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EDITORIAL | COP27: China, first CO2 emitter, must pay a fair share of the Climate Fund


The 27th United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change, COP27, recently concluded in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Negotiations between delegates from nearly 200 countries were rocky. Developing countries demanded that a special “loss and damage” fund be created to compensate them for the damage they had suffered as a result of climate change. After developed countries made concessions towards the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached to establish such a fund.

Although a provisional agreement has been reached, the operating mechanisms of the fund will not be decided until the COP28 summit in 2023. The details, such as how it will be financed and how the level of damage will be assessed in each cases, remain vague.

We emphasize that these details are crucial and will determine whether the fund will be a success.

COP27 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" class="lazyload" data-sizes="auto" data-srcset="data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=75&resize=75 75w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=100&resize=100 100w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=150&resize=150 150w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=240&resize=240 240w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=320&resize=320 320w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=500&resize=500 500w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=640&resize=640 640w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=800&resize=800 800w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=1024&resize=1024 1024w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=1280&resize=1280 1280w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=1600&resize=1600 1600w" data-src="https://japan-forward.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/20221120-COP27-003-1024x666.jpg"/>
Delegates applaud as COP27 President Sameh Shoukry delivers a statement during the closing plenary session of the COP27 climate summit in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, November 20, 2022. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

China’s huge responsibility

“Loss and damage” was officially the main topic on the agenda of this year’s COP summit. Natural disasters have occurred frequently around the world in recent years. They result from warming due to the greenhouse effect caused at least in part by the carbon dioxide emitted by developed countries into the atmosphere.

Developing countries have therefore increasingly asserted that they are the victims of these natural disasters. They say a fund should be created to help them respond.

At COP15 in 2009, developed countries agreed to provide US$100 billion (about 14 trillion yen) in annual aid for climate action in developing countries. But in no year since have they actually paid the full amount promised. This fact justified the creation of a separate fund for “losses and damages”.

WAW!2022: Japan holds World Assembly for Women after three-year hiatus

However, with the global economy in the doldrums as energy prices soar, it is unrealistic to ask developed nations to shoulder the entire burden themselves.

At this year’s COP meeting, China joined developing countries in stepping up pressure to establish the fund. Nevertheless, she was apparently reluctant to help finance it.

As the largest emerging economies, China and India account respectively for around 30% and 7% of the volume of CO2 emissions.

In fact, China is by far the largest emitter of CO2 in the world. It releases twice as many pollutants as the second-place United States. Allowing China to avoid paying its fair share of the burden by feigning irresponsibility would be the height of dishonesty.

COP27 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" class="lazyload" data-sizes="auto" data-srcset="data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=75&resize=75 75w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=100&resize=100 100w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=150&resize=150 150w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=240&resize=240 240w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=320&resize=320 320w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=500&resize=500 500w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=640&resize=640 640w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=800&resize=800 800w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=1024&resize=1024 1024w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=1280&resize=1280 1280w, data:image/svg xml, 1024w?w=1600&resize=1600 1600w" data-src="https://japan-forward.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/SMR-power-plant-rendering-for-New-Scale-Power-Co-Ltd-photo-by-JGC-Holdings-1024x576.jpg"/>
SMR power station (render) for New Scale Power Co Ltd (photo by JGC Holdings)

Realistic options for retaining warming

Global energy demand and CO2 emissions are expected to increase in many developing countries. Even though it will be difficult to keep the atmospheric temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Centigrade by relying solely on renewable energy, there is still one source of energy that could help us achieve this goal: the production of nuclear energy.

It should be noted that a call for accelerating the development and use of “low-emission energy” was added to the final text at COP27.

Nuclear energy can provide a stable source of energy in an international landscape characterized by growing geopolitical tensions, while facilitating decarbonization.

Currently under development are revolutionary new types of reactors known as Small Modular Reactors or SMRs. These reactors are superior in terms of safety. And, given their scale, they should be attractive to developing countries.

WAW!2022: Japan holds World Assembly for Women after three-year hiatus

The International Atomic Energy Agency is also keen to prevent global warming. This is an area where Japan’s technological prowess could manifest itself.

But the first thing to do is to start reducing emissions immediately. This can be done by restarting existing nuclear power plants in Japan.


(Read the editorial in Japanese on this link.)

Author: editorial board, The Sankei Shimbun

Japanese fans pick up trash after their team’s win over Germany


Japanese fans pick up rubbish after their team’s win over Germany, days after tidying up another stadium.

Fans in football shirts were seen armed with bottles and blue bin bags as they tidied up the stadium.

Another fan with what appeared to be blue hair, a nod of support for his country, lent himself as he placed bottles and other rubbish in a plastic bag.

Fans remained behind after the match, which saw their team triumph 2-1 against Germany.

They were seen making the gesture of respect and goodwill in the empty stadium.

Fans in football shirts were seen armed with bottles and rubbish as they tidied up the stadium, pictured

Another fan with what appeared to be blue hair, a nod of support for his country, lent himself as he placed bottles and other rubbish in a plastic bag, pictured

Another fan with what appeared to be blue hair, a nod of support for his country, lent himself as he placed bottles and other rubbish in a plastic bag, pictured

A Japanese fan cleans up the rubbish from the stands after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group E match between Germany and Japan

A Japanese fan cleans up the rubbish from the stands after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group E match between Germany and Japan

All the fans grabbed many bags to pick up the rubbish and squeezed through each row to make sure the stadium was tidy.

Another image showed security officials standing next to supporters as they tidied up, many of them appearing to be smiling.

Fans received praise online for their actions, with one person tweeting: ‘2022: For the first time, Japan beat Germany in the first game of the group stage after being down 1-0.

“Also, the Japanese culture of cleaning and respecting people is really great. Long live Asian football.

Japanese fans clean up the rubbish from the stands after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group E match between Germany and Japan

Japanese fans clean up the rubbish from the stands after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group E match between Germany and Japan

All of the fans grabbed plastic bags to collect rubbish and squeezed through each row to make sure the stadium was tidy.  Pictured: A fan ranges after the game

All of the fans grabbed plastic bags to collect rubbish and squeezed through each row to make sure the stadium was tidy. Pictured: A fan ranges after the game

Many rubbish bags are seen piled up on the stairs, pictured, after the match, in which Japan won 2-1 against Germany

Many rubbish bags are seen piled up on the stairs, pictured, after the match, in which Japan won 2-1 against Germany

Another person wrote, “Japan fans really are the best. They beat Germany in a famous win but before celebrating they stayed at the Khalifa International Stadium to help clean up.

Elsewhere another person wrote: “Japan has by far one of the best cultures I have seen and its people really take it with them wherever they go.

“It’s a great thing what they do by cleaning the stadiums before they leave. I’ve never seen anyone as a collection do that. In America, it’s always dirty after games.

Other people joked that after winning the match, Japan “cleaned up” against Germany.

Supporters have garnered praise online for their actions.  Pictured: A supporter holds up two bags of rubbish as he cleans up the stadium after the game

Supporters have garnered praise online for their actions. Pictured: A supporter holds up two bags of rubbish as he cleans up the stadium after the game

It comes days after fans cleared up rubbish at a game they weren’t even involved in.

During the tournament’s opening match between the host nation and Ecuador on Sunday, fans dressed in their national colors stayed to pick up bottles and food wrappers left in the stands.

The country has earned a similar reputation for goodwill in previous international tournaments and its admirable behavior is already winning praise in the Middle East.

SUNDAY: Japanese fans stunned Qatar as they cleaned up a World Cup stadium during a game their country wasn't even involved in

SUNDAY: Japanese fans stunned Qatar as they cleaned up a World Cup stadium during a game their country wasn't even involved in

SUNDAY: Japanese fans stunned Qatar as they cleaned up a World Cup stadium during a game their country wasn’t even involved in

Fans dressed in their national colors stayed to pick up bottles and food wrappers left in the stands

Fans dressed in their national colors stayed to pick up bottles and food wrappers left in the stands

Footage shows them picking up rubbish and placing it in plastic bags.

The video was taken by influencer Omar Al-Farooq from Bahrain who shared it on Instagram.

In it, he is heard asking, “Why are you doing this?”

A Japanese fan replies, “We are Japanese, we don’t leave trash behind and we respect the place.”

Fans also picked up flags thrown by Qatari and Ecuadorian supporters, saying the symbols “command respect”.

The video was taken by influencer Omar Al-Farooq from Bahrain who shared it on Instagram

Footage shows them picking up rubbish and placing it in plastic bags

Footage shows them picking up rubbish and placing it in plastic bags

The country has earned a reputation for similar goodwill in previous international tournaments

Fans also picked up flags thrown by Qatari and Ecuadorian supporters, saying the symbols “command respect”.

At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Japanese fans garnered similar affection for their good neighborly behavior.

Even after suffering a heartbreaking last-gasp winner in a 3-2 knockout loss to Belgium, ‘Samurai Blue’ supporters scoured the aisles of the Rostov Arena to pick up discarded trash.

Fans were seen crying as they carried huge rubbish bags around the stadium.

Footage from the stadium shows fans in fancy dress and their national team’s kit picking up rubbish after most of the other fans have evacuated.

Coordinator, National Teams and Regional Training Centers


Coordinate travel plans and logistics for the Greco-Roman National Team and Men’s Freestyle wrestling programs with respect to international tours/competitions and national training camps. Oversee the online application process for United States Regional Wrestling Training Centers.

duties and responsibilities
1. Secure athlete travel using the online booking management program.
2. Serve as liaison for OPTC (Olympic and Paralympic Training Center) camp rosters. Ensure listings are complete and meet OPTC requirements and timelines.
3. Create spreadsheets and submit purchase orders for international tours and competitions.
4. Manage Regional Training Center applications submitted through the USA Wrestling Membership Management System.
5. Coordinate circulation of google doc regarding USA Wrestling’s volunteer coaching pool.
6. Retain written minutes of Greco-Roman Sport and Men’s Freestyle Committee meetings.
7. Assist in coordinating the USOPC (United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee) Games databases for the Pan American and Olympic Games processes.
8. Assist in ensuring that National Team athletes have the appropriate USA Wrestling membership requirements on an annual basis.
9. Attend weekly National Team staff meetings.
10. Additional Tasks Assigned.

• Professional experience in a sports organization.
• Work leader experience.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Experience working with athletes, coaches or volunteers.
• Ability to prioritize work projects when dealing with a number of different athletes at the same time.
• Strong interpersonal skills, good judgment, professional attitude and patience.
• Follows and adheres to organizational policies and procedures.
• IT skills required; word processing, Microsoft Windows, Excel and Teams, database management and email.

Tools, equipment and conditions:
• Standard office equipment
• Online environment
• Office environment on a multi-building site
• Non-traditional working hours

Minimum education:
• Licence

• Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally
• Ability to multi-task and meet strict deadlines
• Pass a US wrestling background check and complete SafeSport training
• Abide by USA Wrestling and the USOPC Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

• $45,000 to $50,000

• Paid leave, personal and sick leave
• Around 10 paid holidays per year
• 403(b) retirement plan
• Medical, dental and visual insurance
• Life insurance paid by the employer

• Colorado Springs, Colorado – ability to work from the office is required.

Application procedure:
• Please submit your resume and cover letter. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. A current resume and cover letter explaining the applicant’s qualifications should be sent to: Cody Bickley [email protected]
• Deadline for submission: December 2, 2022

USA Wrestling does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, or veteran status. All qualified applicants will have equal opportunity. Selection decisions are based on job-related factors.

Reviews: Gallery owner and entrepreneur Easy Otabor talks wardrobe items close to his heart and David Leggett’s ‘Wickedly Smart’ art


A few years ago, Otabor opened Anthony Gallery, which showcases work by emerging and internationally renowned artists in Chicago’s Fulton River neighborhood. It’s part of her mission to make the art world more inclusive. “I want to create spaces that bring people into the room who wouldn’t normally see each other…Places where everyone is welcome,” he said in a statement.

Throughout 2022, the gallery has been in residence at the Stony Island Arts Bank (SIAB) of the Rebuild Foundation. There he hosted exhibitions such as “Tom Sachs: Furniture” – the artist’s first solo exhibition in Chicago, not to mention his first furniture show in two decades – to help amplify the Windy City as a destination. culture while making art more accessible. on the south side.

During this time, Otabor worked with Nina Chanel Abney and Pharrell Williams on GODA (Gallery of Digital Assets), a new NFT marketplace for contemporary artists.

Between this and the opening of Anthony Gallery’s latest exhibition, “Come As You Are” (until December 11) – the sixth and final installation in his SIAB residency, featuring works by artists such as Abney , Sayre Gomez, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., Chase Hall, Lauren Halsey, Rashid Johnson, Barbara Kruger, Sterling Ruby, and Sachs—Otabor found time to complete our evaluation questionnaire.

Courtesy of Audemars Piguet.

What’s the last thing you splurged on?

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin 50th Anniversary wristwatch. I value my time, obviously.

What are you saving for?

A house in Los Angeles. I used to live in Los Angeles and have a great network of friends and associates there. Plus, an escape from the Chicago winters wouldn’t hurt.

What would you buy if you found $100?

No more socks; can never have too many new socks.

What makes you feel like a million bucks?

A good wardrobe. I love the quality and craftsmanship of Visvim, a Japanese menswear brand.

Lauren Halsey, <i>4 easy</i> (2022);  hard gypsum carved on wood.  Photo: Ian Ace.” width=”1024″ height=”819″ srcset=”https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2022/11/Come_As_You_Are_Individual_56-1024×819.jpeg 1024w, https:// news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2022/11/Come_As_You_Are_Individual_56-300×240.jpeg 300w, https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2022/11/Come_As_You_Are_Individual_56-1536×1229.jpeg 1536w, https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2022/11/Come_As_You_Are_Individual_56-2048×1638.jpeg 2048w, https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2022/11/Come_As_You_Are_Individual_56-50×40 .jpeg 50w, https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2022/11/Come_As_You_Are_Individual_56-1920×1536.jpeg 1920w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></p>
<p id=Lauren Halsey, 4 Easy (2022). Photo: Ian Ace.

What do you appreciate most in a work of art?

Can I live with this forever? Hieroglyphic by Lauren Halsey 4 Easy and Alfonso González Jr. Untitledto which a mirror is attached, will always exist in one of my homes.

What do you think is the most overrated thing in the art world?

Dinners after art exhibitions. I just want a good meal.

Who is an emerging artist worthy of everyone’s attention?

Henry Swanson. Her juxtaposition of artistic techniques and inexpensive materials (found rugs, linoleum floorboards, etc.) is a reminder not to take herself too seriously while showcasing her skills.

Who is an unknown artist who has not yet received his due?

David Leggett is incredibly talented. The way he incorporates pop culture, racial injustice and relationships into his art is wickedly clever.

What is your most valuable asset?

My peace of mind.

What was your best investment?

When I finally decided to start investing in myself, working out, eating better. I take the time to watch informative videos like Shankar Vedantam’s TedTalk, “You Don’t Really Know What Your Future Wants of You”.

What is something small that means the world to you?

A pair of Nike Air Jordan 4 Breds. They bring back so many great memories throughout my life.

What is your greatest asset?

My determination.

Bar exam questions feature attorney Woo, Kobe, Namjoon, and other pop culture references

The photo shows BTS member RM Bea Alonzo as Bobbie in the movie “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, Park Eun-bin as Lawyer Woo, Klaus, Vanya and Luther from “Umbrella Academy” , and basketball legend Kobe Bryant (eunbining0904/Instagram; BTS/Facebook; Los Angeles Lakers/Facebook; Netflix/Philippines; Umbrella Academy/Facebook; Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas; Artwork by Interaksyon/James Patrick Cruz)

After four daunting days, more than 9,000 aspiring lawyers completed the bar exam on Sunday, November 20.

Some of the questions from the Repair Law I and II (with basic tax remedies) and legal ethics stood out due to their references to notable sports, Kdrama, Kpop, and Hollywood personalities.

Here is the recap of questions featuring pop culture:


The first issue of Remedial Law I features someone named Lebron, the namesake of the Los Angeles Lakers player. The question said:

“Lebron, a resident of Makati, secured a loan of Php 350,000.00 from a bank secured by an immovable mortgage (REM) on his land in Quezon City with an estimated value of Php 500,000.00. Lebron did not pay despite written requests. The bank intends to bring an action for judicial foreclosure of the REM.

Where must REM’s foreclosure action be filed and before which court? Briefly explain.”


The basketball player Kobe’s namesake also answered the restorative law’s second question, which read:

Asya, Inc. sued Kobe, a resident of Bukidnon. To serve a summons, the sheriff waited in the lobby of the Makati Hotel (MH), where Kobe stays whenever he is in Manila. The sheriff didn’t serve the summons because Kobe left the hotel for an emergency. A few hours later, the sheriff asked the front desk where Kobe was and his room number. The hotel declined to disclose for privacy reasons. The sheriff tried again the next day, but Kobe was in conference until midnight. So the next day, the sheriff left the summons and a copy of the complaint with MH’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), even though the CSO declined because Kobe had already checked by then. The sheriff then filed his statement, stating the dates, times and locations of his attempts, the name of the CSO, and the fact that the complaint was served with the subpoena. When Kobe failed to file a response, Asya, Inc. decided to declare him in default.

Was there a valid substitute meaning? Briefly explain.”

‘Avocado Extraordinary Woo’ – Attorney Woo, Han

Characters from the hit Korean series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” were also included in the bar exam. Item 6 stated:

“Lawyer Woo, the newly hired attorney at a law firm, instructed Samurai Express, a duly accredited courier service in the National Capital Judicial Region, to serve a copy of a motion for reconsideration on Attorney Han, opposing attorney, whose office is in the city of Manila. Attorney Han moved to dismiss the petition for failing to contain a written explanation as to why the petition was not served personally.

Given this scenario, bar candidates were asked to answer the following questions:

  • Was the request for reconsideration properly served? Briefly explain.
  • What should be considered as proof of service of this request? Briefly explain.

The Kdrama follows the story of Woo Young Woo, portrayed by Eun-bin Park, a brilliant autistic lawyer. She is the daughter of prosecutor Han.


After BTS members Yoongi and Jungkook were presented for the bar exam a few days ago, Namjoon’s name appeared in one of the questions on the last day of the licensing exams. The candidates were confronted with the following scenario:

“Namjoon, a Korean national, and Regine, a Filipina, were married in Makati City on February 14, 2012. Unfortunately, their relationship quickly turned sour and ended in a mutually agreed divorce in South Korea. . The local court in Korea granted the divorce. Wanting to marry her new boyfriend Taehyung, Régine filed a petition for recognition of the foreign divorce judgment before the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Cebu where she resides.

The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) opposed the petition, saying the proper remedy is a special procedure to void or correct vital records under Rule 108 of the City Rules. Court, which can only be filed at Makati RTC. where the marriage was solemnized and registered in the civil registry of Makati.

Is the OSG claim defensible? Briefly explain.”

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Notting Hill

The 1999 film “Notting Hill” starring julia robert and Hugh Grant was also mentioned on the bar exam. Article 9 read:

“Notting Hill Corp. brought an action for breaking and entering against the ten occupants of a parcel of land which it owns. At the end of the summary proceedings, the municipal court of first instance (MTC) rendered a judgment against the ten defendants. The defendants filed a notice of appeal, but did not post a replacement bond to stay the judgment to vacate. At the request of Notting Hill Corp., the MTC issued a writ of execution.

When Hugh, the sheriff, executed the writ of execution, he discovered that the land was occupied by a number of families who all claimed to be lawful tenants of the ten defendants. Julia, one of the tenants, pleaded with Hugh, imploring him: “I’m just a tenant, standing in front of a sheriff, asking him to let me stay in my house.

Can Hugh enforce the writ of execution against the tenants? Briefly explain.”

Umbrella Academy

The characters of the Netflix series based on the comic “Umbrella Academycan be spotted in question 14 of the Reparations Act I. The statement reads:

“Klaus was drinking outside his rented apartment when he suddenly heard a gunshot coming from inside the apartment belonging to Luther. Klaus then saw neighbor Igor coming down the stairs and leaving the premises holding a gun. Klaus also saw Luther fall from the stairs with blood oozing from his chest. Vanya, Luther’s daughter, also rushed at Luther as he fell.

During Igor’s murder trial, Vanya testified and produced a USB flash drive containing CCTV footage from the scene. These images showed a man appearing to be Igor, armed with a gun, walking up the stairs and entering Luther’s apartment. In the video, the same man was seen hurriedly leaving the scene. Vanya further testified that she was the one who transferred the video footage from the CCTV belonging to the barangay outside their apartment to the USB stick.

When the footage was shown in court and an enlarged screenshot was shown, Vanya identified the shooter as Igor. The defense objected on the grounds that Vanya was not the recorder of the video footage.

The question asked candidates whether CCTV footage is admissible as electronic evidence.

Four sisters and a wedding – Alex, Bobbie, Gabbie

Under Restorative Law 2, the three Salazar sisters, Alex, Bobbie and Gabbie of “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, were also mentioned. The candidates were confronted with the following scenario:

“Alex, Bobbie and Gabbie have been charged with the crime of murder. Finding that they had acted as part of a conspiracy, the Regional Court of First Instance (RTC) found them guilty of homicide. Only Bobbie appealed the conviction to the Court of Appeal (CA). Consequently, a judgment writing was issued against Alex and Gabbie.

Subsequently, the CA changed Bobbie’s conviction from homicide to murder. In the same judgment, the CA also changed the conviction of Alex and Gabbie from homicide to murder.

