and morty don’t really feel like twins, but the amazing chats that come up Midnight gospel could easily fill some of Rick’s darkest monologues. Both shows also feel unpredictable and free in the same way.

3 Samurai Jack’s gender and structure embrace looks a lot like Rick and Morty

Animated Skulls Samurai Jack Future Wasteland

Genndy Tartakovsky is a true innovator in the field of animation. His current animated series, Primitive, is a masterpiece of visual storytelling, but it is the inspired work of Jack Samurai who helped put Tartakovsky on the map. Certainly, Jack Samurai follows action archetypes instead of sci-fi, but there’s always a fantastic energy running through Jack’s adventures. Jack Samurai is at its best when he engages in pastiches of different genres, such as film noir or horror. In this sense, the series favors style and structure, as does the way Rick and morty done with some of its most daring premises.

2 BoJack Horseman trades portals and science for fame and fame

Most of the series reviewed here are in the sci-fi genre or at least are capable of deconstructing the structure in a bold way. BoJack Cavalier takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals and follows the BoJack Horseman’s self-destructive urges, a former sitcom star who wants another shot at fame and relevance. BoJack tells a series of completely different stories from Rick and Morty, but they are alike in how they do not both fear the tragic state of reality and the imperfect nature of humanity. They can both be very heavy watches.

1 Star Trek: Lower Decks explores Rick and Morty Minutiae in an established world

Star Trek: Lower Bridges "The Humongous Spy"

Anyone who is a passing fan Star Trek is likely to appreciate Rick and morty because of his planetary sensibility and how he can sometimes directly poke fun at the subject of the long-running sci-fi franchise. Star Trek: Lower Bridges is the perfect hybrid of these two series, and it delves into the rich universe of Gene Roddenberry, but with a deeply comedic angle that focuses on lower level workers which are systematically ignored in the “good” Star Trek series. Lower decks also comes from Mike McMahan, Rick and morty former showrunner, and that influence is certainly being felt.

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