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10 Anime That Perfectly Balance Action And Comedy


The anime is a means of entertainment it has amazed television audiences for over 50 years, and it continues to push the boundaries and exceed expectations of what is possible in the animation industry. There are so many eclectic anime genres out there that allow series to embrace both mainstream crowds and niche groups of people.

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Many anime excel in one area, but some of the most respected programs are those that carefully balancing totally different sensitivities, such as comedy and action. Audiences who can’t decide if they want something exciting or funny can have their cake and eat it too with these anime series.

ten Gintama is as silly and surreal as it is serious and suspenseful.

There are plenty of anime series that can effectively juggle their comedic and dramatic sensibilities, but it can still often make those two extremes feel compromised to some degree. Gintama is the rare example of an anime that is responsible for some of the silliest and most absurd standalone stories in the medium while creating elegant serialized story arcs that culminate in jaw-dropping drama and action. Gintama at over 350 episodes which are filled with rewarding sword fights and amazing gags.

9 The original Dragon Ball fills its powerful world with humorous characters

Anime Dragon Ball Goku Oolong as Bulma

Akira Toriyama dragonball gradually embraces action shows as they go on, and the priorities of the shonen series are firmly skewed in favor of combat at the start of Dragon Ball Z However, the original dragonball is a deeply comedic series, and its humorous instincts never give up on its storytelling. It has a lot to do with Goku’s young age and innocent view of the world at the start of the series, but even his teenage years are filled with weird adversaries and comedic milestones.

8 Assassination Classroom turns to unlikely numbers for a serious purpose

Anime Assassination Classroom Koro-Sensei Poisons

Assassination Classroom is a pure adrenaline rush that frequently subverts shonen expectations with a feared and dangerous monster that simultaneously fulfills the role of a helpful mentor. An alien lands on Earth, destroys part of the Moon and threatens to do the same to Earth if a class of restorative offenders can’t murder him in a year.

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For Assassination Classroomit’s credit, he does not exceed his welcome or deceive what he promises. In doing so, it perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet dichotomy of emotions that fills the series.

7 Ranma ½ oscillates between comedy and action with its transformative premise

Akane punches Ranma

Rumiko Takahashi is responsible for several beloved properties, but most of her shonen content is more about combat strategies than punchlines. The exception to this is Ranma ½, a delirious action-comedy that seems very representative of the animated series of the early 1990s. Ranma ½ there is no shortage of grounded martial arts crafts and exciting battles, but the central premise of the series where prolific warriors transform in animals – or in Ranma’s case, the opposite sex – whenever they are exposed to cold water is used to humorous effect. These constant makeovers produce nonstop laughs, but the characters themselves are such satisfying stereotypes.

6 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure uses the absurd and an elevated world to create colorful combat

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Bucciarati Gang Torture Dance

One of JoJo’s secret weapons is that he establishes such a distinct voice for himself that he often feels more light-hearted and comical even if he doesn’t explicitly indulge in jokes. For example, the heightened character designs and their atypical flair for poses and fashion are such a jarring contrast to their overly serious demeanor. There is a natural absurdity in the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that means the humor is never far away, but it’s also surprising how the unexpected ways the fights play out can be its own source of levity.

5 Hayate The Combat Butler Creates Comedy From Crime

Hayate and Nagi, Hayate the Battle Butler

An entertaining premise is essential for an anime series, especially shorter stories that only have a dozen episodes to experience. Hayate the Battle Butler looks at a teenager with the worst luck on the planet. Hayate is abandoned by his parents and saddled with an impossible debt of over ¥150,000,000.

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This dark twist of fate pushes Hayate into indentured servitude, but his job description becomes even more ridiculous when he’s tasked with protective duties worthy of a bodyguard. Hayate constantly feels in over his head, resulting in delicious chaos.

4 One-Punch Man lovingly denounces the world of superheroes

One Punch Man Saitama and Tatsumaki Sassy lost child

One-punch man is a hilarious deconstruction of the superhero and shonen genres that couldn’t exist without audiences becoming increasingly savvy towards the popular action genre. One-punch man features incredible battles brought to life with stunning animation. However, the main character of the anime is someone who is perpetually frustrated because he is too strong for this world. Saitama’s apathy in the face of obliterating his monstrous foes is hilarious, but the rest of the world-filling unconventional heroes like Metal Bat and Watchdog Man are just as entertaining.

3 My Hero Academia lets its youthful perspective inform its action

mineta cries at deku - mha

my hero academia is one of the breakout shonen series of the decade. The anime recently hit the 100 episode milestone in its fifth season, and its third feature has been making waves at the box office. The riff on superhero and comic book culture is more avant-garde than it is with its comedy, but Izuku Midoriya’s youngest age and the rest of the show’s budding heroes make for plenty of natural, humble comedy. Serious teen reactions are usually humorous, but there are also plenty of weird Quirks that look like elaborate sight gags.

2 Samurai Champloo removes the brooding seriousness of the samurai

Samurai Champloo hip hop references

Shinichiro Watanabe not only has a virtually immaculate anime track record, but he’s also a master of genre and tone, and all of his anime effortlessly blend disparate influences into something cohesive and special. Samurai Champloo East Watanabe’s riff on the wandering samurai trope from Japan’s Edo period, but it incorporates a hip hop musical sensibility and layered characters who can brandish a sword with menace one minute and fall on their face or gorge on food the next. It’s a vivid take on samurai action.

1 Pokémon knows how to tell silly stories and engage in epic battles

pikachu vs raichu from pokemon

Pokemon is one of the most popular properties of all time, and within a few decades it managed to dominate anime, video games, collectible card series and much more. An important factor in Pokemon continued success is that there is much to enjoy in his world. the Pokemon the anime celebrates the versatility of the world’s many creatures and how there are endless approaches to Pokémon training. Admittedly, the action in Pokemon is typically limited to ruled battlesbut that translates to a formula in which episodes are usually divided into combat-intense episodes or stand-alone comedy experiences that balance out the overall tone of the series.

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