Upon learning of the CA’s decision, Alex and Gabbie confronted Bobbie saying, ‘Bakit ka pa ba nag-appeal? Tumaas tuloy ang sentensya namin. Nadamay pa kami!’ Bobbie shot back, ‘Bakit parang galit kayo? Pero bakit kasalanan ko? Parang kasalanan ko?’”

Candidates were asked to assess and explain whether the Court of Appeal was correct in varying the judgment regarding Alex and Gabbie.

On-site exams are held at 14 testing centers across the country, including five in Metro Manila.

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PoC Studios, Atomik Content Form Joint Venture – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Labid Aziz’s People of Culture Studios has entered into a joint venture with Adel Nur’s management and production company Atomic Content to co-manage talent and develop, produce and distribute feature films, television series and hybrid projects focusing on high action films.

The first talent signed via the JV is the founder and president of the Professional Fighters League Ray Sefowho will work with fellow MMA fighters and Hollywood talent to create and develop ensemble and high-profile action thrillers in the sub-$15 million budget bracket.

Ray Sefo

Aieti solo

Sefo is a semi-retired New Zealand kickboxer, boxer, mixed martial artist, fight promoter and actor who founded the PFL Mixed Martial Arts League in 2018. The six-time Muay Thai World Champion and eight-time K-1 World Grand Prix Final Tournament entrant has been acting since 1995 and made his professional wrestling debut at Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2012 in Japan, where he and partner Hiromi Amada were defeated by Atsushi Sawada and Hideki Suzuki. Since retiring from mixed martial arts competition in 2015, he has moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he continues to train with Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts and be instrumental in the growth and the current success of PFL.

“With the success and continued growth of the PFL, I really wanted to build on my mission to provide more opportunities for growth and success for the very talented and multi-faceted athletes we have in the PFL and beyond. beyond,” Sefo said. “After spending time with Andy and Labid, I knew PoC Studios was where I wanted to be and where I wanted to build something related to my film and television endeavors.

The veteran fighter added, “There are some extremely talented creatives out there who also happen to be fighters and we want to support them and design and create content with them, for them and around them. We firmly believe that innovative, high-quality content can come out of such a partnership. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena and Dave Bautista have gone from the ring to the big screen and become box office legends. And they are well known for their action movies, but they also cross genres and are multifaceted talents and also do comedy and children’s shows.

Andrew Cosby, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of PoC Studios, said: “We want to do for the action genre what Blumhouse did for horror by producing smart, independently funded action movies. with budgets large enough to pack the eponymous punch while remaining modest enough to allow the introduction of new names and faces – both in front of and behind the camera. In short, we plan to build the action franchises of tomorrow and the stars that go with them.

Aziz commented, “By partnering with a world-renowned producer/manager like Adel and having Ray as our first signing, I think Andy and I are laying a solid foundation to be able to build and design action thrillers from smart and high set in the sub-$15 million budget. And most importantly, I know it will be fun and that’s so important to us. Actors want to hang out with fighters, fighters want to hang out with actors, they already do! Then we blend the amazing diverse talent and using the old studio model, we can really be additive in creating the stars of tomorrow. What’s not to love here!”

“Having worked with Labid in the past and seeing the power of Andy’s creative mind at work over the past two years, I knew PoC Studios was a place I wanted to plant a flag,” Nur said in closing. . “Together, we’ve made it our mission to create content for a global audience by focusing on unique stories, diverse talent and locations. While delivering fun and exciting genre imagery. We want to satisfy a growing appetite for global action movies and connecting us with audiences hungry for new stories and stories from around the world.

PoC Studios is a content studio offering a global approach to the production, financing and distribution of film and television content for global audiences. Among PoC’s initial slate is the movie Tokyo under the nightwritten by Oscar winner Ron Bass (rain man), which is now on the hunt for talent, with another TV offshoot also in the works. Also on the slate is the movie Yasuke: the soul of a samuraiwhich is also from Bass.

PoC recently teamed up with Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6), Creation Station and Composition Media to make the 3D family animated feature film Sky & Luna based on the original Creation Station IP address. The company also recently acquired the North American rights to Kim Bass’ comedy. A snowy day in Oakland and will release the film in theaters nationwide this winter.

Nur is known for producing titles including hollow point, Invincible and war hunt. His company Atomik Content is currently in development on king manwritten and directed by Nacho Arenas, and in pre-production on The fall for a start date of early 2023.

Tracheostomy decanulation rate in Japan: a retrospective cohort study using a claims database


This study examined long-term tracheostomy decanulation rates at facilities in Japan using a large health insurance claims database, which included data after discharge from acute care hospitals. Cancellation rates were 40.8% at 3 months, 63.9% at 12 months, and 65.0% at 24 months. Factors associated with prolonged tracheotomy included advanced age, female gender, cerebrovascular disease, head injury, and other forms of heart disease.

The rate of decanulation increased rapidly up to 3 months after tracheotomy, reaching a plateau after 12 months. Decancellation is performed in acute care hospitals and rarely in long-term care hospitals or after discharge home. A previous study conducted in an acute care hospital in Japan reported a 31% decanulation rate at 3 months22; another study reported a rate of 59% in a rehabilitation hospital20. Our results are consistent with these reports. The average hospital stay in Japan is 30.6 days25which is the longest among OECD countries26. Although the length of hospital stay in acute care is set at 90 days, critically ill patients tend to remain hospitalized for a much longer period. Many of these patients are transferred to a rehabilitation hospital or a long-term care hospital. In the present study, one-third of the patients were transferred to a rehabilitation hospital or a long-term care hospital. The problem is that once patients are discharged from acute care hospitals, they may lose the opportunity to have their decanulation readiness assessed due to lack of access to specialists and equipment. Rehabilitation/long-term care hospitals offer rehabilitation or daily care services, but not specialized medical care, such as decanulation. In other words, the last opportunity for patients to have their condition and readiness for decannulation assessed, and then to undergo decannulation, is while they are still hospitalized in an acute care hospital.

The decanulation time in Japan is relatively longer than in other countries. Previous studies from Canada, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Australia have reported shorter decanulation times and higher decanulation rates, with few adverse effects16,17,18,19,27,28. These studies have shown that the time required for decanulation is shortened by having patients followed up by specialized teams and by developing decanulation protocols. Patients who survive the initial acute state but still require further intensive care are said to be chronically critically ill (CCI)29; the recent increase in the number of patients with CHF has become a serious problem29,30,31,32. CCI patients are those in devastating circumstances and include those with poor long-term survival, severe physical and cognitive disabilities, and significant medical costs29,30,31,32,33. A previous CHF study found that tracheostomy, one of the clinical conditions of CHF, accounts for more than 20% of all CHF patients in Japan.32. Intensivists need to be aware of long-term outcomes such as CHF burden32. Assessing patients’ readiness for decanulation before discharge from acute care hospitals could reduce the number of patients with CHF and thereby reduce clinical and economic burden, improve patient quality of life, and contribute establishment of a decanulation protocol.

Older age and female gender have been identified as factors associated with prolonged tracheostomy. Population-based studies conducted in the United States have reported that older people undergo tracheostomy more often than younger people.3.4. According to a Japanese national database, people aged ≥ 65 years account for more than 70% of all tracheostomies performed each year in Japan6 (see Supplementary Figure S2). Older people tend to have multiple illnesses and are likely to get worse. It is therefore more likely that the tracheostomy tubes will be kept in place longer. Although the present study did not include patients aged ≥75 years, if such patients were included, we would expect a much lower rate of decanulation in Japan. Although the reason why more women have an extended tracheostomy compared to men is unclear, there may be gender disparities in treatment decisions. However, more information will be needed to verify this. Tracheostomy can reduce the quality of life of patients and their families. When making decisions about tracheostomy, it is important for doctors to understand the factors associated with a prolonged tracheostomy. Further investigation of decannulation procedures is warranted to establish appropriate protocols34.

Cerebrovascular disease and head injury were also factors associated with prolonged tracheotomy. Tracheotomy is performed in patients with a wide range of diseases, with cerebrovascular disease accounting for more than 20% in the present study. Other illnesses accounted for less than 10%. Previous studies have reported that surgical patients are more likely to undergo early tracheostomy4.11, and that patients with severe brain injury may be more likely to undergo tracheostomy, with a tendency for prolonged tracheostomy. Rehabilitation is important for these patients in terms of improving mobility. Readiness for decanulation should be assessed in the acute care hospital prior to transfer to a rehabilitation hospital.

Many patients with other forms of heart disease had cardiac arrest, and the rate of decanulation in these patients was extremely low due to high mortality. This finding highlights the importance of end-of-life care in critical care settings. While advances in intensive care have saved the lives of critically ill patients, they have also created large numbers of CHF patients.30. Critical care health care providers often face difficult ethical decisions about whether to save lives or provide end-of-life care35,36,37. In the United States, discontinuation of therapy is common in patients with severe brain damage due to stroke, trauma, or cardiac arrest, and these patients do not undergo tracheostomy.36. Japan’s intensive care end-of-life guidelines recommend discontinuation of life-sustaining treatment for terminally ill patients. However, it is difficult to immediately predict patient outcomes. Currently, life-sustaining treatment can be provided without the need to consider these ethically difficult decisions in Japan. Treatment decisions for critically ill patients should be based on patient-centered thinking and an understanding of their values ​​and preferences, while avoiding overuse or underuse of services29,35,36,37. To achieve optimal end-of-life care in critical care settings, it will be important to have a system in place that provides opportunities for communication with patients’ families.35,36,37. Particularly in Japan, where the super-aging society is progressing, the consideration of end-of-life care in intensive care facilities is all the more important.

There are several limitations to this study. First, the claims database did not include important factors known to affect decanulation, such as the patient’s socioeconomic status, family information, hospital characteristics, and location of the facility. hospital. Second, we were unable to obtain certain clinical information, such as the physical condition of the patients and the severity of their disease. Although we have identified illnesses from claims data related to the “tracheotomy” procedure, this method has not been validated and the illnesses identified may differ from the actual illnesses that led to the tracheostomy. We did, however, identify diseases and medical procedures in consultation with researchers experienced in analyzing claims databases, as well as an infectious disease physician. Third, some data was censored due to a patient’s death or transfer to a rehabilitation/long-term care hospital, from which he was not discharged until after the study period. This may have resulted in an overestimate of decannulation rates. Finally, the database is limited to company employees and their families, and people aged ≥ 75 years were not included. Therefore, our results may not be widely generalizable.

Live Updates: US Lawmakers Call For More Crypto Regulation After FTX Collapse


Citing the FTX implosion, U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday expressed concern about the risks posed to retail investors and the wider financial system, and stepped up calls for tougher oversight of cryptocurrencies during a hearing. with the main banking regulators in the country.

“This should be another call for Congress to seriously examine crypto exchanges and lending platforms, many of which engage in risky behaviors, while portraying themselves as safe to consumers,” Bob Menendez told colleagues. , the Democratic senator from New Jersey. and banking regulators, which included Federal Reserve Vice Chairman for Oversight Michael Barr and Acting Chief Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu.

Cynthia Lummis – the Republican senator from Wyoming, who co-authored a bipartisan bill that outlines a comprehensive regulatory framework for digital assets in the US – described the FTX turbulence as “horrible and at the same time not so surprising” .

“Obviously Congress needs to regulate digital assets,” she added.

Patrick Toomey, the committee’s top Republican, slammed regulators for focusing on issues he says are outside their mandate, including climate-related financial risks, and in turn failing to provide the guidance necessary for banks on crypto activities.

“While some of our banking regulators have been distracted, they have failed to address the real challenges facing the financial system,” he said. “The ambivalence of the remaining agencies has helped push crypto business into foreign jurisdictions with weaker or non-existent regulatory regimes.”

On Tuesday, Barr warned of the potential for “systemic risk” if “linkages develop” between the crypto system and more traditional corners of finance.

“When regulation is lax or lagging behind, it can facilitate risk-taking and a race to the bottom that endangers consumers, businesses and the economy and discredits new products and services with consumers and investors” , did he declare.

Japan Cruise for the Amazing Cherry Blossom Season and Mount Fuji from $353 per person per night.


It’s your chance to embrace one of Japan’s most iconic sights – the season of pink cherry blossoms – with a Holland America Line cruise to exotic coastal destinations in Asia.

The magical journey includes a visit to Ishigaki, known as the Hawaii of the Far East; Keelung in Taiwan and Shimizu renowned for its incomparable natural sites. One of the highlights of the trip is a breathtaking bullet train journey to admire Japan’s majestic Mount Fuji.

Imagine Holidays has designed a spectacular 17-night cherry blossom vacation from March 15, 2024 with prices starting at $5,999 per person. Only limited places are available on this exclusive offer.

To book, call Imagine Holidays on (02) 7254 2124 or click here for more details.

Neon-lit Tokyo in all its bustling glory

Your Japanese adventure begins in mesmerizing Tokyo, one of the world’s most fascinating cities where ancient shrines rub shoulders with gleaming, mirror-tinted skyscrapers and during the short cherry blossom season, the streets of Tokyo are covered in a debauchery of pink Sakura.

Japanese families love to celebrate the cherry blossom (sakura) season during its limited blooming period with many “blossom-viewing” parties, known as hanami. The delicate flowers renowned for their fleeting beauty have powerful historical ties to Japan’s history, culture and identity. Because they symbolize impermanence, hope and renewal, Sakura blossoms have become one of Japan’s iconic natural symbols.

As cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom for about a week, this magical time usually occurs between March and early May.

After a night in exciting Tokyo, you’ll board the majestic Westerdam which offers a leisurely pace of life at sea combined with great dining options and engaging onboard activities.

The majestic Westerdam

The ship also offers the best elements of cruising heritage with contemporary innovations so suited to today’s passengers. You’ll have plenty to keep you entertained after dinner with classic hits at Lincoln Center; from blues and rock ‘n’ roll in BB King’s to karaoke sessions at Billboard Onboard. There’s also the Vista Lounge which lights up at night with great Dancing with the Stars at Sea shows.

When the ship calls at Naha, you will be blown away by the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Be sure to visit the majestic Shuri Castle perched on a hill with landscaped gardens in traditional Okinawan style.

Kabira Bay, Ishigaki Island

Your next port of call is Ishigaki, a paradise for nature lovers and a great draw for sun worshippers, snorkelers and snorkelers who want to catch a glimpse of the island’s giant manta rays.

Next, you’ll visit laid-back Hualien, one of Taiwan’s largest cities with plenty of natural beauty and a laid-back pace of life. Head to Taiwan’s beaches, hiking trails and hot springs. This is followed by a stopover in Keelung Town, the gateway to Taipei. Head straight to the city’s night markets and sample some of the delicious food.

Be sure to explore the range of onboard dining options – from poolside burger and fries at Lido to Pan-Asian flavors at Tamarind and fine dining at Pinnacle Grill.

The Westerdam then stop in Kagoshima, a friendly city with a towering active volcano with a geothermal wonderland of hot springs and geysers.

You will then sail to the seaside town of Miyazaki with its palm-lined sandy beaches, offering more sunshine than any other Japanese town.

Your next stop is Kobe, one of Japan’s most attractive cities, small enough to explore on foot. Don’t forget to visit a teppanyaki restaurant to try the local specialty, Kobe beef.

In Shimizu, you will repeatedly admire the breathtaking view of the snow-capped cone of Mount Fuji.

Shinkansen or bullet train passes Mount Fuji

When Westerdam docks in Tokyo, you will take a fully escorted tour to discover the wonders of Mount Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain at 3776 meters high which is one of the country’s most iconic national symbols. Over the years, Mount Fuji has been revered as a sacred mountain and has inspired writers, artists, and even samurai warriors. You’ll also be taken to the skies on the Hakone Ropeway cable car, enjoy a boat trip on serene Lake Ashi before boarding the bullet train back to Tokyo.

Your vacation summary:


  • 14-night cruise with full board aboard the Westerdam
  • Overnight at Kobe Port

Free hotel stay

  • 3-night stay at a 4-star hotel at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba or similar

Free fully-accompanied tours

  • Mount Fuji Tour Including Hakone Ropeway
  • Boat trip on Lake Ashi
  • Bullet train to Tokyo

All flights, taxes and transfers.

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Does the biggest Supreme Court case this quarter involve Bacon?


In National Pork Council v. Ross, the Court questions whether states can ban products on moral grounds.

Last month, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in National Pork Producers Council v. Rossa Ninth Circuit case in California dismissing a challenge to Proposition 12, which prohibits the sale of whole pork from the offspring of confined breeding sows in a way California voters consider “cruel.”

domestic pig may seem like just another case of a dormant trade clause, but it has the potential to change the nature of regulation in the United States. Indeed, Proposition 12 does not ban pork that arguably adversely affects the health of Californians, but rather bans pork produced in a way that California voters consider immoral.

The combination of these two elements – (1) a ban based not on a product characteristic, but rather on an aspect of the production process, and (2) based on moral disapproval, rather than more traditional concerns and tangible, such as promoting the health and safety of residents or protecting the local environment domestic pig a case with potentially far-reaching consequences.

In December 2019, the National Pork Producers Council and the American Farm Bureau Federation filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Proposition 12 violates the dormant Commerce Clause because it impermissibly regulates extraterritorial conduct and imposes an undue burden. on interstate commerce. Prior to trial, the District Court granted California’s motion to dismiss on the basis that the Pork Board had not asserted a claim, upheld the Ninth Circuit, and the Supreme Court granted cert.

Although lower court opinions and most amicus briefs to the Supreme Court focused on the claim that California law was extraterritorial, the claim of excessive burden in domestic pig was equally interesting, new and potentially far-reaching. The excessive burden claim alleges that Proposition 12 violates the dormant Commerce Clause because it imposes a burden on interstate commerce that is excessive in relation to its legitimate benefits to the local state.

Although the Supreme Court’s doctrine of undue burden calls categorically for balancing the burden that impugned regulation imposes on interstate commerce against the state’s legitimate local interest in regulation, the trend in covenant cases dormant trade was for the courts to show deference to the enacting state. .

So far, this deference has been appropriate because, for some reason, states seem to have exercised restraint, largely avoiding regulations with significant impacts outside of the state. Very few dormant trade clause cases involving product standards have reached the Supreme Court, and none of these cases involved embargoes based on production processes or relied on moral justifications for embargoes. It doesn’t appear that there are many state laws that, like Proposition 12, ban products on ethical grounds, although the intervener’s attorney, the Humane Society of the United States, has gave some examples, including laws on cosmetics tested on animals, eggs in caged hens and aborted fetal tissue.

Thus, the Supreme Court has now ventured into a potentially vast and constitutionally uncharted space. States could constitutionally enact more process-based bans on goods and services on moral grounds if Proposition 12 is upheld.

Arguments before the Supreme Court last month only confirmed domestic pig high stakes. Although the argument lasted 70 minutes, it lasted over two hours. The judges seemed to be looking for a way to draw a clear line distinguishing meritorious claims from non-meritorious claims, ideally without resorting to unguided balancing. They didn’t get much.

The Court pressed counsel for the Pork Council and counsel for the Solicitor General’s Office, who supported the Pork Council, on several issues. If the Constitution didn’t already outlaw slavery, Judge Elena Kagan asked, could states ban products made in other states with slave labor? If the Court struck down Proposition 12, the justices wondered, what other laws would also fall? The response from the Hog Board’s lawyer – that many laws may need to be struck down – left the judges concerned. Later, the Solicitor General’s office assured them that few existing laws would fall, but it had no clear line or doctrine to offer.

The judges bombarded attorneys for California and the Humane Society, who intervened on California’s behalf, with examples of potential future morality embargoes that states could enact if the Court upheld the pork regulations. Similarly, National Pork’s attorney and Solicitor General’s office provided examples of regulations with out-of-state impacts that could be inspired by Proposition 12.

For example, if proposition 12 were confirmed, would this mean that states could ban products from other states whose laws differ from that of the importing state on labor practices, minimum wages, elimination of waste, immigration, product prices or irrigation practices? Could California also ban pork from businesses, Judge Amy Coney Barrett asked, that don’t require all employees to be vaccinated, fund gender-affirming surgery, or provide some form of health care?

And when Judge Samuel Alito asked if the reversal was fair, so that other states could, for example, ban the sale of California almonds because their constituents disapprove of California’s irrigation practices, the California’s attorney agreed that keeping Proposition 12 implied that other states could ban California. almonds for such reasons.

The California attorney repeatedly attempted to single out Proposition 12 on the grounds that the link between the ban and the product was direct and close – “the particular breeding sows that are literally the mechanism for creating this pig” – whereas ‘with the hypothetical laws, the connection is “totally unrelated. The judges seemed unconvinced, prompting a skeptical judge Brett Kavanaugh to observe that “‘completely independent’ does a ton of your work in your answers”, and prompted Judge Alito to ask the California attorney to clarify what he meant when he said that morality prohibits importation could not be upheld if the connection between the moral interest and the product was too ” attenuated”.

So neither side’s lawyers gave the judges what they were looking for – a reliable way to distinguish constitutional embargoes from unconstitutional embargoes based on processes based on ethical concerns.

The justices also expressed concern that if states can embargo products because they consider certain processes to be immoral, then every politically charged issue can be a basis for an embargo. For example, Judge Clarence Thomas asked the California attorney if his state could ban products from other states that have “different political views on certain issues important to your constituents.”

And the justices expressed concern that disguised protectionism, or tit for tat retaliation, could exaggerate existing political differences and animosities. Judge Kagan asked rhetorically, “Do we want to live in a world where states are constantly at war with each other?

