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10 best video games inspired by mythology



The mythological realms of gods, goddesses and everything in between have been an inspiration to the video game industry since the dawn of the arcade age. There are dozens of titles that put players in the roles of ancient heroes, demigods, and champions of various divine entities, but only a few truly display the mythical power of these famous pantheons.

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From the Olympians of the Greeks to the hail and warm warriors of the Norse Asgardians, the gaming industry has no shortage of powerful and mythological influences across a multitude of genres. The player just has to choose.

ten The age of mythology

The age of mythology

It’s always a pleasant surprise when games give players the choice of which team to play for, and it’s a pattern that needs to be seen in more fantastic titles. In this series of Microsoft strategies, players have a choice of the deity of various pantheons, including the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian immortals.

Very similar to Age of empires in terms of gameplay, players will choose a pantheon and lead their tribe through different ages. An acquired taste for some, but a great way to include a selection of different figurines.

9 Titan Quest

Titan Quest is an immensely deep dungeon robot set against the backdrop of classical mythology. With more classes, loot, environments, and monsters than most can fit, the possibilities in this ancient world are virtually endless.

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Playing the role of their own mythological champion, players will travel through many civilizations of the ancient world, including Greece, Egypt, and China, in pursuit of the Titans. Like some kind of weird combo between games like Diablo and the films of Ray Harryhausen, fans of mythology will experience an epic adventure.

8 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

lara croft and the temple of osiris swap characters

Lara Croft-derived titles are vastly underrated, and this multiplayer dungeon crawler is one of the biggest examples of what can be done when developers try something new. A sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light, the game has the famous treasure hunter teaming up with Horus and Isis to defeat the evil Set.

Partly fantastic, part double-barreled shooter, and packed with enough action to satisfy any Tomb Raider fan, this is a great intermission of the platform action typical of his typical adventures. Hopefully fans will see a third entry in Lara’s Mythological Escapes.

7 Okami

Okami HD

This fan favorite is a watercolor-inspired dream pulling scrolls from ancient Japanese mythology, featuring the sun goddess, Amaterasu, on a cell-shadow adventure for the ages. Although it derives most of its identity from games as THE Legend of Zelda series, its Japanese themes brought the pantheon to a new generation of admirers.

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Okami is a beautiful game, and the art really feels like stepping into an old story screen with its gods, creatures, and monsters. If Hyrule has been saved over and over again, players might want to try this title.

6 Raji: an ancient epic

Raji an ancient epic

The kingdoms of Indian gods and goddesses are in dire need of more recognition, but at least fans of Hindu deities can enjoy a title like Raji. The hack-and-slash adventure unfolds, as the title suggests, like an ancient epic that one would read in an archaic translated text.

With cutscenes told through Indian shadow puppets and commentary from Durga and Vishnu, a great story unfolds as Raji must fight his way through an army of demons to save his brother. The lore of this game not only serves as flavor or motif, but is a crucial factor in its entire identity.

5 Beyond the oasis

Prince Ali fights a giant spider in Beyond Oasis

Aladdin isn’t the only one to find treasure in a mystical cave. Inspired by the thousand and one nights, Beyond the oasis is a hidden gem of the Genesis that takes players across the sands on a grand adventure full of traps, treasures, and terrible monsters.

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As Prince Ali, players are given a mystical gold armband which grants the user magical powers. However, the wearer of the armband’s silver counterpart wishes to use his power for evil, freeing former guardians across the realm. It is up to the prince to master the elements and overcome temples and trials to save the earth.

4 Dragon crown

Dragon crown is a fantasy fan’s dream come true, paying homage to the best elements the genre has to offer in an absolutely stunning RPG. Not only will adventurers find typical swords and witchcraft motifs, but also some of the most enchanting and forgotten beings and relics from various mythologies.

There are gorgons, harpies, banshees and even a jinn and a colossus to command. Dungeons will be explored and dragons will be encountered, but a blatant and magnificent love for classic mythology is keenly felt in this magnificent game.

3 Underworld

Hades Zagreus blanket

Hades himself is an often overlooked and misrepresented deity in modern media, but the ingenious dungeon robot from the creators of Bastion gives the Greek land of the dead a new coat of paint by Hell. An ironic hybrid of the Homeric epic and that of Dante Hell, there are a lot of myths and monsters for gamers.

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As Zagreus, son of the King of the Dead, players must climb the circles of the underworld to reach Mount Olympus. Zag will meet gods, monsters, and more as they fight their way to the top, and it’s by no means an easy odyssey.

2 Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising Minotaur Combat

Ubisoft’s response to Breath of the wild sports an absolutely epic Greek myth motif and uses every ounce of its ancient inspirations to its advantage. As Fenyx, players take on the role of an armored-clad hero who must save the gods from the evil forces of Typhon.

Using various weapons, powers, and mythological abilities, Fenyx must defeat fallen heroes, break mysterious curses, and slay an entire menagerie of famous monsters to save the ancient world. Link better watch his back.

1 God of War Series

God of War Ragnarok will have a new director

With four main titles, two pantheons of gods to defeat, and a host of weapons, magic and monsters to maim, it cannot be God of the war. Kratos made his way through a multitude of diverse enemies to make his way to the top of Mount Olympus and beyond.

Even the Viking deities are not immune to Kratos’ wrath, as evidenced by the reboot and the sequel to come. For those looking for action, adventure, epic quest, or just looking to take on the gods, they can’t go wrong with this iconic franchise.

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