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10 Best Anime We Can’t Stop Watching (And Why)


The best anime series also tend to be the most immersive. Once someone starts watching them, it’s hard to walk away and take a break. Even after it’s over, fans mostly feel compelled to rewatch the entire series over and over again.

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Some anime series are recognized for their unique art styles and colorful visual effects, while others are identified by their intense, high-stakes battle scenes and harsh social commentary. However, many anime series have garnered attention for their lovable characters and non-stop slapstick comedy. These series stood out and kept fans from looking away.

ten Spy X Family was the Breakout series of 2022 and kept fans entertained

Spy X Family was one of the most anticipated spring 2022 releases. Fans are already watching the first dozen episodes with its second yard just around the corner. Spy X Family stars Loid Forger, or “Twilight,” a spy tasked with creating a makeshift family, infiltrating one of the nation’s top schools, and getting close to an important politician to prevent a war.

Although Loid is technically the protagonist, Family Spy X The star was Anya, a telepathic girl whose imagination is always wild. His facial expressions have become viral memes. Fans also fell in love with Yor, a masterful assassin who must hide his true identity.

9 Gintama is a classic Shonen parody series that makes tons of pop culture references

Gintama is set in feudal Japan, but its references to modern pop culture made fans feel closer to their favorite characters. Gintama features Gintoki, a total eccentric whose favorite activities include lounging, picking his nose and eating ice cream, while reading the latest edition of Shounen jump. However, he is also a masterful samurai with a defiant attitude.

In Gintama, aliens have invaded the planet. They banned samurai and forbade people from brandishing swords in public. However, Gintoki always walks around with a wooden sword. Since he can’t work as a full-time samurai these days, Gintoki makes ends meet by doing freelance work at his company, Yorozuya.

8 Samurai Champloo is a critically acclaimed Seinen hit

The combined power of Fuu, Mugen and Jin really cements Samurai Champloo’s greatness. Set during the Edo period in Japan, Samurai Champloo tells the story of the meeting of three people from very different backgrounds. Fuu is a waitress who was harassed by customers, but Mugen stepped in to defend her.

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Mugen has a wild fighting style which quickly caught Jin’s attention. Unlike Mugen’s unpredictable swordsmanship, Jin takes a more precise and orthodox approach to combat. They decided to fight and destroyed the teahouse, killing the magistrate’s child in the process. From there, Fuu, Mugen, and Jin set off on an adventure across Japan as fugitives. fans love Samurai Champloo’s main trio and slapstick comedy.

seven My Hero Academia’s impressive world-building and unique characters set it apart

At Kohei Horikoshi my hero academia is considered one-third of the new “big three” of shonen anime. my hero academia features Izuku, a Quirkless teenager who dreams of becoming a hero. Although the odds were stacked against him, the odds turned in his favor for a change during a chance meeting with his idol, All Might, who granted him a Quirk.

fans love My Hero Academia large ensemble cast. Each character stands out and none of them get lost in the mix. Heroes and villains have become fan-favorite characters. My Hero Academia The world building is also concise, layered and well thought out. The character designs also play a role in this, and fans appreciate Horikoshi’s attention to detail.

6 Haikyu! Is an immersive sports anime with an ensemble cast and realistic volleyball

Haikyu! is the juggernaut of sports anime. Unlike others of its kind, Haikyu! doesn’t feature hilariously overpowered super moves that are logistically impossible in real life. Hinata is a relatable protagonist who overcame adversity and proved that no matter how small someone was, they could become a great volleyball player.

fans love Haikyu! because every team on the show has memorable characters. Whether it’s Nekoma’s Kuroo and Kenma duo or Inarizaki’s Miya twins, there are memorable characters on every team. Even Aoba Johsai’s Oikawa has some nice qualities. Fans also love that each cast member has an inspirational character arc and that there’s someone in Haikyu! so that everyone can identify themselves.

5 Naruto is the model for most of his Shonen contemporaries.

naruto is one of the greatest anime series of all time. He’s a shonen anime prodigy who set the pattern for most other series that followed. Fans love Naruto Uzumaki’s underdog story and that he always remained optimistic despite constant prejudice and adversity from others in the village.

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naruto covers several important themes, and many villains are personifications of them. For example, the idea of ​​an endless cycle of vitriol was the main theme of Pain’s arc. Although the world of tailed beasts and jutsu is very different from the real world, many Naruto’s the themes hit a little too close to home.

4 Code Geass has a complex story and tons of well-written characters

Code Geass has a stronghold in the top five lists of many avid anime fans, and its popularity is certainly well deserved. Code Geass introduces a very complex main character. Like many, Lelouch began with lofty ideals of avenging what he lost and conquering a tyrannical government. In the process, however, he became one of anime’s most prolific anti-heroes.

It’s impossible to stop watching Code Geass after starting. It has a complex story full of gripping twists and well-written, morally ambiguous characters. It’s not a cookie-cutter series at all, and it always keeps viewers on their toes.

3 Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War combines romantic comedy and psychological warfare

Kaguya-Sama: Love is war is one of the most exciting ongoing romance anime. While the series has no shortage of running gags, it also has no shortage of psychological elements that will have fans cackle one minute and ready to tear their hair out the next. Kaguya Shinomiya is one of the most popular female protagonists in anime due to her split personality. One minute she’s delivering icy rejects to Miyuki, the next she’s screaming into her pillow like a fangirl.

Miyuki and Kaguya both love each other, but neither admits it because the first to confess loses. They put themselves and everyone around them in the wringer for most of Kaguya Sama, and it doesn’t even end after the confession. Fans love the show’s unpredictability and the fact that no one knows what to expect from a Shuchiin student council member.

2 Jujutsu Kaisen is the best new generation Shonen hit

Jujutsu Kaisen broke the internet after its anime premiere in fall 2020. It’s already become a shonen staple with only one season and one movie released. Jujutsu Kaisen follows Yuji Itadori after swallowing a cursed finger and enrolling in Tokyo Jujutsu High to battle cursed spirits while keeping the one who possesses it in check.

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The series is full of lovable characters like the most powerful wizard on the planet, Gojo Satoru, and the Girl of Steel, Nobara Kugisaki. Yuji Itadori is a charming protagonist who is hard not to like, and many of them Jujutsu Kaisen the villains are well-written and incredibly likeable. Otherwise, Jujutsu Kaisen the fights never fail to live up to the hype, and MAPPA’s excellent animation elevates them even further alongside a killer soundtrack.

1 The generational storyline and unique art style of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have made the series a cultural phenomenon.

Hirohiko Araki Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most iconic animanga series of all time. It’s been around since the late 80s, but its popularity has never waned. JoJo’s has become a cultural phenomenon, and many other anime series have referenced it over the years.

Fans love it Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure always reinvents itself. Each new generation of Joestars ushers in an evolution of Araki’s art style and even more bizarre events. Stardust Crusaders changed the game for shonen anime by introducing Stands, one of the most revolutionary power systems in the medium. Fans also appreciate JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures soundtrack and endless pop culture references.

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