Not only did the judges express concern about turning moral disagreements into economic fights, they wondered if those fights would be fair. They noted that keeping Proposition 12 and similar laws would seem likely to give more power to the biggest states that have the biggest markets, and they wondered how that would fit into the US federalist system. For example, referring to one state’s small market, Judge Kagan observed that “someone could easily cut off the Wyoming market.” And Judge Alito asked California’s attorney if the state was concerned about possible retaliation because small states cannot fight back effectively, allowing California to “bully others.” states”.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson appeared to be looking to settle the case on narrow grounds. She asked if Proposition 12 could be reversed because labeling could achieve state objectives with less effect on interstate commerce. Counsel for the Pork Council and Solicitor General both agreed, noting that longstanding doctrine requires a law to be closely tailored. The Humane Society countered that the labeling was inadequate given California’s interest in banning what it considers immoral products from its market. Indeed, he argued that the goal of the state was precisely what he had enacted, so there was no less obstructive alternative that could achieve it.

Further, acknowledging that a health and safety rationale might have a better chance of being upheld, the Humane Society lawyer pointed out that voters could have reasonably believed there might be a benefit to health and safety to allow only pigs without gestation cages to be sold even though California was unwilling to defend those benefits. If accepted, the Humane Society’s argument would effectively permit prohibitions based on moral objections even if the Court explicitly stated that moral objections do not count.

As Justice Kavanaugh noted, the simplest and narrowest way for the Court to resolve domestic pig would be to quash and return on the basis that the trial court erred in finding that Proposition 12 imposed no burden on interstate commerce without a trial. This is the approach we advocate in an amicus brief. Such a resolution would also be consistent with a long line of court precedents.

This result, however, would only launch the box on the road. At some point, the Court will have to address the question of whether – and under what circumstances – moral objections can justify an embargo under the dormant trade clause.

Michael S. Knoll is a professor at the Carey Law School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ruth Mason is a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Central Minnesota swimmers and divers head to state tournament


UNDATED (WJON News) – Central Minnesota swimmers will travel to the state tournament this week. The MSHSL girls swimming and diving section tournaments were held on Friday and Saturday.

In Section 5A, Monticello finished in first place with a team total score of 484.5 points. St. Cloud Tech came second with 334 points and Sauk Rapids-Rice was third with 275 points.

In Section 6A, Melrose took first place with 406 points, followed by Alexandria with 353 and Rocori with 345. The top two in each swimming event and the top four in each diving event will compete in the Class A tournament at University. at the Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center in Minnesota starting Wednesday.

Among those headed to the state are Catherine Siers, Aliina Gustin, Kierstyn Nelson, Sydney Gustinand Maggie Cole of technology and Laney Schneider, Chelsea Willenbring, Ariana Outhwaite, Megan Willenbring, Cece Woodsand catherine motter by Rocori.

WATCH: 50 images of winning moments in sports history

Sometimes pictures are the best way to honor the characters we’ve lost. When tragedy quickly reminds us that sport is far from the most important thing in life, we can always recall the moment of victory of an athlete who seemed larger than life, remaining grateful for his sacrifice on the ground and bringing joy to millions of people.

Read on to explore the full collection of 50 images compiled by Stacker featuring various iconic moments of victory in sports history. Covering the achievements of a multitude of sports, these images depict stunning personal achievements, team championships and sporting perseverance.

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Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet triple clearing cost


Month After the Nigeria Customs Service started implementing Vehicle Identification Number for the clearance of imported vehicles, clearance agents operating in seaports across the country revealed that Mercedes Benz, BMW and Chevrolet cars , among others, have yet to be captured on the platform.

The agents, who spoke exclusively with Sunday punch in Lagos, said the platform mainly captures Japanese and American cars.

They lamented that to clear vehicles from Europe and the United States, officers had to meet with customs to get the valuation.

A clearing agent, Toochukwu Nwaigbo, said the introduction of the policy had made cars very expensive in Nigeria.

“There are so many problems with VIN evaluation. European cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW, as well as American Chevrolet, among others, are not captured on the app. When you bring such cars, you must go to customs to get the appraisal yourself. But when you bring Japanese cars like Toyota and Honda and others, they are easily captured. This made the cost of the cars very expensive. A car you can easily getting to say N1m is now well above N3m, so that’s the challenge we face now,” he said.

The Acting National Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Officers, Kayode Farinto, said the NCS imposed arbitrary charges on imported vehicles.

He added that it was a deliberate attempt to circumvent the government’s intent.

“Some of the vehicles like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Chevrolet are not captured on the VIN platform; they just give arbitrary values ​​and I think it’s a deliberate attempt to sabotage the government,” Farinto said.

He noted that a vehicle that cost 1.7 million naira to clean before would require 2.9 million naira for the same purpose.

“Customs usually say they are working on it; so we have to give them time to work on it. If they don’t come out with anything, we will now know it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage the system,” he added.

When asked if there was a possibility of a strike to ensure the right thing would be done, he replied: “We are not talking about a strike; there are better ways to handle this; if we go on strike, perhaps nothing will come of it. It’s not like they don’t care about Mercedes Benz when you bring it in, but they won’t tell you it’s not a standard VIN so you have to pay extra. I have a Mercedes Benz GL450 2009 model which I am cleaning, the total duty is around 2.9 million naira. Previously, it was not up to this amount; it cost N1.7 million at most.

In his response, National Public Relations Manager, NCS, Timi Bomodi said: “First you have to ask how old the vehicle they are bringing is. For example, a 2009 car is not supposed to enter the country; as long as they are above the age limit they are not supposed to enter. It’s like a thief complaining that today’s burglar proof is strong.

“The focus cannot be on the model; it must first be on the year; you need to know if they are supposed to come in at all. If they are under the required legal age, it is not necessary. The message is that they are all standard production items; they all carry the same standard identification number.

Bomodi, however, said there is a procedure to check whether a vehicle has a standard VIN or not.

“There is a procedure for dealing with vehicles with non-standard VIN numbers. So what is the complaint? The complaint that it takes longer and is more expensive is not true. You don’t need to see a vehicle to know if the VIN is standard or not, because you have the bill of lading, which has the VIN number.You don’t need to wait for the ship to arrive to find out if the vehicle has a standard VIN or no,” he added.

electronic music festival BLOOM lights up Veterans Day weekend | Way of life


On Saturday, hundreds of electronic dance music fans and famous DJs from the local and international music scene gathered to party by the beach at The Hermit Crab Beach Bar & Grill, which has been transformed with a backdrop vibrant with sakura blossoms, japanese style lanterns and neon lights. party lights.

BLOOM included a dance floor, general admission, VIP and VVIP access areas, food trucks and a Sakura garden.

BLOOM, an electronic dance music festival produced by MGH Productions and Alter X Ego Entertainment, was energized by the diverse line-up of DJs at the helm.

“There are so many things we are passionate about. If I had to pick one, it would be showcasing all the talent under one roof – military, local, and off-island. I am very excited for this. Our DJs do a back-to-back set, which means it will be a unique set that you won’t be able to hear anywhere else. They play both at the same time instead of two scenes,” said Benjamin Schiff of Alter X Ego.

The view of the BLOOM electronic music festival from the roof terrace.

BLOOM marked the first time Hermit Crab Beach Bar & Grill held a large-scale event open to the public, Schiff said. Military service member and DJ L Boogie kicked off the night with new mixes, in honor of Veterans Day weekend. Schiff was also proud to share that a portion of the night’s bar sales will be donated to local veterans.

Local talent for the night included CRUX, 777, Lil Meish, Jay Edwards, Samurai, Lucy Skooma, Lezeah, AWXCORD, Jozy, Katana and Sunny G.

Tokyo DJs 2WASTED, FRANCO and ALFIE SERO were scheduled to headline but were unable to travel to Guam due to visa issues. The organizers of the event did not miss a beat and managed to find another DJ from the international music scene to replace them.

“With the artists that we chose, they had their B visas, but when they went to the airport, they had last minute updates that they needed to do. We are very happy to have Enoch, our talent off the island, to replace them. He landed this morning,” Schiff said. The Korean DJ has previously performed at It’s the Ship, a music festival that takes place on a cruise ship and is featured as Asia’s largest sea festival.

BLOOM’s photo tent featured a shimmering gold background, draped in flowers. The electronic music festival took place on November 12, 2022 at Hermit Crab Beach Bar & Grill.

BLOOM is one of the biggest events organized by MGH Productions so far, said founder Maria Gabriella Hizon.

“We have international DJs and a lot of local DJs, so it’s like a mix of everyone under one roof, which I really like,” Hizon said.

BLOOM electronic music festival lights up Veterans Day weekend

The VIP access area at the BLOOM electronic music festival on November 12, 2022, at Hermit Crab Beach Bar & Grill.

The venue has been transformed for BLOOM, with selected perks and access for General Admission, VIP and VVIP ticket holders.

The event featured a main dance floor next to the stage, under a canopy adorned with lanterns and draped in white flowers that moved to the beat of the music and the breeze that came from the beach.

A curated sakura garden, a canopy set up with a gold glitter backdrop for photos, and food trucks and vendor stalls also dotted the edge of the beach.

BLOOM participants Kylena Blas and Cassandra Quitugua said they were introduced to electronic dance music culture earlier this year, thanks to the Rave in Paradise festival held in June.

BLOOM electronic music festival lights up Veterans Day weekend

BLOOM contestants Kylena Blas and Cassandra Quitugua pose for a photo at the Electronic Dance Music Festival on Nov. 12, 2022, at Hermit Crab Beach Bar & Grill.

They came to BLOOM for the music and couldn’t wait to see local DJ Lil Meish set.

“It was a fun experience,” Blas said.

Intestinal gluconeogenesis is downregulated in pediatric patients with celiac disease | BMC Medicine


The present study shows that children with untreated CD have lower expression of genes involved in IGN in duodenal biopsies compared to children with normal intestinal mucosa. Decreased expression correlates with higher Marsh score and, to a lesser extent, tTG antibody levels. These results suggest that CD patients may have impaired IGN function, either due to chronic intestinal inflammation in untreated disease or due to an altered metabolic pathway shared with other metabolic diseases. chronicles suggested by the large number of traits associated with the GLS/STAT1/STAT4 region of the gene. From a long-term perspective, lower expression of these genes, which are central for IGN and therefore important for metabolic homeostasis, may lead to other chronic diseases like NAFLD and diabetes if not addressed. recognized.

This study provides the first evidence for the downregulation of gut expression of G6PC, GPT1, SLC6A19and PPARGC1A on CD. Glucose-6-phosphatase, the protein product of G6PC, plays an essential role in gluconeogenesis by converting glucose-6-phosphate, which cannot be transported out of the cell, into glucose, which can then be released into the bloodstream, making its downregulation a particularly important discovery. Decreased expression of PCK1, FBP1and solute carriers have previously been shown in adult patients with CD, but have so far not been placed in the context of IGN [19,20,21]. Decreased expression of GLS is consistent with our previous finding of its downregulation in the GENEX material [1]. G6PC3 and GOT1 showed no significant change in expression; however, G6PC and GPT1which catalyze the same reactions in IGN, are more critical for these respective functions [22, 23].

These data therefore imply that the ability of the small intestine to perform gluconeogenesis and release glucose from the intestinal enterocyte might be severely diminished in patients with untreated CD. Decreased expression of GLS, GPT1, PCK1, FBP1and G6PC suggest an alteration of the IGN pathway from the onset of glutamine utilization in gluconeogenesis to the release of glucose into the blood. If only GLS, GPT1and PCK1 were down-regulated, using glycerol, the second most important substrate in IGN [5] might still be possible since it enters gluconeogenesis in later stages, but since FBP1 and G6PC, whose protein products catalyze the crucial final steps of gluconeogenesis, are also downregulated, it stands to reason that the entire IGN pathway is impaired. We propose that the diminished expression of PPARGC1A could provide an explanation for this at the regulatory level since its protein has a key role in the regulation of hepatic gluconeogenesis. While it’s unclear if it has a similar role in the gut, it doesn’t seem entirely implausible. Decreased expression of SLC6A19 suggests that the ability to absorb glutamine, as well as other neutral amino acids transported by the protein SLC6A19 (also known as B0AT1), from the intestinal lumen is impaired. Lower expression of SLC5A1 (SGLT1) and SLC2A2 (GLUT2) indicate a decrease in glucose transport capacity.

The metabolic effects of altered IGN in humans are not entirely clear. Studies of IGN in animal models show that increased portal vein glucose provides signals that increase satiety and improve energy homeostasis. Induced high levels of IGN appear to offer protection against metabolic diseases, while the alteration leads to signs of dysregulated blood sugar control and fatty liver disease. [7, 10].

Patients with CD are at increased risk for NAFLD, with the highest risk seen in the first few years after diagnosis and the greatest increase in relative risk seen in patients with a normal BMI [24, 25]. We speculate that impaired IGN might provide an explanation for the increased risk of NAFLD in CD patients. Our study does not examine whether the expression of IGN-related genes returns to normal in CD patients treated with a gluten-free diet, but the correlation with Marsh scores suggests that a degree of inflammation lower could improve IGN. If IGN is normalized when CD is treated, this could perhaps partly explain why the risk of NAFLD is greatest during the first year after diagnosis of CD, when the gluconeogenic capacity of the gut may not have fully recovered. Such recovery might also be suggested by a 1968 study of glutaminase enzyme activity, which found lower levels in untreated CD patients who appeared to recover in patients under treatment with a gluten-free diet. [26]. Studying the expression of IGN-related genes in patients before and after treatment would be an important next step.

This study has several limitations. The expression of selected genes in CD cases was compared to disease controls, i.e., they were children referred for upper endoscopy studied for other bowel diseases affecting the ‘intestine. It cannot be excluded that disease controls may have had conditions that may affect the expression of selected genes. However, all disease controls had normal mucosal signs, and children with inflammatory bowel disease and Helicobacter pylori infections were excluded prior to analysis. Another limitation was that the cases and controls were not age and sex matched. Yet, after adjusting for age and gender, the results remained significant. The strength of the study is that the children were recruited from four sites by pediatric gastroenterologists with extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of children with CD. Enrollment of study participants took place in or before 2012, for example, when intestinal biopsy was the gold standard for diagnosing CD, meaning that children with very high levels of IgA-tTG were also included in the cohort. Additionally, we had previously had all intestinal biopsies reviewed and histologically scored by a single pathologist blinded to clinical and serological data prior to analysis to reduce observational bias and the potential risk of mismatching classification of cases and controls between the sites.

The results of this study raise several questions. It is unclear whether downregulation of target genes is specific to CD or related to gut inflammation in general. The association between the region of the gene containing GLS and other autoimmune traits, many of which show an increased risk of metabolic disease, could suggest that downregulation of IGN may also be present in other inflammatory diseases. Thus, further studies of IGN in other diseases are warranted. Additionally, the study does not answer whether altered IGN is involved in the risk of developing the disease or whether it is a response to other disease-initiation mechanisms in CD. Furthermore, we did not explore whether changes in the microbiota could have an effect on gene expression or whether IGN expression is affected by body mass index and glucose levels. Moreover, while there is a significant correlation between the decrease in the expression of IGN genes and the degree of mucosal involvement, the study does not answer whether treatment with a gluten-free diet leading to wound healing of the intestinal mucosa restores the expression of genes involved in IGN. Furthermore, it might be interesting to explore whether these genes are negatively regulated in other diseases of the intestinal mucosa such as immunodeficiency disorders or autoimmune enteropathy.

Morimoto Asia opens up to hungry Napa Valley diners


NAPA, Calif. – Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto officially opened Morimoto Asia Napa on Sunday, November 6, bringing Far Eastern tastes and textures to the Napa region. The new restaurant is located at 790 Main Street in Napa, California.

Customers can experience a wide variety of Chef Morimoto’s favorite Asian flavors, as well as a diverse selection of beers, wines, whiskeys and sake. Dishes on the menu include hot and cold appetizers, salads, soups, dim sum, and signature entrees including Sichuan mapo tofu, orange chicken, and black peppercorn steak.

The drinks menu features signature cocktails, sake flights, wine, and draft beer. The 170-seat restaurant offers an intimate dining experience, with Chinese flavors showcased throughout the property.

The restaurant features elaborate designs by BLANK Design, with two 9-foot terracotta warriors and dragons wrapped around the dining room pillars, tea cabinets and touches of Asian door accents.

Morimoto Asia Napa is open for dinner every evening from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday. The restaurant will also soon offer a Dim Sum brunch. Reservations are suggested through OpenTable.

This restaurant is Chef Morimoto’s third restaurant in California, along with nearby Morimoto Napa and the recently opened Momosan Santana Row. Its first Morimoto Asia concept opened in Orlando, Florida. in 2015, followed by Waikiki in 2018.

Morimoto’s first cookbook, Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking (2007), won two IACP awards (in the “Chef’s and Restaurants” category and the “First Book: The Julia Child Award”) and was nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award.

About me: Hello, my name is Carlos Hernandez and I am a writer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I write the Carlos Eats blog (http://www.carloseats.com) and also contribute to several newspapers and magazines with food-related blogs and articles.

12 Perfect Horror Movies With One Glaring Flaw


No film is without sin.

Apologies for quoting Cinema Sins, this absolutely appalling YouTube channel made by people who know as much about film quality as Michael Bay knows about subtlety, but they understood one thing, one thing, absolutely fair: no film is without flaws. Not even the big ones.

In Citizen Kane, no one actually heard him say “Rosebud”. In The Godfather, it’s often very difficult to tell what Marlon Brando is saying. Seven Samurai and Goodfellas have their slow moments. 12 Angry Men is a bit dated in some ways. The Dark Knight has terrible one-liners. Every movie has flaws and that’s inevitable.

These following 12 horror movies are also great examples. They’re all completely and utterly fantastic, but all have huge, glaring flaws that really stick out like a sore thumb, especially on repeat viewing.

Do we love any of these horror classics any less? Definitely not, but nonetheless, it’s truly shocking to see such huge mistakes in what are otherwise such awesome horror films…

Final Destination is one of the best teen horror movies ever made. a brilliantly inventive and devilishly entertaining tour de force in goofy gore and Hitchcockian suspense that still holds true today, not least because it revolves around a group of victims you really care about.

The biggest issue with this, however, is definitely the acting. Although Devon Sawa gives a truly excellent performance as protagonist Alex and the film also has a terrific cameo from horror legend Tony Todd, many of the actors playing the other survivors hunted by death itself are quite weak. .

Ali Larter’s flat performance as Clear Rivers is the most shocking, as she co-leads, but in general most young actors’ acting leaves a lot to be desired and that’s the main blemish on what is otherwise an extremely fun viewing.

Unfortunately, while most of the sequels were also very good, they were all plagued by bad actors – even the surprisingly great fifth film – so it’s a problem the franchise has failed to address. Still, with the sixth movie (finally!) coming to HBO Max in the next few years, hopefully they can buck that trend.

15 Best Elden Ring Gifts for Christmas 2022


Rise, you tarnished, you dead people who have the uncontrollable urge to spend money on their loved ones. If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to play video games, there are few safer bets this year than something Ring of Elden Related. Arguably the biggest release of the entire year, and already a contender for one of the best games of the current generation, Elden Ring was nothing short of a pop culture juggernaut, which means that there’s also no shortage of Elden Ring gifts and trinkets you can buy this Christmas for yourself or a loved one.

1. Elden Ring – The Game

Ring of Elden

Just because Elden Ring is one of the biggest games of 2022 doesn’t mean the person you’re buying for automatically gets it.

If you’re buying for someone who loves Dark Souls or Bloodborne games, but hasn’t played Elden Ring yet, this is the perfect gift idea.

Just be sure to shop around a bit first, because even though the game launched earlier this year, it held its value extremely well.

2. Elden Ring Strategy Guide Volume 1

Elden Ring Strategy Guide
Elden Ring Strategy Guide

With a game as expansive as Elden Ring, it can be useful to have some sort of guide to refer to when getting started, so if you’ve already purchased Elden Ring for someone, or they haven’t yet started playing, the Elden Ring Official Strategy Guide is a great choice for a gift.

There are two volumes of the strategy guide, with the second set to launch in early 2023, but the first guide should be enough for most players, as it focuses much more on The Lands Between itself, the world players explore. at Elden. Ring.

3. 9 inch replica blades

Ring of Elden
Ring of Elden

One of the best parts of Elden Ring, and Soulslike games in general, is the brilliant array of weapons you can have at your disposal. Fortunately, you can even own these weapons in real life, as there is a wide selection of replica blades available online.

These replica blades are usually about nine inches long, making them perfect ornaments on a desk or shelf. If nothing else, the visual of a few small katanas next to a large katana you may already own makes these replica blades worth their worth.

4. Blaidd the Half Wolf Doll Pillow


Blaidd The Half Wolf is the undisputed best boy in all of Elden Ring, so it’s no surprise that there are collectibles dedicated to the big boy. There are a few collectibles that would be perfect for any big Blaidd fan, but we recommend the doll pillow, just because it looks so cute.

If you’ve ever wanted to snuggle up next to Blaidd, or if your significant other has expressed similar feelings, this is the perfect Elden Ring gift.

5. Dark Souls Trilogy

Dark Souls Trilogy
Dark Souls Trilogy

Due to the open-ended nature of Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest game has caught the attention of gamers who would have never even considered purchasing a Soulslike game.

If you’re buying for someone who got their Soulslike debut with Elden Ring, consider buying The Dark Souls Trilogy, which compiles the remastered version of Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, and Dark Souls 3 with all of its DLCs.

6. Elden Ring Message Keychain

Elden Ring Chains
Elden Ring Chains

We mentioned messages earlier, as they are an integral part of the identity of the Soulslike genre. These homemade keychains celebrate this aspect of Elden Ring gameplay, making them an ideal gift for any super fan.

Consider this a perfect gift for Secret Santa, if you know the person you’re buying from because they love playing Elden Ring. You can even add custom messages, just for that extra personal touch.

Buy Elden Ring Gifts from Etsy here.

7. Melania Canvas Poster

Melanie Canvas Print
Melanie Canvas Print

The worst part about beating a tough boss in a video game is that you can’t physically claim their head as a trophy.

Lucky for you, if you fancy having a constant reminder of one of the toughest fights in all of Soulslike history hanging on someone’s wall, this beautiful Melania poster is a brilliant gift idea.

8. Iron Fist Alexander Figurine

potty friend
potty friend

Nicknamed “Pot Friend” by the community, Iron Fist Alexander has become one of Elden Ring’s most popular iconic characters, so if you’re looking for one of the best Elden Ring gifts to buy for someone, something involving Alexander is always a good shout.

For example, this Warrior Jar statue will make a great desk ornament, especially if you want to make sure someone’s home office is guarded.

9. Ranni Plush Doll


The world of Elden Ring is quite dark, dark and eerie, but that doesn’t mean the game is immune to receiving a slew of cute merchandise. Case in point: this adorable Ranni plush doll based on one of the game’s main characters.

Depending on how you played the game, Ranni is an incredibly important character, so this could be a brilliant gift for many Elden Ring players.

10. Elden Ring Hanging Tapestry

Ring of Elden
Ring of Elden

Granted, a hanging tapestry isn’t the most practical gift you can give someone, but when Elden Ring has such beautiful views like the Erdtree, why wouldn’t you want something like this on a wall ?

If you have a friend who played Elden Ring and recently complained that their walls looked a little bare, this hanging tapestry of Limgrave, the game’s starting area, is undeniably cool. As far as Elden Ring gifts go, this tapestry is brilliant.

11. Nioh Collection

2 reviews
Nioh 2

Another Soulslike, the Nioh Collection would make a great gift for any Elden Ring fan, especially if Elden Ring was their first Soulslike title. The collection includes both Nioh games and all related DLC, and both titles will test players when it comes to difficulty.

Consider picking it up if the person you’re buying for started the game as a Samurai class and refuses to run anything other than a katana in their build.

12. Elden Ring Dog Poster


We couldn’t make an Elden Ring gift guide without mentioning “dog”, one of the biggest memes to come out of the game after “try the finger, but the hole”. Players would leave messages next to anything from crabs to turtles with just the word dog. Whatever it was, it’s “dog” now.

This poster commemorates the Elden Ring community’s commitment to constantly getting the turtle name wrong, making it one of the best Elden Ring gifts money can buy.

13. Elden Ring Duvet Set

Ring of Elden
Ring of Elden

For the tarnished who seeks to remain an orphan for all eternity.

14. Bloodborne

bloodborne hunter
transmitted by blood

The other main contender for the best Soulslike ever, Bloodborne is an utterly thrilling RPG adventure from start to finish, so if you’re looking to pick up a great gift for an Elden Ring fan, Bloodborne on PlayStation is a great one. bet.

Also, if you buy it, your purchased copy could be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to convincing Sony to port Bloodborne to PC, or announce a remaster/remake/sequel. Do your part.

15. Teepublic Shirts/Hoodies/Other Merchandise

Radahn Festival
1 credit

T-shirts and other forms of clothing are one of the easiest merch/gift ideas. If you are looking for something related to Elden Ring, the designs offered by Teepublic are the best of the best.

Granted, these aren’t official t-shirts, as they were designed by artists who submitted their work through Teepublic, but the results are still great. The shirts themselves are also of good quality, so if you’re set on gifting a t-shirt, this is your best bet.

Buy Elden Ring Gifts from Teepublic here.

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Prevalence, incidence and mortality of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy based on a cohort of 21.9 million people in China


In 2010, the overall prevalence of surviving HCM survival was 0.0069% (95% CI, 0.0065 to 0.0072%; NOT = 1343) with 0.0081% (95% CI, 0.0076 to 0.0087%; NOT= 824) in men and 0.0055% (95% CI, 0.0050–0.0059%, NOT= 519) in women (Supplementary Table II). In 2019, the overall prevalence of surviving HCM was up to 0.076% (95% CI, 0.074 to 0.077%; NOT= 16,616) with 0.094% (95% CI, 0.092 to 0.096%, NOT= 10,537) in men, 0.057% (95% CI, 0.055 to 0.058%, NOT= 6079) in the female population and the male/female ratio of 1.65:1 (Fig. 1). The prevalence of HCM subtypes is also shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1

Prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and its subtypes in 2019 overall, males and females. HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

From 2010 to 2019, a total of 17,085 newly diagnosed HCMs were identified from the current registry, with the incidence increasing from 6.85 (6.48-7.21) in 2010 to 11.76 (11.30- 12.21) in 2019 per 100,000 person-years (Table 1). Of these, the incidence of HCM increased with age overall and in the male and female population. The incidence of HCM increased with age with peak incidence in the 80-84 year age group after adjusting for sex using Poisson distribution analysis as shown in Fig. . 2. Age-specific incidence also increased with age in males (Fig. IA) and females (Supplementary Fig. IB). The IRR of males compared to females was 1.73 (95% CI: 1.68–1.79) based on Poisson distribution analysis after adjusting for age.

Table 1 Incidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Figure 2
Figure 2

Incidence (95% CI) of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with aging. HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The annual incidence of HCM subtypes is shown in Supplementary Table III. This showed a newly diagnosed apical HCM increasing from 0.46 (0.36, 0.55) to 1.17 (1.03, 1.31), an obstructive HCM of 2.22 (2.01, 2, 43) to 4.62 (4.34, 4.91) and a non-obstructive HCM of 1.25 (1.09, 1.41) to 1.95. (1.77, 2.14) and indefinite HCM from 2.92 (2.68, 3.16) to 4.01 (3.74, 4.27).

The ratio of incidence rates of HCM subtypes with aging has been shown in Fig. Supplementary II, which showed the highest IRR in the relatively older age group.

The IRR of males compared to females ranged from 1.29:1 to 2.40:1 after adjusting for age according to Poisson distribution analysis (Supplementary Table IV).

Temporal trends from 2010 to 2019

As shown in Table 2, upward trends were observed overall (AMPC = 5.8%, ppppp

Table 2 Temporal trends in the incidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

We calculated time trends by age category from 0 to 9 years old, 10 to 29 years old, 30 to 59 years old and (ge) 60 years and found that the AAPC showed increasing trends in the 10-59 age range. Increasing trends in HCM subtypes are shown in Supplementary Table V, which shows increasing trends in all HCM subtypes in the set.

Prediction of new HCM cases beyond 2019

Similar results were obtained using both Poisson and GM(1,1) regression analysis for modeling the prediction of new HCM cases beyond 2019 assuming that the incidence of HCM maintained the same upward trend. Figure 3 and Table 3 show a 2.19-fold increase (2029 incidence rate: 20.57, 95% CI: 20.44–21.56) in incident HCM cases by 2029 using Poisson regression analysis and a 2.48-fold (incidence rate in 2019: 24.78, 95% CI: 24.38 to 25.62) increase in 2029 using GMOs (1.1 ).

picture 3
picture 3

Projected modeling of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the coming decades. HCMhypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Table 3 Modeling predicts the number of hypertrophic cardiomyopathies over the next few decades.

Modeling projections of incident HCM case subtypes (including apical HCM, obstructive HCM, non-obstructive HCM, and undefined HCM) are shown in Fig. III Supplementary. and estimated predictive numbers of HCM case subtype incidence are shown in Supplementary Table VI. This showed a two to three times increase in HCM incidents by 2029 compared to 2019.

Mortality incidence in HCM

The percentages of deaths are depicted in Fig. Additional IV. Of 17,085 cases of HCM, 3.26% (NOT= 556) died during the study period. Overall mortality for HCM increased from 2.38% (NOT= 32) in 2010 to 3.38% (NOT= 87) in 2019. Mortality is stable each year (pNOT= 216) and last five years (3.32%, NOT= 340, p= 0.56). Men had lower mortality (2.70% versus 4.20%, pp= 0.25). We also found that 1.40% (NOT= 239) of HCM patients received an ICD in the past 10 years, and the implantation rate increased from 0.74% (NOT= 10) in 2010 to 1.32% (NOT= 34) in 2019, showing a general upward trend (p= 0.25). In our study, the mortality of patients fitted with an ICD was 3.35% (NOT= 8), while the mortality of patients without ICD implantation was 3.25% (NOT= 548), which did not show statistical significance (p= 0.85) (Supplementary Table VIII).

Few people in the Bay Area have ever seen a live sumo match. This is your chance.



Ahead of the Golden State Warriors match in Japan several weeks ago, Dubs VIP Steph Curry (weight: 185 lbs) attempted to take on legendary sumo wrestler Hakuhō Shō (weight: 330 lbs) in a media stunt of good mood.

Needless to say, the best three-point shooter in the world failed to move his opponent.

Sumo, the Japanese full-contact sport in which competitors try to push their opponents out of a circle or have any part of their body touch the ground (apart from the soles of their feet), is without arguably one of the most famous elements of Japanese culture. . The tall competitors wearing buns and their wooden sandals are instantly recognizable, but many Americans have never attended a game.

That will change to three nights this month when the Sushi + Sumo Tour takes place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco (Thursday-Saturday, November 17-19). With 12 live games, Q&A sessions and an optional sushi extra – a bento box, essentially – attendees will get an up-close look at the sport’s history and elaborate hierarchy.

Sumo has been practiced in Japan for 1,500 years. | Photo by Keegan Attlee
The sport has a rigid hierarchy, with six divisions each with a fixed number of wrestlers. | Photo by Suzi Pratt

Events of this nature could easily fall prey to insane exoticism, but Sushi + Sumo is hosted by Konishiki, a retired sumo wrestler and the first competitor of non-Japanese descent to reach the sport’s second tier. At one point weighing over 600 pounds, the Honolulu native was also the heaviest recorded wrestler in sumo history.

See also

The sport’s venerable image has been tarnished by scandals in recent years. Women continue to be barred from competing or even touching the ring, it has been linked to organized crime and its brutal hazing rituals have resulted in the death of at least one novice. However, sumo – which translates to “hitting each other” – remains Japan’s national sport, which has been practiced for a millennium and a half.

November 17-19 | $75-$275
Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon Street.


The influence of bone marrow edema for the assessment of necrotic lesion boundaries in patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head


This study was approved by our institutional review board. It was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. Written informed consent was obtained from all patients prior to the study. MRI was performed on 828 hips in 588 patients with ONFH between January 2005 and February 2016. Among them, we retrospectively reviewed 72 consecutive hips in 55 patients who underwent CE MR imaging examination for the reason that it was difficult to assess the limit of necrosis. lesion due to EMB after subchondral collapse (ARCO stage III or higher, Fig. 1) or it was difficult to differentiate ONFH from subchondral insufficiency femoral head fracture or transient osteoporosis of the hip, by MRI without injection19.

Figure 1

Diagrams showing the 2019 revised systems of the Association Research Circulation Osseous (ARCO) and the Japanese Investigation Committee (JIC). ARCO stage I, low intensity T1 band on MRI imaging with no specific findings on standard radiographs; Stage II, delineating sclerosis without collapse on standard radiographs; Stage IIIA, collapse less than or equal to 2 mm; stage IIIB, collapse greater than 2 mm; Stage IV, osteoarthritic changes. In this study, 55 hips are classified as stage IIIA and 17 hips as stage IIIB. JIC type A, the necrotic zone occupies the middle third or less of the weight-bearing part; Type B, middle two-thirds or less; Type C1, more than two-thirds but not extending to acetabular rim; Type C2, more than two-thirds and extending to the acetabular rim. In this study, 55 hips are classified as stage IIIA and 17 hips as stage IIIB, and 4 hips are type B, 30 hips are type C1 and 38 hips are type C2.

Thirty-two hips were treated by transtrochanteric anterior rotation osteotomy, 2 hips by transtrochanteric posterior rotation osteotomy, 10 hips by transtrochanteric curved varus osteotomy and 26 hips by prosthetic replacement. Two hips were observed continuously without surgical treatment. Three of 44 (6.8%) cases treated with joint-sparing procedures underwent prosthetic replacement due to osteoarthritic change after osteotomy (2, 4, and 4 years, respectively). One case (2.2%) underwent prosthetic replacement due to pseudarthrosis at the osteotomy site caused by deep infection after surgery. The survival rate was 91.0% (criteria: prosthetic replacement), with an average of 9.1 years after osteotomies (range, 5 to 15 years). The ONFH stage (ARCO classification revised 2019) and the location of the affected lesion (Japanese Investigation Committee (JIC) classification) are shown in Fig. 116.20. A delimiting sclerosis was present on 51 hips (70.8%) on the AP or lateral radiograph21.

MRI images were obtained with a 1.5 T MRI unit (Achieva 1.5 T; Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands) in 52 hips and a 3.0 T MRI unit (Achieva 3.0 T; Philips Healthcare , Best, Netherlands) in 20 hips . After obtaining T1-weighted, fat-saturated (FS) T2 spin-echo images (coronal only) (repetition time/echo time[TR/TE]= 400–540/10–18ms, FST2; 3000–4709/80–100), CET1-weighted images with fat saturation (TR/TE = 620–700/10–18) were obtained by administering 0.2 ml/kg gadopentetate dimeglumine (Magnevist; Bayer Pharma , Berlin, Germany). All sequences had a slice thickness of 5 mm with a gap between slices of 1 mm and a field of view of 360 × 360 mm. The duration of the MRI imaging examination was 30 to 40 min. T1-, FST2-, and CET1-weighted images were available in 68 of 72 hips (94.4%) in the coronal plane, and unenhanced, CET1-weighted images were available in 67 of 72 hips (93.1%) in the coronal plane. oblique-axial plane. plane (parallel to the axis of the femoral neck) (Fig. 2). According to medical records, the mean time from onset of hip pain to MRI examination was 4.7 months (range: 0.5 to 19 months).

Figure 2
Figure 2

Flowchart demonstrating image selection from the coronal and oblique-axial planes of MRI. * Osteonecrosis of the femoral head, Gadolinium, Fat-saturation.

In the coronal plane, necrotic lesion boundaries were assessed by medio-lateral necrotic angles using T1-weighted and FST2-weighted MR images on midline coronal slice, and were compared with those of CET1-weighted MR images. (Fig. 3). In the oblique axial plane, necrotic lesion boundaries were assessed by AP necrotic angles using T1-weighted MRI images on a midline oblique-axial slice and compared with those of CET1-weighted MRI images ( Fig. 3). When the necrotic angles between the T1- or FST2- and CET1-weighted images differed by more than 10°, the case was defined as a difference group (Fig. 3). Degrees of BME extension (BME grade) were classified as grade I (into the femoral head), grade II (beyond the femoral head but into the femoral neck), and grade III (beyond the femoral neck ) using all slices of T1, FST2 and CET1 on the coronal and oblique axial planes (Fig. 4). Assessments were made by two observers (SI and TU), who are orthopedic surgeons and have extensive experience in diagnostic imaging. To assess the intra- and inter-observer reproducibility of boundary assessments between necrotic and live bone comparison between unenhanced and CET1 images, and BME grade assessments, the reliability of the measurements was assessed using statistics. kappa. A kappa value of 0.21 to 0.4 indicates fair agreement; 0.41–0.6, moderate agreement; and 0.61–0.8, substantial agreement. A value > 0.81 is considered nearly perfect22.

picture 3
picture 3

Method for evaluating the limit of the necrotic lesion. (a) The medial and lateral limits of the necrotic lesion are assessed on the two non-enhanced median coronal T1s (arrows), saturated fat (FS) T2 (arrows) and contrast-enhanced (CE) T1 images (arrows). When the difference of more than 10° between the angles α, β and γ is observed, the case is classified as difference group. In this example, the angles α, β and γ are respectively 118°, 97° and 98°. Therefore, this case is classified as T1 coronal image difference group and FST2 coronal image no difference group. (b) The anterior and posterior limits of the necrotic lesion are assessed on both the unenhanced mid-oblique-axial T1 (arrows) and CET1 images (arrows). When the difference of more than 10° between the angles δ and ε is observed, the case is classified as a difference group. In this example, the angles γ and δ are 129° and 115° respectively. Therefore, this case is classified in the difference group.

Figure 4
number 4

Method for evaluating the degree of extension of the BME. category I; The BME is limited to the femoral head. Class II; The BME exceeds the femoral head but remains in the femoral neck. Class III; The BME goes beyond the femoral neck to reach the trochanteric region.

After comparing the necrotic lesion boundaries between the non-enhanced and CE MR images, all hips were divided according to the differences between the two images. Statistical analyzes were performed using the chi-square test or Fisher’s exact probability to compare gender, history of steroid or alcohol use, stage, type, and presence of delimiting radiological sclerosis between the two groups. Age, BMI and time since the start of the MRI examination were compared between the two groups using the you-test. The BME grade between the two groups and the relationship between the time since the start of the MR imaging examination and the BME grade were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney scale you test and the Wilcoxon signed rank test, respectively. Multivariate analysis was performed to identify parameters associated with differences in necrotic lesion boundaries between CE and unenhanced MRI images using stepwise logistic regression with variable selection (P Pvalues ​​

Ethical approval and consent to participate

This retrospective study was approved by the Kyushu University Institutional Review Board for Clinical Research (NO. 2019-584). Written informed consent was obtained from all patients prior to the study.

This “Red Dead Redemption” side quest helps clarify what’s going on at…Starbucks?


“Starbucks” and “Red Dead Redemptionare two names that aren’t conventionally associated – on the outside, the ultra-hip cafe chain and third-person action-adventure game aren’t exactly two peas in a pod. But, thanks to the recent unrest around unionization at Starbucks and a red death side quest based on historical truth, the two now share an unlikely (but ironic) connection – the Pinkertons.

Wait what? If you are a fan of Red Dead Redemption games, the name “Pinkerton” might tell you something – it’s a gang of gaming antagonists who are often hot on the heels of Dutch’s gang. In red death, the Pinkertons are hired after one of Leviticus Cornwall’s trains is robbed. What some fans may not know, however, is that the Pinkertons are based on an actual detective agency that, like the bounty hunters for hire in the game, took money from the government to investigate. on conspiracies and serve as security.

Alright, the Pinkertons in red death were based on an actual detective agency in the old west. What’s the deal with Starbucks? It may surprise some people to learn that the Pinkerton Agency is still alive and well. Their agency persevered over the years, and they even sent Rockstar Games a cease and desist notice (and later a full lawsuit) about their representation in the red death Games. While thankfully their lawsuits didn’t hold water (Rockstar even fought back with their own lawsuit after the initial brawl), the Pinkerton agency is no stranger to stirring up trouble both in and out of the game, Lo and behold, the latest company to keep Pinkerton on their payroll is, of course, Starbucks.

Just as the former billionaires hired the Pinkerton agency in-game to take on Dutch’s gang, Starbucks hired the current Pinkerton agency to, you guessed it, help break up the unions. Starbucks stores seeking to unionize isn’t a new problem, but over the past few years the conversation around which partners are allowed to join a union has escalated dramatically, so much so that Starbucks apparently felt the need to to hire former Pinkerton employee/CIA agent Amanda Stanfill to help them with their ongoing conflicts with unionization.

In the past year in particular, Starbucks has come under frequent and continued criticism for its anti-union policies and underhanded tactics when it comes to partners hoping to unionize — and for many, hiring workers. a former Pinkerton agency employee (literally a moustache-twirling old west villain) is just the latest in a series of corporate antics aimed at undermining employees.

Although the legal battle between the Starbucks company and Starbucks partners over unionization is a complicated, multi-faceted issue with many elements to explore, Pinkertons’ representation in Red Dead Redemption may help give viewers a better idea of ​​why a Pinkerton employee hired by Starbucks in the midst of a union bust ruffled some feathers.

(image via Rockstar Games)

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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics releases new guideline for responsible distribution of online news

Roundtable invites public input on new recommendations to better support democracy

Starting with an ethical foundation for news distribution, especially for democracies, is as critical as evolving content moderation policies for user-generated content.

— Subbu Vincent, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

SANTA CLARA, CALIF., U.S., Nov. 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and its Journalism and Media Ethics Program announced the development of a set of principles that news platforms (social media and internet research companies that distribute news) can adopt to exercise ethical news distribution practices online.

The document is a set of recommendations from a cross-functional meeting of leaders from technology, journalism and academia, whose common interest is that the creation of information and its distribution must better serve democracy. The series of four roundtables took place between the summer of ’21 and ’22.

After defining the problem, defining key terminology and following an applied ethical approach, the group’s recommendations focused on the concept that news platforms and aggregators make their distribution mechanisms more transparent. The Markkula Center is seeking public comment on the recommendations until December. They can be viewed and commented on: https://bit.ly/NewsDistributionEthics

“Platforms that distribute news and information rarely collaborate, but they may hold the key to managing misinformation through social media,” said Don Heider, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

“News is a public good, both for citizens and for communities around the world,” said Subramaniam Vincent, director of journalism and media ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. “As social networks, search and news aggregation platforms distribute information – sometimes personalized or influenced by the user’s network – the distribution of information carries and shapes public discourse and, therefore, has an impact on democracy.”

“The ability to disseminate content widely through social media has led to increased misinformation and polarization,” said Cheryl Thompson-Morton, director of the Black Media Initiative, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. “I hope this work leads to Black and community news outlets being more visible on platforms to protect our communities from misinformation.”

“Journalists, technologists, and platforms must work together to create information delivery systems that enable self-determination, that don’t harm our communities, and that enable the kinds of conversations essential to democracies,” said Connie Moon. Sehat, Hacks/General Hacker Researcher and Director, News Quality Initiative.

Vincent noted that content moderation receives considerable attention in the media, but news distribution happens every second. “Starting with an ethical foundation for news distribution, especially for democracies, is as critical as evolving content moderation policies for user-generated content,” Vincent added.

Transparency will help establish an oversight and accountability mechanism for responsible distribution of information. “Ultimately, monitoring will benefit everyday news consumers, as it potentially means less misinformation in the news, less stoked controversies that eat up airtime, and more clarity on sensitive topics,” said Vincent said.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics thanks Craig Newmark Philanthropies for supporting this project.

About the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Founded in 1986 with a seed grant and initial endowment from Linda and A.C. “Mike” Markkula Jr., Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics brings the traditions of ethical thought to real-world issues. Beyond a full range of programs for the SCU community, the Center also serves professionals in fields ranging from business to healthcare, government to the social sector, offering innovative approaches to issues ranging from fake news to Protection of private life. Through its website and international collaborations, the Center brings ethical decision-making resources to a global audience. For more information, please visit: https://www.scu.edu/ethics/.

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New Executive Director Appointed for Southern Idaho Tourism


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Tourism in southern Idaho will have new leadership to promote the Magic Valley. The non-profit organization has announced that it has chosen Sarah Rohrbach to take over as executive director when Melissa Barry steps down. Rohrbach started with Southern Idaho Tourism in 2018 working with social media, writing for visistsouthidaho.com and capturing the region’s beauty on camera. “Sarah’s ability to compellingly showcase Southern Idaho will continue to grow the region economically and through recreational development,” said Daniel Olmstead, Chairman of the Board of Southern Idaho Tourism. “We look forward to seeing where his talents and abilities will take the organization and the region.” Rohrbach ran a side business called Earth to Sarah Media that was instrumental in the success of Southern Idaho Tourism, according to outgoing director Barry, “Sarah has a keen eye, an excellent understanding of tourism and recreation, and is a Fantastic choice for Southern Idaho Tourism. There are great things in store for Magic Valley.” Rohrbach is currently in training to take over the position.

Sarah Rohrbach

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (November 1, 2022) – The Southern Idaho Tourism Board of Directors has hired Sarah Rohrbach to succeed Melissa Barry as Executive Director. Rohrbach, a Twin Falls resident, joined the Southern Idaho Tourism team in 2018, leading social media content strategy, writing articles for the website, and photographing southern Idaho’s landmarks and landscapes. Idaho. Southern Idaho Tourism Board Chairman Daniel Olmstead said he is excited about the transition and the future of the organization.

WATCH: What 25 historic battlefields look like today

What follows is an examination of what happened to the sites where America fought its most important and often brutal war campaigns. Using a variety of sources, Stacker selected 25 historically significant battlefields in American history. For each, Stacker investigated what happened there when the battles raged as well as what happened to those sacred lands when the fighting ceased.

It was the battlefields that defined the course of the American military, from colonial rebels to an invincible global war machine.

Akira Kurosawa – Martin Cid Magazine

Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa (Kyūjitai: 黒澤明, Shinjitai: 黒沢明 Kurosawa Akira; March 23, 1910 – September 6, 1998) was a Japanese director, producer, screenwriter and editor. Considered one of the most important and influential filmmakers in film history, Kurosawa directed 30 films over a career spanning 57 years. Kurosawa entered the Japanese film industry in 1936, after a brief stint as a painter. After working for years on numerous films as an assistant director and screenwriter, he made his directorial debut in 1943, during World War II, with the popular action film Sanshiro Sugata (aka Judo Saga). . After the war, the critically acclaimed Drunken Angel (1948), in which Kurosawa played then-unknown actor Toshirō Mifune in a lead role, cemented the director’s reputation as one of Japan’s most important young filmmakers. The two men will then collaborate on 15 other films. Rashomon, which premiered in Tokyo in August 1950, and which also starred Mifune, became the surprise winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival on September 10, 1951 and was later released in Europe and the United States. North America. The commercial and critical success of this film opened Western film markets for the first time to products from the Japanese film industry, which in turn led to international recognition by other Japanese film artists. Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Kurosawa made about one film a year, including a number of highly regarded films such as Ikiru (1952), Seven Samurai (1954), and Yojimbo (1961). After the mid-1960s he became much less prolific, but his later works – including his last two epics, Kagemusha (1980) and Ran (1985) – continued to win awards, including the Palme d’Or for Kagemusha, although more often. overseas than in Japan. In 1990, he accepted the Oscar for his entire career. Posthumously, he was named “Asian of the Century” in the “Arts, Literature and Culture” category by AsianWeek magazine and CNN, cited as “one of the [five] people who have contributed the most to the betterment of Asia over the past 100 years”. Description above taken from Wikipedia article Akira Kurosawa, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors at Wikipedia


“People today have forgotten that they are truly part of nature. Yet they destroy the nature on which our lives depend. They always think they can improve something. Especially scientists. They may be smart, but most don’t understand the heart of nature. They only invent things that, in the end, make people unhappy. Yet they are so proud of their inventions. Worse still, most people are too. They regard them as miracles. They worship them. They don’t know it, but they lose nature. They do not see that they are going to perish. The most important things for human beings are clean air and clean water.

Akira Kurosawa

“No matter where I go in the world, even if I don’t speak any foreign language, I don’t feel out of place. I consider the earth as my home. If everyone thought that way, people might notice how stupid international friction is and they would put an end to it.

Akira Kurosawa, Something like an autobiography

best known movies

Image of seven samurai

Seven Samurai

Picture Rashomon


Picture Yojimbo


Current picture


Personal informations

Date of death: 1998-09-06

Date of birth: 03/23/1910

Place of birth: Shinagawa, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Brown scores 24, Beal struggles as Celtics roll 112-94


BOSTON (AP) — Jaylen Brown scored 24 points and the Boston Celtics capitalized on Bradley Beal’s cold shot, routing the Washington Wizards 112-94 on Sunday night.

Jayson Tatum had 23 points, including five 3-pointers, and Malcolm Brogdon added 21 points off the bench to help Boston avoid its third straight loss.

The Celtics connected on 21 3-pointers on the night and had 29 assists on 36 field goals.

Kristaps Porzingis scored 17 points for the Wizards, who have lost three of their last four.

Beal missed his first 11 shots and went scoreless until the third quarter before finishing with 12 points and eight assists.

With Beal struggling, Boston led by no less than 24 points in the first 24 minutes. Washington’s starting lineup managed to connect on just 11 of its 32 field goal attempts in the half.

Beal’s first points came from the free throw line with 2:29 left in the quarter. He didn’t score from the field until he dropped a 17-foot throwback a few possessions later.

It also didn’t help that Sunday was Washington’s second game without one of its most pesky defenders in point guard Delon Wright, who could be sidelined for up to two months with a problem. to the hamstrings.


Wizards: The last time Beal was held scoreless in the first half of a game was in 2018 against the Warriors. … Led 51-27 in the second quarter before closing the half on a 20-7 run. … Facing at least 15-point first-quarter deficits in consecutive games.

Celtics: Grant Williams had 10 points, four rebounds and a block in his opener after serving a one-game suspension for shoving a referee. …Leaded 34-15 at the end of the first quarter. … Took a 21-8 lead, Tatum and Brown taking the team’s first 12 shots and combining for 27 points in the period.


Wizards: Host Philadelphia on Monday.

Celtics: at Cleveland on Wednesday.


More AP NBA: https://apnews.com/hub/NBA and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

Raymond Blanc: “Prince Charles said to me: ‘You are right. Your garden is better than mine”


Tell us more about landscaping…

There are 11 gardens, each with a different story to tell. The main garden surrounding the hotel is filled with a variety of herbaceous plants — many of which are fragrant — with whites, blues, and mauves, which enhance the calm atmosphere. There are 1.5 acres of hand-dug organic vegetable gardens growing 260 varieties of vegetables and an herb garden – inspired by my grandmother’s love for medicinal herbs – with 29 varieties, many of which have medicinal uses such as English mace, yarrow and viola and there is a heritage orchard with 800 apple, pear and ornamental trees.

The remaining 5.5 acres, including a peaceful wildflower garden designed by Chris Beardshaw, are ornamental gardens. I redesigned the 15th century water garden in 2011, including a 75 meter deep borehole, which irrigates the gardens. Aided by designer Robert Ketchell, we created the elegant Japanese tea garden, incorporating an existing large oak and sycamore tree and added a serene tea house pavilion. We also produce 38 varieties of Asian vegetables in the Asian garden, including lemongrass, achocha and yacon.

How many people created the garden and how was it when you arrived?

When we arrived there were only three of us and the very first gardener here was Papa, who came for three months to clean up the mess. It was time for revenge. I had never been afraid of a garden but the garden scared me. It was full of elderberries and rabbits everywhere. It was a jungle – a mess like you’ve never seen – but I loved the topography of the land and how contained it was, and I knew how much potential it had. I was only 35 and full of energy so I completely fell in love with it.

Do you have a favorite spot in the garden?

I love the Japanese garden. When I have too many things on my mind or feel overwhelmed, I enter the tea house. No one can see me and I find total tranquility. I also have a ritual where I take a little walk in the vegetable garden around 7:30. It’s a canvas for my gastronomy – I might pull a little on the vegetables as I walk around.

10 Best Animated Fantasy Shows To Stream Now


With shows like Dragon House and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Continuing the success of their respective franchises and the fantasy genre as a whole, fans are now eager to get their fix wherever they can find it. The fantasy genre is incredibly versatile, thanks to the fact that it’s inherently imaginatively rewarding and can be combined with other genres.

And while the live action space always attracts mainstream attention, audiences can find great shows to stream in the bustling space. The tastes of Castlevania sure to satisfy fans of dark fantasy, and there are plenty star wars content for those who like a mix of sci-fi with their fantasy.


Castlevania (2017-2021)

Stream on Netflix

Maybe the first major small-screen video game adaptationPowerhouse Studios’ Castlevania visually dripping with lively gothic whimsy and impeccable style. The series draws heavily from the anime stylistically, creating a serialized television take on Konami’s video game franchise legacy. Castlevania opens with this fictionalized version of Europe plunged into darkness as Dracula is determined to avenge the collective moral corruption of mankind murdering his wife.

It then follows Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard as an unlikely team to stop the vampire lord’s genocide. The Netflix exclusive wowed audiences with its memorable writing, art direction, animation, and voice acting performances. A sequel to the series, titled Castlevania: Nocturneis currently in development.

Arcane (2021-)

Stream on Netflix

Whereas Castlevania is partly credited pushing animation forward at Netflixthe streamer’s most recently acclaimed effort is Esoteric. The series is another video game adaptation, this time from Riot Games. League of Legends MOBA. Esoteric was critically acclaimed, largely for its compelling CG animation and art style, as well as the deeply layered characters along with their respective story arcs.

This world mixes elements of steampunk sci-fi with fantasy, while mostly following the emotional and heartbreaking story of sisters Vi and Jinx. But even outside of Hailee Steinfeld’s role as Vi, the show’s cast was filled with powerful performances.

The Legend of Vox Machina (2022-)

Stream on Prime Video

On a lighter, but no less engaging note, the Prime Video exclusive The Legend of Vox Machina series is more than worth investing in. Based on Dungeons & Dragons and one of the campaigns that the critical role broadcast web series, The Legend of Vox Machina is a surprisingly effective blend of high fantasy, comedy, drama and modern wit.

It follows the titular group of mercenaries as they tackle increasingly difficult tasks to make ends meet. VoxMachine was well-received for that aforementioned balance of comedy and fantasy, as well as telling some truly intimate character-driven stories about the band members.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)

Stream on Netflix

One of the earliest examples of anime’s influence in Western pop culture, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most beloved and enduring anime shows, even 14 years after the series finale. It’s an inventive story and world inspired by Eastern fantasy, combining Chinese martial arts with other Asian cultures. Revolving around Aang, the last of his kind, he joins Katara and Sokka in suppressing the Fire Nation’s attempts at war with the other nations of the world.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was an icon of his time, praised for the way he tackled poignant themes of anti-war sentiment, social prejudice and the dangers of imperialist practices while maintaining an upbeat sense of adventure, compelling character dramas and the action.

The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)

Stream on Netflix

While it may not have reached the same heights as its predecessor, The Legend of Korra nevertheless received strong critical acclaim. This sequel series is set farther in the future, following new protagonist Korra – Aang’s successor from generations past – as she embarks on various quests to deal with the turmoil facing the country. to cultural and technological change. world.

As The last air Master, The Legend of Korra was also acclaimed for its skillful nuance. It also cleverly explored themes of social unrest, terrorism, and even spotlighted LGBTQ+ representation.

Primal (2019-)

Stream on HBO Max

Creator Genndy Tartatovsky’s (from star wars and samurai jack celebrity), Primitive is a gripping and brutal prehistoric tale. However, what makes Primitive particularly creative is its expert combination of horror, fantasy, and an anachronistic take on prehistory by throwing dinosaurs, Homo sapiens, and other prehistoric hominids into the same world.

The first two seasons were dubbed spear and fang storyline and centers on a Neanderthal named Spear with his companion T. Rex as they struggle to survive in an unforgiving world. Primitive received massive praise at the start of its third season, and it’s one of the most ingenious animated fantasy series available.

Samurai Jack (2001-2017)

Stream on HBO Max

Genndy Tartatovsky’s dark atmosphere and minimalist art style are instantly recognizable, and perhaps his most iconic work is with samurai jack. A standout anime series from the 2000s, the series revolves around the sprawling battle between the titular samurai prince and the towering demon lord Aku who has conquered his kingdom.

As Primitive after that, samurai jack has a unique Tartatovsky take on its historical premise, combining elements of Eastern fantasy and mysticism with science fiction, as it sees Jack travel through time to find a way to defeat Aku. Its acclaim went in large part to its mature tone and wild fusion of artistic directions that push the animation format to its limit.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2020)

Stream on Disney+

For star wars fans, Dave Filoni has delivered some of the franchise’s best content in animated form. The Clone Wars premiered in 2008 to help fill in the gaps left by the prequel trilogy, introducing a host of new (and now beloved) characters like Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

And after spending six years in limbo following the Season 6 finale, Disney+ has revived the show for one final season, culminating in a climactic overlap with Revenge of the Sith. The series has long been regarded by fans as one of the best star wars shows ever released, as well as some of the best storytelling in the franchise as a whole.

Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018)

Stream on Disney+

The fantastic world of science fiction star wars goes back to entertainment with Filoni’s rebels. This sequel to the series is set more than 10 years after the events of The Clone Wars and, by extension, Revenge of the Sith and brings back fan favorites like Ahsoka, alongside a new main cast of characters.

Additionally, portrayals of characters from the original trilogy also make appearances. A little like The Clone Wars before that, rebels was well received to pay homage and gracefully expand on the vast mythology of the star wars the universe, completing the plots and settling the details began in the movies.

The Dragon Prince (2018-)

Stream now on Netflix

The Dragon Prince is another of the most beloved original series in Netflix’s animated catalog. This fantasy epic tells the tale of two brothers and a moon shadow elf as they raise the baby dragon Prince Azymondias, while embarking on the greater quest to help end a conflict of thousand years between humans and the kingdom of mystical creatures of Xadia. .

It’s a vibrant high-fantasy original story, with The Dragon Prince gaining well-deserved audiences and overall critical acclaim for its animation, storytelling, and voice acting performances. Likewise, the series has been particularly praised for delving into themes of social diversity and humanity’s relationship with the surrounding environment.

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‘Minimum ethical and legal standards’ advocated for UK facial recognition


A Cambridge University report says all UK law enforcement should be required to use a new audit to ensure responsible use of biometric recognition. A researcher from the school applied the check to three police departments to see what would happen. All three failed.

Among other policy recommendations made in the 151-page document, police use of facial recognition in public spaces should be banned.

The finding applies to all types of facial biometrics for identification, including live, retrospective and mobile phone applications, according to author Evani Radiya-Dixit, who studies facial recognition policymaking.

Radiya-Dixit, a visiting researcher at the university’s Minderoo Center for Technology and Democracy, tested her audit on three police facial recognition deployments in England and Wales.

These were the South Wales Police operational biometric trial deployments between 2017 and 2019 (which were ultimately ruled unlawful by the UK Court of Appeal), the live facial recognition trial of the Metropolitan Police Service between 2016 and 2019 and the South Wales Police mobile phone trial. facial recognition between 2021 and 2022.

“We found that all three deployments did not meet the (proposed) minimum ethical and legal standards for the governance of facial recognition technology,” the report said.

They did not comply because the lawsuits were “very broad in scope” and may have “infringed the right to privacy”. And the facial biometrics systems deployed on those occasions “have not been transparently assessed for bias in the technology or discrimination in its use.”

The deployments did not guarantee the presence of a reliable human in the decision-making loop. There were also no clear redress measures for those harmed by the use of facial recognition, according to the article.

Finally, the research indicated that these deployments lacked regular oversight by an independent ethics committee and the public.

“For example, the ethics body overseeing the South Wales Police trials did not have independent human rights or data protection experts, based on available meeting notes. Nor did South Wales Police consult the public or civil society for comment ahead of their trials,” the document read.

There “have been improvements in the way the police use facial recognition, but there is still work to be done”.

The author makes three recommendations to protect people against algorithm errors and abuse.

The first calls on regulators, civil society groups and researchers to use the proposed audit to examine police use of facial recognition. They should also assess the use of biometric technologies used in other contexts and regions. The third recommendation calls for a ban on police use of facial recognition in public spaces.

“To protect human rights and improve accountability in the use of technology, we need to ask ourselves what values ​​we want to embed in technology and also move from high-level values ​​and principles to practice,” concludes the report.

It comes days after the Scottish Biometrics Commissioner published his first report saying Parliament should have confidence in the way biometric technologies are used for policing and criminal justice purposes in that country.

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biometric identification | biometrics | ethics | facial recognition | law enforcement | font | regulation | monitoring | UK

By whom were they trained?


The era of the New Generation in WWE is one of the weirdest eras in wrestling. The old guard of Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage and the Million Dollar Man were being phased out in favor of young talent. Age wasn’t the only factor in this change of direction, the steroid trial forced WWE to push some of the smaller guys to show that their bodies weren’t that important to their success. Many of the wrestlers brought in to fill the void left by the starting bodybuilder types came with a work-related gimmick, causing a real disconnect with the fans. Would Kane have had the Hall of Fame career he pursued as a wrestling dentist?

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As strange as the time spent in front of the camera is, the way people get into the business is also changing drastically. It used to be that to get into the business you had to know someone or have a presence about you that made wrestlers notice you. Business icons such as Sting, Road Warriors and Big Show were all brought into the wrestling fold because they were seen doing security or training. Wrestling schools had just started popping up across America in the late 80s and early 90s, meaning anyone could train to be a wrestler. A number of notable wrestlers of this era trained at these schools before coming of age.


11/11 Kama: Trained by Larry Sharpe

Kama, who would go on to have a HoF career as Godfather, was Charles Wright’s second WWE gimmick, after appearing as Papa Shango. Kama was a character who was a UFC-like fighter who wore a large gold chain made from The Undertaker’s melted urn.

Kama was trained by Larry Sharpe at the Monster Factory. The Monster Factory is considered the first legitimate wrestling school open to the public in America and has seen big names learn their craft under the watchful eye of Larry Sharpe.

10/11 Flash Funk: formed by the New Japan Dojo

Better known as 2 Cold Scorpio, Flash Funk was a ’70s pimp-style gimmick, complete with bright colors, knee-high boots and huge collars. Flash Funk would dance to the ring, accompanied by a few of his funkettes.

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Flash Funk is a graduate of the famous New Japan Dojo, a wrestling training program steeped in the honor and tradition of Japanese culture, where young lions are taught that respect is as important as wrestling lessons.

September 11th Jean Pierre LaFitte: trained by Édouard Carpentier

After retiring former partner-turned-enemy Jacques Rougeau, Jean Pierre was renamed a descendant of a famous pirate, even struggling in an eye patch. He had great matches with Bret Hart and was in a strong position on the card until he fell to the Kliq.

He pursued a respectable freelance career until 2016, when he reinvented himself as the French-Canadian Frankenstein PCO, where his career enjoyed a belated resurgence. Pierre was trained by French-Canadian wrestler Édouard Carpentier, the man who was responsible for bringing Andre The Giant to North America.

8/11 Waylon Mercy: Trained by Dusty Rhodes

Waylon Mercy was an early runner in cult leader Bray Wyatt’s gimmick, but unfortunately for Dan Spivey, it never quite worked out for him. Spivey was scouted by American Dream Dusty Rhodes in Tampa due to his height and Dream began training him, booking him as part of the Skyscrapers, where he first teamed with Sid Vicious and then a very young Undertaker.

Spivey spent most of his time on tag teams until his WWE run as Waylon Mercy, his lack of experience as a singles wrestler was one of the factors Mercy didn’t stand in. didn’t connect with the fans.

7/11 Razor Ramon: Trained by Hiro Matsuda

For every mismatched gimmick the new generation pushed on its fanbase, the occasional perfect gimmick for the wrestler would pass. For example, Razor Ramon, an Al Pacino Scarface-inspired character who just “oozed machismo.”

Under his real name, Scott Hall, Razor will form the New World Order, alongside his best friend Kevin Nash and icon Hulk Hogan. The NWO isn’t the only bond Hall and Hogan share, both men were trained by the same man, a highly respected Japanese wrestler and trainer, Hiro Matsuda.

6/11 British Bulldog: Trained by Ted Betley / Hart Dungeon

British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith started a singles run after the British Bulldogs team broke up with Dynamite Kid. Known as a good worker and a prankster he married into the Hart family, this relationship played into the high point of his career when he beat his brother-in-law, Bret Hart, in front of a sold-out Wembley Stadium in his country of origin.

Davey Boy, like his cousin and former tag partner, was first trained by British wrestling legend Ted Betley, before moving to Canada where they graduated from the infamous Hart Dungeon.

5/11 1-2-3 Kid: Trained by Boris Malenko

The 1-2-3 Kid, Sean Waltman, earned the name after pinning Razor Ramon in a shock Monday Night Raw result and became a trendsetter for smaller wrestlers. Best known for his time in DX as X-Pac, Kid was often used to wrestle WWE talent that creativity wanted to push, using him to educate people WWE style.

Kid got his start in professional wrestling by showing up at shows, offering to work as part of ringside crew for free until Boris Malenko, father of Dean Malenko, agreed to train him. Under Malenko, Waltman would be tutored by legends like Karl Gotch and coach of champions Eddie Sharkey.

4/11 Favorite: trained by Antonio Inoki

Brian Adams was born and raised in Hawaii and joined the US Air Force once he left high school. It was while stationed in Japan that Adams discovered a love of wrestling and his height caught the eye of Japanese wrestling royalty Antonio Anoki. Adams joined WWE and was given the name Crush as he joined Demolition to relieve Ax, whose injuries meant his career was coming to an end.

The Crush name stuck with Adams through several gimmicky changes in WWE, his brief stint with Kronik after the purchase of WCW was the only time Adams was called anything else in WWE.

3/11 Bertha Faye: Trained by Mildred Burke

Bertha Faye lived in a trailer and was Harvey Wippleman’s lover and was used as comic relief. It shouldn’t be surprising to hear Bertha Faye leave WWE because she wasn’t taken seriously by management, considering her trainer was Mildred Burke, the woman who, in the 1950s, went to war with the NWA after failing to recognize women’s wrestling.

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This battle caused so much heat between Burke and the NWA that for the rest of her career, Mildred would travel with a bodyguard.

2/11 Dean DouglasDominic De Nucci

Shane Douglas secured his legacy the night he became NWA Champion and threw the belt in the trash. His run as ECW Champion earned him a reputation as a reliable and tough workhorse, and WWE entered the picture, introducing him as college professor, Dean Douglas. Like many next-gen gimmicks, the Dean Douglas gimmick stifled the charisma and in-ring work of Shane Douglas.

His only title run was a 20-minute run as Intercontinental Champion. Douglas was trained in the same class as Mick Foley by Dominic DeNucci, former tag team partner of the oldest reigning WWE World Champion, Bruno Sammartino.

1/11 Hunter Hearst Helmsley: Trained by Killer Kowalski

In another example of a bad gimmick hiding a talented wrestler, Hunter was a snob, a variant of his Blue Blood gimmick on his WCW tag team with Steven (William) Regal. Ribbon in his hair and wrestling in jodhpurs, it was hard for fans to see past the theater of his act, and it wasn’t until he was paired with Shawn Michaels that his career took off.

Triple H is one of the most important men in the world of professional wrestling, having taken creative control of WWE after allegations by Vince McMahon. Hunter always wanted to be a wrestler and pestered his bodybuilding coach to introduce him to retired wrestler Killer Kowalski, who trained him and used him in his own small promotion.

The smart way to build an R34 GT-R


Imagine, it’s 2005 and the factory warranty for your BNR34 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür has just run out. What are you doing?

I dare say that V-spec II Nür owners right now would be split in two. Those who would feel liberated at the loss of the warranty and start modifying as they pleased, and those who would either have a little more restraint or a crystal ball to see into the future.

The latter would have, foreseeing the future value of the model, locked up their GT-Rs in a safe deposit box of their local investment bank. V-spec II Nür values ​​are either sickening or a blessing depending on whether you currently own one or not. If you are unlucky enough to not own a Nür – or even a “regular” R34 GT-R – you better get yourself a paper bag or bucket now.

Back in 1999, you could buy a new V-spec GT-R for around US$70,000 in today’s money. Today the cheapest V-spec I can find on Goo Net (a used car platform here in Japan) is offered at 102,000 USD.

It gets a little more nauseating when you look at more desirable models like the GT-R V-spec II Nür, which had a Nissan dealership price of around US$79,328 in today’s money. Today, low-mileage examples cost well over US$400,000.


Now that I have indeed filled my paper bag, a cup of tea, a Digestive Biscuit and a little hindsight are in order.

These cars were, and still are in some ways, Mr. Emperor Penguin. They deserve to be up there with Ferraris and Porsches, although the most expensive Porsche of the same vintage that I could find on Goo Net (a Freisinger 993 GT2) was just over US$300,000. It’s apples and oranges, but a sobering perspective nonetheless.


When the R34 GT-R was new, it was considered a complex, technologically advanced machine straight out of the minds of crazed Japanese boffins. But today, despite its all-wheel-drive system, all-wheel steering and twin-turbo setup, it feels much simpler and analog. It looks more like it’s just a car. It is no longer considered an advanced extraterrestrial life form from the planet of the rising sun.

Still, the model commands some of the highest used car prices on the planet. That’s why most sane people don’t really modify R34 GT-Rs anymore. And that brings us to the point of this story.


If you want to build the ultimate custom R34 GT-R like Koichiro Yamashita’s, you have to start with an ER34 Skyline 25GT Turbo Coupe. Even better if you can already find one at Bayside Blue.

Koichiro-san completely redesigned the grandfather 25GT Turbo using the stock GT-R front and rear bumpers, front and rear fenders (the latter being OEM panels welded onto the stock body) as well as all other GT-R-spec trim.


If someone did all the great things Koichiro-san did here for a real GT-R, they could probably say goodbye to this vacation home.

If you ask me, this is the best option.

I don’t think the GT-R was ever meant to be a collector’s car. It was never meant to sit in a porch, or even worse, someone’s garage, and not be driven. The BNR34 was meant to be a driver’s car from the minute designer Kozo Watanabe was given the green light by Nissan executives.


Not only was the R34 GT-R meant to be driven, it was meant to be driven hard. The transmission in stock form was designed to withstand well over double what the stock engine could muster, meaning it was always designed to be tuned up to 11.

Koichiro-san’s 25GT has grown to 11, and more. Pushing over 700PS to the wheels of a fully built RB26 with a single turbo slung over the side, this car can be driven like the GT-R was meant to be, not pampered and protected like an endangered animal at the edge of extinction.


The freedom to modify as he pleases also allowed Koichiro-san to choose a setup that perfectly suited his riding style.

He believes FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) is the purest form of motoring, especially on the racetrack. While the GT-R can deliver monster grip in all weather conditions thanks to its all-wheel drive, the 25GT Turbo’s FR setup requires a little more engagement to keep things under control. Koichiro-san has swapped almost everything else out of a GT-R, but sticking with rear-wheel drive makes it a bit happier and less heavy.


The fully custom suede interior is another modification that today’s GT-R owners might think twice before running their garage investment. That’s a bit of a shame, because, let’s face it, PC gaming multifunction display aside, the interior of a stock GT-R is pretty drab. Like most similar Japanese cars from this period, you’re paying for performance, not luxury finishes.


Speaking of performance, this is one area where Koichiro has elevated the humble 25GT Turbo to god-level standards of a tuned GT-R. While it can’t run the N1 block used in the Nür this car is badged with (Koichiro-san admits without remorse as it’s purely a fashion accessory), it is an all-powerful bored RB26 to 2.7L and built from the ground up.


I’ll drop the full spec list at the bottom of the page, but some of the cool features include the OEM GT-R35 fender ducts grafted just behind the front wheel arches. There are also the massive Brembo brakes from a late-model R35 GT-R, which sit behind custom-painted 19-inch Nismo LMGT4 wheels.


Sitting at 7-Eleven, the car idled like a raving elephant thanks to the 272-degree HKS cams. I think this Skyline would rather be on the race track than posing for pictures around town.


The price of Koichiro-san’s 25GT Turbo might not be as obscene as a true GT-R V-spec II Nür, but I say it has as much, if not more, of the same spirit.

It drives regularly on the track (where the GT-R broke records at the Nürburgring). That’s ridiculous amounts of horsepower for a streetcar. Above all, it fulfills its destiny as a driver’s car, customized for its intended use and well used.

It also gave Koichiro-san the experience of building his ultimate GT-R, and that’s priceless.

Toby Thyer
Instagram _tobinsta_

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Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo (ER34) by Koichiro Yamashita

Engine: Nissan ‘RB27DET’, Tomei oversized forged pistons, JUN I-beam connecting rods, stock RB26 crankshaft, TR cylinder head treatment, HKS 272 degree camshafts, GCG-Garrett GTX3582R GenII single turbocharger, A’PEXi exhaust manifold, Walbro 525lp/h fuel pump, Trust GREX oil cooler, SARD BCNR33 aluminum radiator, Nismo engine mounts

Suspensions & Brakes: Blitz Damper ZZ-R coilovers, Ikeya Formula front upper arms, Ikeya Formula rear upper arms, aftermarket heavy duty tie rods, aftermarket tension rod, Brembo R35 GT-R (late) brakes front and rear

Wheels & Tires: Custom painted 19-inch Nismo LMGT4 rims, 275/30R19 tires, Nismo long nipples

Outside: Nismo Z-tune front bumper, Nismo Z-tune front fenders with custom added R35 ducts, Nismo R-tune hood, Nismo dry carbon fender flap, Nismo rear fender arches, Nismo rear spoiler under spoiler , Ganador blue wet carbon mirrors, Duratec carbon fender shrouds, unique carbon flap cover, Nissan BNR34 OEM rear bumper, Nissan BNR34 OEM rear fender, Nissan BNR34 OEM new rear fenders, running boards original Nissan side panels, Nissan R35 GT-R emblems, Nismo front emblem

Cummings will address the Columbia Africa conference on Friday

Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the ANC

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) flag bearer, Mr. Alexander Cummings, joins several senior United Nations officials and other executives to address the 19th Annual Columbia Africa Conference which is due to begin on October 28.

The two-day conference, which runs from October 28-29, themed “Meeting the Moment”, will focus on how Africa and Africans can seize and use the moment for the benefit of the continent.

CPP’s flag bearer, Mr. Cummings, selected from several African executives and leaders, is the founder and chairman of Cummings Investments Holdings, Ltd. Cummings, a highly acclaimed businessman, politician and philanthropist, is also the founder and chairman of the Cummings Africa Foundation and a standard bearer for the main opposition Collaborating Political Party, a coalition of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Liberty Party and splinter groups from the Unity Party, Liberian Party, People’s Liberation Party and National Patriotic Party. Cummings served as executive vice president and chief administrative officer of The Coca-Cola Company.

Mr. Cummings will speak on the role of heritage and culture in socio-economic progress and development. This speaks directly to the pillar of Mr. Cummings’ platform, “Engaging the Hearts and Minds” of Liberians. The CPP flag bearer believes that by properly utilizing our heritage, culture and other social drivers like arts, sports, religion, national service and early childhood development, we will be able to engage Liberians and change mindsets to build the Liberia we all want and deserve.

The founder of the African Leadership Group, Mr. Fred Swaniker is among the keynote speakers. Swaniker, credited with over 15 years of experience and founder of the African Leadership Group, seeks to improve African leadership and develop a new era of ethical entrepreneurial leaders for Africa.

He pledged to help transform Africa by nurturing three million African leaders by 2035.

The Chairperson of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Liquidity and Sustainability Facility, Ms. Vera Songwe, will also be the keynote speaker. Songwe, who is co-chair of the High-Level Panel on Climate Finance, previously served as Under-Secretary-General at the United Nations and Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. She is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, recognized as one of Africa’s 100 Most Influential People 2020. Mr. Kuseni Dlamini Chairman of Massmart Holdings,

a leading African retail group operating more than 400 stores in 13 sub-Saharan countries will also speak at the two-day conference.

Dlamini is also Chairman of Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd, the Southern Hemisphere’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer operating in more than 50 countries. He is President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa and a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern Africa-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

Together with this incredible list of speakers, the Columbia Africa Conference believes they will be able to “explore how to harness the digital age, Africa’s status as a growing economic power, and our unique and diverse cultures. as assets that will propel the entire continent. forward for years to come.

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Guidelines needed for ethical use of AI


June’s Cloud Wars Expo live event brought together dozens of industry leaders giving the Accelerating Economy team access to the inner workings of the biggest growth market that the world has ever known.

If you missed the Expo or just want to catch up on the sessions you weren’t able to attend, then you’re in luck. We recorded over 40 hours of training sessions on the event, which are available free of charge to Acceleration Economy subscribers. We’re also previewing content for this series of Moments, which feature highlights from each session.

In this Cloud Wars Expo Moment, taken from the Data Modernization and AI Track, Aaron Back discusses the guidelines necessary for the ethical use of AI (artificial intelligence).

Join us on October 27, 2022 for Acceleration Economy’s Data Modernization Digital Battleground, a digital event where four leading cloud providers answer questions about key considerations for updating data strategies and technology. Register for free here.

Strong points

00:18 AI still has a long way to go. Additionally, it has been proven that ethical guidelines should be in place to prevent AI from being negatively influenced.

00:33 — Aaron defines ethical AI as technology that “follows defined ethical guidelines,” not just by corporations, but also by governments.

01:06 — The guidelines necessary for the ethical use of AI should take into account individual rights, privacy, non-discrimination and non-manipulation. These guidelines also determine legitimate and illegitimate uses of AI.

Access over 40 hours of educational cloud content with over 100 speakers at Cloud Wars Expo On-Demand. All content is free for Acceleration Economy subscribers with an on-demand pass.

Star Wars Visions Samurai Clone Troopers Are Visually Incredible


In Marvel Comics’ new Star Wars: Visions one-shot, the ancient Sith world known as Ronin debuts some truly epic samurai clone troopers.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Visions #1

in a new Star Wars: Visions one-shot from Marvel Comics, a new type of clone trooper has been revealed resembling ancient samurai in this alternate version of the star wars galaxy. Inspired by Fuedal Japan, Visions of Star Wars #1 continues the adventures of the Ronin as he battles an ancient Jedi shogun. As such, these new samurai clone troopers are a perfect fit for this non-canon but very dynamic view of the galaxy from far, far away.

Beginning as an animated anthology series on Disney+, Lucasfilm expanded Star Wars: Visions and its anime-style stories in new mediums such as novels and now, comics. Likewise, special emphasis was placed on the ancient Sith warrior known as The Ronin who starred in the episode titled “The Duel”. Now, Star Wars: Visions #1 features a new story from original episode writer and artist Takashi Okazaki, continuing the Ronin’s journey to destroy any Sith Lords he can find, being a former Sith himself who has since defected and grown turned against his fellow dark side warriors.

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After battling a band of thieves who had the misfortune to cross the Ronin, the ancient Sith recuperates in a secret hot spring. However, he is soon met by a blind old man who reveals that he was once a shogun during the great war. Through a flashback, it is revealed that this past conflict was this universe’s version of the canonical Clone Wars. Thus, new clone troopers are revealed with modified versions of their classic helmets and armor, making them look more like the ancient samurai warriors who followed the code of bushido.

Star Wars: Visions New Clones proves a full series is needed

These visually epic samurai soldiers combined with the revelation that the shogun is none other than Jedi Master Mace Windu makes a very strong point: Lucasfilm needs to develop a full spin-off series from Star Wars: Visions which only focuses on the Ronin and this Edo period version of the galaxy. The aesthetic blends perfectly with the classic star wars sci-fi elements, especially considering how heavily the Skywalker saga was based on the works of Akira Kurosawa (known for his various samurai films).

Either way, time will tell if Ronin’s story will continue after this new one-shot. While his encounter with a shogun version of Mace Windu who survived Emperor Palpatine is very exciting on its own, the samurai-style clones certainly take the cake in this new comic, raising hopes that more stories could be told in the future, maybe even go beyond the Ronin. Star Wars: Visions #1 is on sale now.

Next: Star Wars Shows Why The Sith Are More Powerful Than Other Dark Side Cults

Visions is the perfect new Star Wars property


The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Visions #1, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Introduced in the Star Wars: Visions animated series on Disney+, fan-favorite character “the Ronin” returns in Marvel’s Star Wars: Visions #1 (by Takashi Okazaki and Joe Caramagna of VC). Okazaki worked on the Disney+ series as a character designer, which has a second season in the works. Steeped in the culture of feudal JapanThe Ronin features a character that is the perfect blend of something new and something familiar.

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm, fans have been wanting something new from the star wars property, while fearing that the new star wars the content will not be recognizable by the dedicated fan base. It’s a balancing act that Disney has found itself faltering in, struggling to create new stories with old characters. But with Star Wars: Visionsand more precisely the character of the Ronin, Disney has a bona fide win on the board.

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Who is Ronan from Star Wars: Visions?

In The dual On Disney+, the Ronin is presented as a wandering force user similar to the masterless samurai of feudal Japan and survivor of a Sith civil war. Along with his fellow astromech droid, B5-56, the two stop at a small town under siege by a group of Stormtrooper marauders led by another Sith. The comic simply offers another adventure in the life of the Ronin. Both stories are engaging, but for Star Wars, they’re pretty straightforward. However, the characters and concepts are much richer and offer a large amount of possible extensions and new knowledge.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of The Ronin is that he’s a good guy with a red Sith lightsaber. Little is known about The Ronin, but at the end of The dual, we see that he collected red kyber crystals, the power source for any lightsaber. His aesthetic is almost exactly that of a traditional samurai, from his wardrobe to his sword scabbard (which also houses a second secret lightsaber blade). The comic is a new story and is pretty much in line with what we see in the episode, but it takes some visual liberties with aspects of The Ronin. In particular, his movements and the dynamics of his lightsaber.

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Star Wars: Visions advances through character and concept

Both in The dual and comics, Okazaki took familiar characters and concepts, but built them in a way that makes them fresh for the star wars galaxy. All Stormtrooper armor is incomplete and patched with bamboo limbs and grizzled metal parts. One of the best designs is the mini gun-wielding protocol droid wearing the traditional Japanese hakama. Okazaki also introduces a new Sith, Lord Kouru, in The dual who wields a parasol, similar to the weapons seen in Japanese action cinema. In the comic, he adds to the Sith lineup with a splash page of 18 more new Sith, each with their own unique red lightsaber, including kyber-powered machetes, bo staffs, and glowing red palm blasters. All from battles of the Ronin’s past, defeated, and added to his kyber crystal collection.

With the characters, Okazaki plays timidly with the concept of good and evil; Jedi and Sith. It creates a strong sense of ambiguity and sends the whole world back to the Akira Kurosawa films that George Lucas was so influenced by when he created star wars. Because of this, the comic creates a sense of heightened tension when the Ronin encounters a stranger on the road who wishes to join his company for the night. The Ronin deduces that the Stranger is a Jedi and is here to kill him, and in a daydream scenario envisions the two locked in battle. But instead, they both part ways destined to meet again.

A curious thing at the end of the issue is that Ronin refers to his droid as “master”. Using the Ronin theme juxtaposed with the Jedi theme, and even the Sith, it’s interesting that Okazaki leaves this open to interpretation for the reader. Another new twist on a traditional concept of star wars. It has not been announced if this is just a one-shot or if there will be a second issue, or possibly an ongoing series. But even more than another animated episode featuring these characters in season 2the Visions the comic lends itself to a real fork, to step away from Skywalker lore and create something brand new that lives in this galaxy that fans love. Okazaki manages to bring diversity in both culture and concept into one issue, something star wars wrote the book about, and will continue to do so with ideas like Visions.

Nagaland: Lawyers urged to uphold the highest ethical standards | MorungExpress


Participants of the state-level training program for lawyers and panel attorneys at SIRD Conference Hall, Kohima, October 22. (Photo courtesy of NSLSA)

Kohima, October 22 (MExN): Secretary (Judicial), Department of Law and Justice, Government of Nagaland, Nino Iralu, NJS, addressed the inaugural program of the State Level Training Program for Lawyers and Panel Advocates at SIRD Conference Hall , Kohima, October 22.

An update from the NSLSA said that calling for maintaining the highest ethical standards, she reminded lawyers in legal services to remain independent of the power and pressure of money and to be honest with their integrity so that the services rendered are indisputable and to the satisfaction of the recipient.

Iralu asked lawyers in Legal Services to pay more attention to explaining the law and legal advice to anyone who comes to them, noting that lawyers do not normally open up when money is not available. It is not at stake what the public or common people are reluctant to approach or ask for help from lawyers. .

The speaker referred to legal services lawyers as harbingers of authority and asked them to remain more focused and disinterested leaders, proactive in accepting responsibility for providing effective legal services to the common man, emphasizing particularly on the marginalized part of the population, even more so on children. victims, child offenders, missing children in our sectors.

Iralu said it was crucial for panel and retainer attorneys to spend more time with the Trial Prisoners (UTPs) they represent in court while observing that the lack of one-on-one interaction with their clients results in a misrepresentation of the facts of the case or perhaps the interpretation of the law in relation to the case is overlooked.

Apart from better presenting the facts of the cases, it will also open up the possibility of re-appealing the case to the higher court which can reach the level of the High Court or the Supreme Court. She encouraged taking up the appeal as legal service institutions are also present at the top level calling to take the privilege.

“Cases on appeal also give us the opportunity to learn more,” Iralu said.

The Secretary also asked the senior attorneys on the panel who have much more experience in the DLSA to mentor junior and future volunteer attorneys and paralegals in professional or proper legal matters without focusing on the financial aspect, emphasizing emphatically that most POS displays come from different backgrounds. than legal. She said it was also important to connect the VSPs to different stakeholders and district authorities.

Iralu added in this regard that it should also be done with the knowledge of the district president and secretary for a result-oriented activity and in the right perspective.

Speaking of creating legal awareness, the speaker felt that DLSAs should focus on acts in which cases or complaints are likely to arise.

Empowering people through legal education and assistance
NSLSA Member Secretary Victo Sema, NJS, delivering the keynote address, recalled the critical role lawyers in legal services play in spreading the mission of legal services.

Sema said the mission is to empower the marginalized and economically weaker section through legal awareness and assistance. He however said that without upgrading and improving the knowledge and skills of lawyers, the base would not be empowered.

The Member Secretary asked lawyers to be aware of their duties in exercising the Constitutional Occupation. “No civilization, country or society will develop and prosper when the majority of the population lives in poverty and without any access to justice,” he added.

He said that was why the preamble of the constitution made the solemn promise to provide justice to all its citizens for social and economic empowerment and to strengthen the aspiration, Article 39 A was inserted into the Constitution which gave rise to the legal services legislation. Authority Act.

During the training session, resource person Mezivolu Therieh, NJS, Judge and District and Session Chairman, Phek DLSA spoke on the Constitutional Perspective of Legal Services and the Legal Services Authority Act; Seyielenuo Mezhu, NJS,

The Chief Judicial Magistrate and Secretary, Dimapur DLSA, spoke about attorney skills: Criminal: drafting, questioning of witnesses and arguments.

Senior Advocate, Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench, R. Iralu dwelled on Quick Look at Civil Procedure Code and Practices.

Wonchibeni V Patton, NJS, Chief Judicial Magistrate and Secretary, Mokokchung DLSA spoke on Overview of Cybercrimes and Cyberlaw: Types of Cybercrime, Legal Provisions and Its Prevention and Temjenmoa, Attorney, Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench presented the development of skills on communication with customers and advice.

The training was attended by 46 attorneys and attorneys from the group representing all District Legal Services authorities in the state.

Malinin follows Japanese Miura after a short program at Skate America


Ilia Malinin Skate America

Kao Miura took advantage of fellow Japanese Yuma Kagiyama’s forfeit, as well as an unusual crash from American rival Ilia Malinin, to take the lead after the short program at Skate America on Friday night.

Miura, 17, landed a big quad salchow-triple toe opening loop with a triple axel and quad toe loop to score a personal best 94.96 points at the Tenley E. Albright Performance Center near Boston. That gave Miura a slim lead over South Korea’s Cha Junhwan, who completed a mashup of Michael Jackson with a score of 94.44.

“I’m kind of like, ‘Why am I sitting here?’ Miura said afterward. “And that’s because I did everything I should have done on the ice. I just tried to be confident on the ice and it worked for me.

Daniel Grassl of Italy was third with 88.43 while Malinin, the 17-year-old who made history by landing the first quad axel in competition, was fourth after falling on his quadruple loop toe left him with 86.06 points.

“I think at the very beginning I felt very confident. I was very in the moment,” said Malinin, the junior world champion, who was making his senior Grand Prix debut. “After this small fall, it destabilized me a bit. I had to get rid of it and continue with the rest of the program.

In the pairs competition, American duo Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier scored 75.19 points in their short program to take the lead over Canadians Deanna Stellato-Dudek and Maxime Deschamps, who had 73.05 points.

Malinin became Skate America’s favorite when Olympic silver medalist Kagiyama pulled out of the opening Grand Prix event due to injury. But it was Miura, the 17-year-old Japanese junior champion, who took the lead in the free skate with a technical score more than five points ahead of everyone else.

It was eight points ahead of Malinin, who might need to land his quadruple axel on Saturday night to stand a chance.

“It really depends on how I feel personally,” Malinin said of the 4 1/2 spin jump attempt.

Knierim and Frazier, who helped the United States win team silver at the Beijing Olympics, were strong favorites for Skate America after taking advantage of the absence of the powerful Russian teams to win their first world title earlier. This year.

Performing “Separate Ways” by American rock band Journey, Knierim and Frazier dazzled a sold-out crowd with their opening triple twist. Frazier landed on two feet on their side-to-side triple toe loop, but the 2021 Skate America champions came back with a beautiful triple flip throw to get a solid component score.

“I had never started my season in a Grand Prix before,” Frazier said. “There was a lot of positivity there tonight. It was a bit of a fight tonight, but that was our starting point.

Knierim and Frazier had to show up on the Grand Prix stage though. The surprise came from Stellato-Dudek and Deschamps, whose performance on Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion” puts them solidly in second place.

The lower-tier Nebelhorn Trophy winners earlier this year have been solid from their opening triple twist, through their side-to-side triple toe and into their throwing triple loop to stay within reach of the gold medal.

Letizia Roscher and Luis Schuster of Germany were a distant second in third with 54.87 points.

“We’re very happy with our performance, happy to be here,” said Stellato-Dudek, who lives in Chicago and has skated for the United States before. “It’s kind of a homecoming for me. It’s like my wedding. It’s like I know everyone.

SKATE AMERICA: Broadcast Schedule

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Mikaela Shiffrin opens the Alpine Skiing World Cup season, live on Peacock American figure skating could reign at Skate America; TV, live broadcast program Who is on the US women’s gymnastics team for the world championships?

Malinin follows Miura to Japan after short program at Skate America originally appeared on NBCSports.com

On ‘Approach’, Lawrence English brings a classic manga to life



On ‘Approach’, Lawrence English brings a classic manga to life

By Zoe Camp October 21, 2022

Photo by S. Simpson

Lawrence English is a lifelong otaku, i.e. Westerner in love with Japanese culture, and he has the backlog to prove it. The bookcases in his office are filled with three decades of tankobons, many of which are first editions. He recently introduced his children to Robotech (1985), the robot space opera. And throughout an hour-long Skype conversation from his home in Brisbane, Australia, the composer, artist, curator and Room40 the founder makes a long list of his favorite anime and manga (Dr Stone, Serial Experiments Lain, Akira) before following it up with a list of email recommendations less than 12 hours later.

It’s no surprise, then, that as lockdowns hit and humanity seeks refuge in familiar modes of escape, Englishman finds solace in the manga that kickstarted his love affair with the medium: Yoshihisa Tagami’s 1988 sci-fi epic. GREY, which he discovered as a child while browsing comic book stores in the late 80s. One of the first serialized manga released outside of Japan, it follows the titular protagonist (an anti-hero looking soft-spoken and bullshit-free, so cool and effortless he would make Mad Max blush) in his quest to kill a berserk AI that wiped out humanity with nuclear weapons and enslaved the survivors before becoming the equivalent of God in the universe. (Spoiler alert: no one wins except in the incredibly underwhelming animated series, which has a slightly happier ending.) Rereading beloved comics is an inherently nostalgic experience, sure, but for Englishman – an artist long fascinated by time, memory, and “the politics of perception” –Grey provided a portal through which English could reconnect with his inner child and all the hopes and dreams attached to it.

“When I came back and re-read the manga, I obviously had this intense sense of memory, and I guess, reflection on that time,” he says. “And thankful, I guess, that the core elements of me that allowed them to exist were completely trapped in that very young, awkward teenage body.” Inspired and recharged by the reunion, he set to work creating a musical companion to the original manga, in chronological order, with one track for each of the 14 chapters. “It was one of the fastest records I’ve ever done, in a way,” he says. “I’m usually very, really, slow, but I was determined to test this idea of, like, 1.) Can I still do this? And 2.) Am I still interested in doing this?” He finished by asserting this hypothesis on both counts, in part because GREYThe pressing themes of protest and community fit so well with the creative and political philosophies of English, not to mention the current socio-political landscape.

“I think in a lot of Japanese manga, and in other traditions as well, there’s no denial because it’s part of the fabric of reality now, so we have to think of ways around that,” says Lawrence. “It opens up these possibilities of thinking about how things can feel the affective part of this experience, but it creates these opportunities for dialogue. It’s really important: it’s how we relate, how we open doors for each other, and it’s also how we, you know, allow each other to recognize things that are going on. around us that may not be directly in front of us….influence what we see, but may not necessarily define What we see.”

The end product, Approachuses Grey as the basis of an industrial ambient experience that English likens to listening to a factory from a distant hill. Fans of the manga will instantly recognize the similarities between the album’s dull, heavy atmosphere and the manga’s dark, dystopian settings, from the hissing steam billowing from a giant robot (“Nagoshi”) to the digitized drone echoing through the halls of the AI ​​Antichrist. (“The city”). The story, on the other hand, is more ambiguously defined; the undulating drones and flowing textures of “Toy” and “Losing Red,” whose titles reference two of the manga’s key narrative moments, create a sense of movement without expending any kinetic energy, as if all battles are taking place outside screen. “The echoes of the machines inside, the kind of piercing white noise of the steam coming out of the machines or the cries of the suffering working class inside… it seems like there’s some distance there- low,” said English. “It’s a reference to this landscaping that Tagami uses – I really wanted to have this feeling of expanse, [like] you are inside that experience.

Even with these parallels, it’s not so much about a faithful adaptation of fictional events as a personal reflection on how the art we experience in our youth shapes our perceptions, our values ​​and, indeed, our whole lives – often without us even realizing it. this.

“You recognize these very small interactions that you have with, whether it’s literature, film or music, they become part of your economy, your structural core,” says English. “And they also become a shield because, you know, you don’t have to participate in this other thing that you’re not interested in; there are choices and ways of being that are not necessarily what you see in front of you. I think every child who grew up somewhere, a little out of the way, and who hasn’t found their posture yet, has that moment.

Would English have followed the same path as a creator if he hadn’t set foot in this comic book store? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, he says, “I’m grateful that my moment was through things like [GREY] and that I was able to negotiate it in a way that made me double… Like, I want to do this thing. I want to continue making my fanzine; I wanna make my compilation tapes that my mom can drive me around town [to manufacture]. It’s really crazy when I think about it now, but I find it satisfying to have been able to somehow sustain those interests over time and not make them disappear. Because it’s too easy to make that happen.

Franck Dubarry launches Hipporium NFT and creates a fusion between digital world and watchmaking art


Frank Dubarry

Geneva, Switzerland, Oct. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Franck Dubarry creates an all-new “Deep-Ocean” watch collection, and partners with renowned graphic designers to create a collection of 5,000 unique “Hipporium” NFTs. ” (Non-Fungible Token) giving the right to redeem a watch with a random discount per NFT family.

The Drop begins November 25e2022 on the local Hipporium.io (Ethereum Block Chain) site, and will be available later on the OpenSea.io marketplace


Developed in Switzerland with freediving champion Davide Carrera (record at -123 meters in Constant Weight), the Deep-Ocean is a modern and durable automatic diver’s watch exclusively sold to owners of a Hipporium NFT.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel to professional diving standards (-300 meters/1,000 feet), the Deep-Ocean comes with various components made from recycled plastics found in the oceans, fitted with bio-rubber straps and nylon from recycled fishing nets.

The 42 mm stainless steel case plays with different finishes to highlight a very sharp design. Water resistant to 300m/1,000ft, the case features a patented quick release strap system with a handsome polished push button and a dial knob at 9:30 that adjusts the internal bi-directional bezel, used to measure the duration of the dive.

The Deep-Ocean comes with different colors and different levels of rarity for each reference. Behind the triple-thick sapphire crystal treated with multiple layers of anti-reflective treatment, the open-heart dial showcases the automatic movement through tinted mineral crystal.

A unique system (patent pending) attaches the bracelet to the case thanks to a quick release button located on the case at 6 and 12, allowing quick and easy interchangeability of the bracelet.

At the bottom of the case, an engraved Hipporium character reminds its owner that they have exclusive access to several benefits both in the metaverse and in real life, such as invitations to live events and discounts on watch collections.


As part of the Hipporium project, the sale of this collection is exclusive to owners of a Hipporium NFT (non-fungible token) that can be purchased on the site. www.hipporium.io departure November 25.

Created by Franck Dubarry and his team of renowned graphic designers playing with the aesthetic codes of the crypto world, The Hipporium NFT is a collection of 5,000 unique digital works whose authenticity, uniqueness and ownership are guaranteed thanks to technology. Ethereum blockchain.

Inspired by tribal worlds and sci-fi universes depicted in pop culture, the Hipporium collection depicts a space traveler Hippo, traveling from one metaverse to another and offers a unique ownership experience with exclusive perks at both in the metaverse and in real life.

10 unique characteristics define the 10 Hipporium families, each with a different level of rarity and eligible to redeem a Deep Ocean watch with up to 80% discount randomly awarded per NFT family.


Maori Tattoo (unique trait: tattooed face) is a family of 20 NFTs only, offering the holder an 80% discount to redeem their watch. It is the most exclusive family in the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including the most incredible real-life experiences.

Predator Hunter (Unique Trait: Predator Helmet) is a family of 50 NFTs only, giving the holder a 70% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including real-life experiences specifically focused on adventure.

Yamashita Gold (unique trait: gold color) is a family of 110 NFTs only, offering the holder a 65% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including culture-specific lived experiences.

Desert Planet (Unique Trait: Desert Helmet) is a family of 260 NFTs only, giving the holder a 60% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various benefits including real-life experiences specifically focused on the martial nature.

Kamakura (Unique Trait: Samurai Helmet) is a family of 350 NFTs only, giving the holder a 55% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including real experiences, specifically geared towards martial arts.

Psychedelic (unique trait: Pink Apple Color) is a family of 450 NFTs only, giving the holder a 50% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including real experiences, specifically focused on festive events.

Space Traveler (unique trait: Darth Vader Color) is a family of 770 NFTs only, giving the holder a 40% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including real experiences, specifically focused on space technology.

Inter Galactic (unique trait: Cushion Armor) is a family of 990 NFTs only, offering the holder a 30% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various benefits including real world experiences, specifically focused on metaverse international events.

Flag Earth (unique trait: Country Flag) is a family of 1,000 NFTs only, offering the holder a 20% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family of the Hipporium collection and has various advantages, including real experiences, specifically focused on travel.

Meta Fusion (unique trait: Unique NFTs, not included in previous families) is a family of 1,000 NFTs only, offering the holder a 10% discount to redeem their watch. It is an exclusive family from the Hipporium collection and has various benefits including real-life experiences, specifically a random mix of real-life experiences from the other 9 families.


Franck Dubarry is a famous watch designer who resides in Switzerland and Argentina.

He is also the founder of various brands, including TechnoMarine and Franck Dubarry Watches.

As an expert in watchmaking, Franck Dubarry has delivered over 1,000 impressive designs that have had a tangible impact on the watch market.

His previous company sold 2.5 million watches and created a revolution with many innovations that affected the entire industry.

Click here to watch our video and discover our story.

Discover the Hipporium collection here

Discover the Deep Ocean collection here



42mm recycled stainless steel case or black PVD coating.

Patent pending, quick release strap system.

Rotating dial at 9:30 to adjust the internal bidirectional bezel.

Wheel and crown guards are made from recycled plastics found in the oceans.

Screwed back with engraved Hipporium NFT.

Triple thickness sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.


Enameled brass dial with open-heart pendulum.

Luminescent 3D indexes and skeletonized hands.

Internal bi-directional bezel with a digital scale on the dial to track dive time.


Option 1:

Nylon from recycled fishing nets sewn on a rubber strap (FKM).

Stainless steel pin buckle.

Option 2:

Exclusively designed stainless steel bracelet with a brushed finish and polished center links.

Stainless steel folding clasp with safety.


Miyota 82s0 automatic movement.


Water resistant to 300 meters / 1,000 feet.

CONTACT: Contact us: [email protected] davidecarrera75 (at) gmail.com Franck Dubarry Franck Dubarry information (at) franckdubarry.com

The ethics committee rules on the competence of the SPGEs but rejects the complaint


19 October – Following an executive session to speak with their solicitor, the City of London Ethics Committee acknowledged having jurisdiction over SPGEs such as London City Tourism and London Utility Commission – but later dismissed the complaint about alleged violations of nepotism among city employees.

Board Member Derek House announced that through video conferencing with Ethics Committee Counsel Mary Ann Stuart, the Ethics Committee has jurisdiction in the SPGEs.

Board member Donna Gail House later said she wanted to change her vote from the September meeting where she agreed to dismiss the complaint because the ethics committee had no jurisdiction over the complaint. House has sought further advice from the Department of Local Government regarding this issue, as well as other matters arising from this meeting, and has raised its concerns with London City Council. The municipal council has created the ethics committee and is therefore the body within which these questions must be dealt with.

House asked that his “yes” vote to dismiss the complaint based on the ethics committee’s incompetence be recalled and amended in the minutes of the September meeting. Council members approved this measure.

Board members also voted to reconsider the decision from the last meeting. Dyche said council counsel provided a draft of the issues addressed in the complaint.

“The basis for this decision is that the board has jurisdiction over the statutory issue (KRS 61.080) regarding incompatible offices and that the complaint, on its face, did not present a sufficient factual basis to establish a violation of the ordinance on the ethics of the City of London,” said Dyche.

The preliminary investigation held at the September meeting focused on a complaint that a member of the city’s tourism board violated state statutes by serving on two SPGE boards. This member has since resigned from the tourist board.

Other issues addressed in the complaint were that members of the city’s tourism board voted to hire family members – which violates the city’s nepotism ordinance.

Another problem concerns the confidentiality of the person who lodges a complaint before the ethics committee. The order requires that the complaint be signed. Dyche said copies of the complaint were sent to the parties named in the complaint. Dyche said if the plaintiff discloses the details of the complaint before the preliminary hearing, the board can acknowledge the existence of the complaint. Otherwise, confidentiality is essential.

Derek House added that confidentiality is essential to maintain the work of the ethics committee, as well as to avoid litigation on the matter.

Another complaint received electronically sparked another closed meeting as council members decided the complaint did not meet the criteria for an investigation.

City Attorney Larry Bryson addressed the council, saying the city clerk had received an open records request from William “Bill” Mosley asking for “notes” of ethics committee meetings. Bryson recommended that the request be denied because ethics committee meetings are not public until the minutes of the meetings have been approved.

It came after Dyche adjourned the meeting, but the board voted to reconvene to hear Bryson’s comments. Bryson then addressed certain emails sent to city employees that could be considered “public.”

“It depends on how these (emails) are sent whether or not they are public records,” Bryson added.

On this note, the meeting was adjourned and the date of the next meeting was set for the second Wednesday of November.

The Sports Report: Lakers lose first game of season


Hello, I’m your host, Houston Mitchell. Let’s go straight to the news.

From Dan Woike: Before the Lakers took the field to open their season, before the Golden State Warriors set the course for their 2022 championship by receiving their championship rings, the Lakers’ first defining decision of the season came via tweet.

With the normally open Darvin Ham shutting things down for the past 24 hours, there was legitimate mystery as to what the team would do with Russell Westbrook.

At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night, 30 minutes before the team’s scheduled start of the season opener, the Lakers and Darvin Ham made it clear they were rolling with Westbrook as their starter.

What the Lakers do and eventually will do with Westbrook has been the dominant storyline that has followed the team since last year’s debacle.

But after another tough preseason and a 123-109 loss to the Warriors, the Lakers’ problems could extend beyond that.

They missed jump shots. They returned the ball. And if trying to keep the Warriors was “thrown into the deep end,” as Ham described it, they spent much of the night totally overwhelmed.

The Lakers trailed to 27, with a fourth-quarter push cutting the lead to 12, but by then the mistakes were already too damaging.


Anthony Davis wants to make sure the ‘Street Clothes’ moniker no longer fits this year

Lakers set to open season against Warriors with many questions and few answers

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From Jack Harris: Andrew Friedman called it the most disappointing elimination of his eight years as the Dodgers’ top front office executive, an “organizational failure” the team hadn’t expected after a record-breaking season 111 wins.

But, three days away from the Dodgers’ stunning National League Division Series loss to the San Diego Padres, the club’s president of baseball operations didn’t seem to have big changes on the horizon.

At a season-ending press conference at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, Friedman confirmed that manager Dave Roberts would return next season.

“One hundred percent,” he said.

The rest of the coaching staff probably will too.

“I don’t anticipate [any changes] right now,” he said.

Friedman said the team is still working on roster decisions, including whether to bring back third baseman Justin Turner and outfielder Cody Bellinger, but held back on promising a major overhaul.


Hernández: If Dodgers want to survive October, Andrew Friedman needs to understand change is needed

Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber homer as Phillies lead Padres to open NLCS

From Ben Bolch: Everything Brett Hundley wanted at UCLA remains a possibility for Dorian Thompson-Robinson.

A Pac-12 championship. A bowl of roses. Maybe even something better.

“It’s awesome to see,” Hundley said over the phone, “because I love UCLA to death.”

Hundley never reached those heights while leading his teams to two mid-level bowl wins and a 3-0 record against these loathsome cross-town rivals.

Hundley’s name made headlines again when, in UCLA’s victory over Utah earlier this month, Thompson-Robinson threw for the No. 76 touchdown of his career, surpassing the school record of Hundley.

“All records are meant to be broken,” Hundley said, “so it was a fun opportunity to see him succeed and I’m happy for him.”

From Ryan Kartje: In each of his first three seasons as Oklahoma coach, Lincoln Riley entered October with an unblemished record and a top-10 finish…only to lose a game unexpectedly.

In 2017, it was Iowa State that upset the Sooners to third place. A year later, Texas knocked the No. 7 Oklahoma from their throne with a game-winning field goal. A year later, the Riley Sooners were upset again in October, this time by Kansas State.

Each of the three losses at the time seemed to dash any hopes of Oklahoma advancing to the college football playoffs. But in all three cases, Riley’s team didn’t lose another game for the rest of the regular season. All three ended up earning places in the Playoff.

It’s no wonder then, as USC enters its bye week, no one, let alone Riley, is freaking out after the Trojans suffered their first loss of the season last Saturday at Utah.


From Jeff Miller: After halftime Monday, the Chargers allowed Denver just 72 total rushing yards and five first downs in their overtime win.

Impressive numbers, but not as impressive as the numbers their defense limited Russell Wilson to.

In the second half and overtime, the Broncos quarterback completed three assists. Total. Three successes in 11 attempts in seven possessions.

Three completed passes for 15 yards, with Wilson’s longest connection covering seven yards.

“We were really connected that whole second half, and you saw the results,” coach Brandon Staley said on Tuesday. “We are a work in progress. But [Monday] the night was definitely our best night for sure…that or Las Vegas [in Week 1].


Amazon’s Prime Video gets exclusive rights to ‘Black Friday’ NFL game in 2023


From Sarah Valenzuela: We saw Shohei Ohtani as a power hitter. We saw Shohei Ohtani as an ace thrower. And Shohei Ohtani, the closest?

It’s not impossible that the Angels star decides to play for Team Japan at the World Baseball Classic.

“If you’re going to pitch as a starter [in the WBC], it would have to be built up to 60, 70 pitches. So you have to take that into account,” Ohtani told reporters in Japanese on Tuesday at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. “But if they say you don’t have to start, there’s no reason to raise anything.”

The Tokyo Dome will host Round 1 matches for Pool B teams – Japan, China, Korea, Australia and Czech Republic. Those games begin March 9, 2023. Angels pitchers and receivers are scheduled to report for spring training February 13, 2023, Cactus League opener February 25.


Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge hit Yankees to beat Guardians in ALDS


De Thuc Nhi Nguyen: She was days away from giving birth to her second child, but Lindsay Gottlieb was still coaching. The USC head coach sent emails when she couldn’t sleep, sent a few short texts and took the time to make a quick phone call to check on her team’s progress. Much like his daughter’s due date, USC’s home opener against Cal State Bakersfield on Nov. 8 was fast approaching and Gottlieb couldn’t put either of them on hold, despite pleas from his coaching staff to rest.

“We’re like, please have a baby,” assistant Wendale Farrow joked at a recent practice, “and worry about motherhood.”

Although Gottlieb isn’t in the gym, his influence remains strong as the Trojans continue their rebuilding under the second-year coach. The team hopes Gottlieb, who gave birth to Reese Caroline Gottlieb Martin on October 15, can return in November while associate head coach Beth Burns, Farrow and fellow assistant Nneka Enemkpali begin the season.


Gabriel Vilardi scored the shootout winner and had a goal and an assist in regulation time in the Kings’ 4-3 victory over the Nashville Predators on Tuesday night.

Matt Roy scored twice in the third period and Cal Petersen made 31 saves in regulation and overtime and denied all three Nashville attempts in the shootout to help extend the Kings’ winning streak to three.


Defenseman Dougie Hamilton broke the tie 33 seconds into the third period, Mackenzie Blackwood made 18 saves and the New Jersey Devils beat the Ducks 4-2 on Tuesday night.

Jesper Bratt set up Hamilton with a cross pass to Hamilton parked to the right of goalkeeper Anthony Stolarz.

The Ducks – after winning their home opener against Seattle – were coming off two losses to begin a five-game road trip, 7-1 to the Islanders on Saturday and 6-4 to the Rangers on Monday.


1940 – Alabama ends Tennessee’s scoreless defensive streak of 71 quarters, but still loses 27-12. Tennessee hadn’t allowed a run since Oct. 29, 1938, when it beat LSU 14-6.

1957 — Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens scores his 500th goal in a 3-1 win over the Chicago Black Hawks.

1960 – After 13 years in Minneapolis, the Lakers open their inaugural season in Los Angeles with a 140-123 loss at Cincinnati.

1966 — Bobby Orr makes his regular-season NHL debut with the Boston Bruins.

1985 – Brigham Young’s Robbie Bosco passes for 585 yards in a 45-23 win over New Mexico.

1985 – Nebraska’s Dale Klein ties an NCAA record with seven field goals in a 28-20 win over Missouri.

1986 – Kansas City’s Lloyd Burruss intercepts three passes and returns two for touchdowns to lead the Chiefs to a 42-21 win over the San Diego Chargers.

1994 – Duke defeats North Carolina 3-2 in women’s football to end the Tar Heels’ 101-game unbeaten streak.

1997 – Pittsburgh goaltender Tom Barrasso makes 22 saves for his 300th victory with a 4-1 win over Florida. Barrasso becomes the first American-born goaltender and 13th overall to record 300 wins.

1997 – Sandy Alomar of the Cleveland Indians hits the 700th World Series home run.

2002 – Avon Cobourne becomes the fifth Division IA rusher with four 1,000-yard seasons as West Virginia defeats Syracuse 34-7. Cobourne has 108 yards in the game for 1,002 yards this season.

2012 – The NHL announces the cancellation of the 2012-13 regular season schedule until November 1. A total of 135 regular season games are now lost from October 11 to November 1.

2014 – Peyton Manning breaks Brett Favre’s NFL record of 508 touchdown passes and he throws four TD passes in Denver’s 42-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers. The record-breaking 8-yarder was Demaryius Thomas with 3:09 left in the first half. Manning reaches the milestone of his 246th regular season game. Favre needed 302.

2014 – DeMarco Murray becomes the first running back in NFL history to start a season with seven straight 100-yard games in a 31-21 win over the New York Giants. Murray, with 128 yards and a touchdown, breaks the 56-year-old Jim Brown Hall of Fame record.

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Peyton Manning sets the record for touchdown passes. Watch and listen here.

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Dessert hotspot The Yard Milkshake Bar opens in downtown St. Pete this week | Openings & Closings | Tampa

Click to enlarge

The courtyard milkshake bar / Facebook

The Yard Milkshake Bar debuted in Tampa Bay with its Carrollwood storefront last year, but it’s finally The Burg’s turn to sample its massive confections.

St. Pete’s newest dessert spot, known for its larger-than-life milkshakes and Instagrammable sweet treats, celebrates its grand opening Friday, Oct. 21 at 111 2nd Ave. NE Suite 103.

Adjacent to St. Pete’s Pier and the Museum of Fine Arts, The Yard’s neighbors include Paradeco Coffee Roasters, Stillwaters Tavern, and Cassis.

October’s offerings involve expected fall flavors like pumpkin as well as spooky decorations, but The Yard will offer rotating specials in addition to its permanent menu of cookies and cream, key lime pie and cheese shakes. with salted caramel. One of this month’s specialty creations is the ‘Put a Spell on You’ milkshake – with hazelnut ice cream, a drizzle of purple marshmallow, a jar dipped in Nutella rolled in ‘brooms of pretzel and topped with a scoop of pumpkin brownie cookie dough.

According to ILovetheBurg, The Yard will only be offering one exclusive dessert concoction at its next location in St. Pete. The $19 coconut and pineapple flavored “Hurricane Pete” shake comes with a drizzle of bright blue marshmallow, vanilla frosting and cotton candy. Non-milkshake options on its menu include sundaes and cookie dough bowls, which are also dressed and decorated.

The Yard’s specialty milkshakes, served in a souvenir pint glass, typically range between $17 and $19, with other small desserts costing less.

Since its inception in 2017, which made its humble beginnings on the popular TV show “Shark Tank”, The Yard has opened a dozen milkshake shops across the country. Besides St. Pete’s upcoming storefront and the recently opened milkshake bar in Carrollwood, there are other Florida-based locations in Jacksonville, Destin, and Panama City Beach.

For the latest updates on St. Pete’s The Yard Milkshake Bar, visit his Instagram at @theyardmilkshakebar or Facebook at @TheYardStPete.

Relations between Russia and Japan at the beginning of the 20th century


On November 4, 1890, Tsaravich Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov, then 22, left the Russian port of Gatchina to embark on a year-long educational journey east. Among the countries he will visit are Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, China and finally Japan. Although the purpose of the future Tsar’s trip was diplomatic, aimed at preparing him for the intricacies of foreign politics and culture close to Russia, his last trip to Japan would prove to be a stark awakening to the realities of a world of more further modernized. So much so that the trip may have caused enough trauma and contempt to warrant a war that would eventually prove significant in the collapse of his dynasty.

Nicholas II was born in an increasingly turbulent time for European monarchies. Russia in particular had come under increased pressure to reform even as serfdom was abolished and political movements like anarchism and socialism gained influence within the Russian underground. This increase in political unrest is a central theme correctly predicted in Fydor Dostovesky’s 1872 novel Demons. With Nicholas’ grandfather, Alexander II, and his uncle, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia, having been successfully murdered, Nicholas’ education was subsequently largely hidden from public view. Once the prince came of age, Nicholas’s father, Alexander III, thought it would be appropriate for him to embark on a journey to prepare him for stately affairs. He would go on a tour of the predominantly Eastern nations and end his journey in Vladivostok, where he would take part in the inaugural ceremonies of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The family of Tsar Alexander III|Creative Commons

Nicolas and his delegation first traveled by train from St. Petersburg to Vienna, where they traveled to Trieste, Italy. There they boarded the Pamiat Azova, a rugged Russian cruiser that would carry the delegation on their voyages to sea. They traveled to Greece where they were met by his uncle George I of Greece, whose son also called George would continue with Nicholas on the voyage. From there, Nicholas II and his entourage traveled to Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China and finally to Japan. During all these trips Nicholas was widely welcomed by the public, he received many gifts and the respect of the nations and kingdoms he visited. He visited iconic cultural sites such as the Giza pyramids and the Taj Mahal and during his visit to Japan it was noted that the Tsaravich had respected Japanese culture and craftsmanship, even going so far as to receive a tattoo. traditional dragon on his right hand. But that did not prevent the catastrophic end of his journey to the Empire of the Sun.

Nicholas displaying his Japanese tattoo, 1912|Creative Commons

Nicholas II and his delegation had spent Christian Holy Week in Japan. During their stay, they had visited Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Kobe and Kyoto. On May 11, a week before the Tsaravich’s 23rd birthday, he and his delegation traveled to Otsu, a resort town just outside Kyoto, while there Nicholas and George visited the resort, took a walk by boat on Lake Biwa and dined with the governor of the region. Once they finished lunch, Nicholas’ entourage rode in a rickshaw procession to catch their train back to Kyoto. Nicholas was near the front of the delegation, riding in an open rickshaw, with the governor and police officials behind, all in a group of about fifty rickshaws. The day was going to be planned and the Tsaravich would soon be in Kyoto, it seemed. But a gendarme who stood guard near the street had a different idea and planned to send the Tsaravich elsewhere that day.

A portrait of Tsuda Sanzō | Public domain

Tsuda Sanzō was a policeman born into a samurai family who had previously fought in the Satsuma Rebellion, a revolt led by the influential samurai Saigō Takamori, against the Japanese Imperial dynasty. Sanzo had fought for the victorious Imperial side, but the event had thrown him off balance as he revered Takamori. His deep-rooted patriotism for Japan and distrust of the Russian Empire would set in motion a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy between the two nations.

That day, as Nicholas’ rickshaws turned down the narrow Shimo-Kogarasaki Street in the Kyomachi district, Tsuda Sanzo drew his sword, rushed forward, and swung his blade at the Tsaravich. He had aimed for his neck but the Tsaravich managed to duck and the blade struck his hat which choked the blow. The exact account of the event is uncertain because it happened so suddenly, but most accounts say Prince George parried the second blow or helped the other rickshaw drivers incapacitate Sanzo. Nicholas was rushed to a nearby store where the wound was dressed, then taken back on the train to Kyoto. He had a 9cm long scar on the back of his head, which would stay with him for the rest of his life. Once Emperor Meiji of Japan was informed of the incident, he boarded a train as quickly as he could from Tokyo to Kyoto. The Emperor visited the Tsaravich as he recovered on his Russian ship and expressed his dismay. The Tsaravich was said to be as happy as possible to recover from the incident, but that didn’t stop him from cutting short his trip to Japan.

Following the events, the governor of the attack region (Shiga prefecture) and the Japanese foreign minister resigned, it was forbidden to name a child Tsuda or Sanzo in the attacker’s home district. Sanzo was sentenced to life in prison as Japan did not have the death penalty, and he died in captivity in 1891, rumored to have starved himself. The rickshaw drivers who apprehended Sanzo were applauded and honoured, receiving a hefty monetary reward of 2,500 yen, although future hostilities between Japan and Russia would sour their reverence, and the rickshaw drivers would lose their pensions.

Nicholas II on a rickshaw in Nagasaki a few weeks before his attack | Public domain

Over the years, Nicholas’ wound never fully healed. He continued to suffer from headaches that would be attributed to the incident, just as tensions between the two nations would not subside.

By the end of the 19th century, Japan had quickly emerged as an emerging middle power on the world stage, and their aspirations for eastern supremacy became clear when they defeated China’s declining Qing dynasty in the First Sino-Japanese War. . This put Japan in an increasingly confrontational position with the Russian Empire’s perceived authority over the Sea of ​​Japan. Vladivostok, the main city on the Sea of ​​Japan, was ceded from China to Russia in 1859 following China’s loss in the Second Opium War. The Russians named the city Vladivostok which translates to Lord of the East. The Russian aspirations were obvious and they wanted to secure an all-weather port to the East. Both countries feared that the other would hamper their own geostrategic interests in the region, and soon the inevitable happened and Japan declared war and attacked the Russian naval base at Port Arthur in Manchuria on February 9, 1904. Which result lasted a year and a half. the war throughout Manchuria and Korea resulting in great casualties on both sides.

Attack on Port Arthur as depicted in a Japanese print, 1904 | Creative Commons

Initially, the war met with a tolerable reception from the Russian population. They rallied against the Japanese attack on Port Arthur and this war indicated further Russian efforts to strengthen dominance. Nicolas was convinced that the Japanese were no match for the great European Empire. However, as the war progressed, it became increasingly difficult to maintain, and the war was far from most of Russia, requiring significant resources from the Empire. Russia has always been in the background.

Nicholas confided his faith in divine favor, the same divine favor he would thank for sparing him from assassination. He believed that God favored him and the Russian Empire, furthermore he viewed the Japanese Empire as simple and effeminate, calling them little lettered monkeys.

In response to the attack on Port Arthur, after much deliberation Nicholas ordered the Russian Baltic Fleet to mobilize in Japan. This was against the advice of several of his top advisers, including his Grand Admiral, and turned out to be a mistake. The decision would become emblematic of the disarray of the Russian empires as the paranoid Baltic Fleet opened fire on British fishing boats in the North Sea, mistaking them for Japanese torpedo boats. The mistake, known as the Dogger Bank incident, resulted in death and damage to the British and Russian fleets involved, and increased tensions between England and Russia, beginning the development of a narrative of incompetence for the Russian Empire.

The Battle of Liaoyang, one of many decisive Japanese victories, 1904| Creative Commons

The Baltic Fleet would later be decisively defeated seven months later in its first significant conflict at the Battle of Tsushima, ending the Russo-Japanese War. It would be the first time in the modern era that an Eastern power has defeated a European power. The war marked important developments in military technology like rapid-fire artillery and foreshadowed the carnage of World War I.

Although it may be a coincidence, one cannot help but consider Nicholas II’s relationship with Japan as a catalyst for his downfall. Nicholas’ mindset regarding Japan was undoubtedly tainted by racial arrogance toward the once-imperialized Japanese, but could his unusually headstrong attitude toward the Russo-Japanese War be a show of revenge for the bombing? for his life? The extent to which the attempt on his life affected his attitude is still debated, but the events that followed have bled into modern history.

A political cartoon of the war found in an American newspaper, 1904 | Creative Commons

Japan established itself as the best composed and efficient power in Asia, largely freed from most of the shackles of imperialism that fettered other Asian powers, this efficiency and self-reliance would remain for years to come and would grow with the already present nationalism that would later morph into fascism and bring terror to neighboring countries for decades to come.

The Russian Revolution, 1917 | Creative Commons

The Russian Empire and Nicholas were also placed on a cursed trajectory, but this would end much sooner than that of the Japanese Empire. Following Russia’s humiliation and growing protests from the Russian population during and after the war, the Russian constitution was revised in 1906, but this resulted in a galvanization of competing political factions and diminished the power of Tsarism. It was during World War I that the Tsardom would collapse due to renewed societal discontent and Tsar Nikolai II and his regime would be overthrown by the new communist regime. And the rest is living history.

Chief Ethics Officer Bill Baber Called Deceptive Campaign Mailers


In his community service, Bill Baber helps punish political violators as a member of the San Diego Ethics Commission, deciding if or when rules have been broken and whether penalties should be imposed.

He is also an elected part-time member of the La Mesa City Council.

But in his day job, Baber is a professional campaign treasurer, and this season one of his clients — an independent spending committee — distributed thousands of direct mailers containing false and misleading information.

A recent mailing calling itself “La Mesa Democratic Voter Guide” distributed by Citizens For a Better East County included several registered Republican candidates. A “Democratic Voter’s Guide to Carlsbad” published by the same group also urged voters to vote for Republican candidates.

It’s unclear why the group is distributing campaign mailings in northern San Diego County. The only contact address for the committee is Baber’s office in La Mesa.

Baber is also a member of the board of directors of the San Diego Association of Governments, a powerful group of public officials responsible for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on regional planning efforts.

The SANDAG and San Diego ethics committee member is the only publicly disclosed committee officer behind the shippers.

He said he had nothing to do with the content of the campaign mailings from the committees of which he is the treasurer.

“At best, I can approve of the disclaimer,” Baber said when asked about his involvement in misleading political advertising.

“So asking me why one of my clients made a strategic or artistic decision is like asking the Petco field crew who the Padres should start against the Dodgers,” he said. “It’s not my job!”

Specifically, shippers suggest that La Mesa mayoral candidate Kristine Alessio and La Mesa City Council candidate Laura Lothian are Democrats. County records show both women are registered Republicans.

Another letter implies that Carlsbad City Council candidate Melanie Burkholder is a Democrat while she is also registered as a Republican.

A letter by Citizens For a Better East County.

(Courtesy picture)

The flyers also endorse Keith Blackburn for Mayor of Carlsbad, Jordan Marks for County Assessor, Sharon McKeeman for a seat on the Carlsbad Unified School District Board of Trustees and other registered Republicans.

At the same time, they recommend backing well-known Democrats, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis and National Assembly Member Akilah Weber of La Mesa.

Senders are funded by an independent spending committee, so candidates are legally prohibited from coordinating with groups. They note that they are not authorized or controlled by approved candidates.

Only a handful of Republican candidates contacted about misleading senders responded to requests for comment.

“I’m endorsed by firefighters, law enforcement, civil rights officials and the San Diego Union-Tribune for being an honest, straightforward person with a record the community trusts,” said Marks, the nominee. county assessor. “I have nothing to do with it.”

Blackburn also said the mail was distributed without her consent or involvement.

“I don’t endorse a misleading message sent by anyone to voters,” he said. “If I had been contacted to be included, I would have refused.”

At the La Mesa council meeting last week, Lothian distanced himself from shippers after resident Janet Castaños publicly complained about them.

“I have nothing to do with this shipper,” the council member said from the dais. “I would never claim to be a Democrat. This article was posted by people I don’t even know. I’m very upset about this, personally.

Citizens For a Better East County also did not respond to an interview request. Baber said he would contact his clients on behalf of the Union-Tribune, but no one from the committee returned a message.

Becca Taylor, interim chairwoman of the San Diego Democratic Party, said last week she was disappointed to learn of campaign mailings aligning Republicans with her political party.

“In every way, the mailings sent by this Republican (political action committee) are cynical, misleading and insulting to the intelligence of voters,” she said by email. “As treasurer of the PAC and only publicly traded officer, councilman Bill Baber is trying to perpetuate voter fraud – tricking Democrats into voting for Republicans.”

The county Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission and is asking Baber to resign from the San Diego Ethics Commission.

“By his association with these disgusting campaign tactics, he does not deserve to hold a position of public trust responsible for enforcing political ethics laws,” Taylor said.

The party’s attorney also sent a cease and desist letter demanding a retraction and a public apology.

On Friday, Baber said his customers had agreed to stop distributing misleading political mail. The treasurer did not respond to the San Diego Ethics Committee’s request for resignation.

Sharon Spivak, executive director of the San Diego Ethics Commission, said earlier in the week that it would be inappropriate for her to comment on misleading campaign mailings with Baber’s contact information because she reports and serves the will of the commissioners.

The misleading campaign mailings come as Democrats widen their registration lead over Republicans in San Diego County.

According to the latest voter registration reports released by the county registrar, Democrats have registered just over 794,000 people — more than 277,000 voters than the Republican Party — as of Sept. 30.

Republican registration declined between Aug. 31 and Sept. 30, the county registrar reported, dropping from just over 517,000 registered voters to just over 516,000.

The drop in Republican voter registration comes as more candidates disavow the party. District Attorney Summer Stephan and Deputy Sheriff Kelly Martinez, for example, are no longer registered as Republicans.

Baber said he avoids working on campaigns within the San Diego city limits to avoid any conflicts of interest between his political work and his ethics commission service.

It has up to 50 clients at a time and does not monitor the fairness or accuracy of their political messages.

“For a remedy in this area, you go to the civil courts and argue over libel and slander and infringement (of intellectual property) etc.,” he said. “If I could rid the world of shitty mail with the wave of a magic wand, I would. I just don’t have that wand.

Union-Tribune reporter Blake Nelson contributed to this report.

Yuta Watanabe should make the nets even bigger in Japan


With Yuta Watanabe now seemingly safe on the Nets’ roster, expect Brooklyn to be an even bigger hit in Japan than in the past…and they were already No. 2 behind Watanabe’s Raptors in jersey sales last year and Watanabe the clear No. 1 among all NBA players, just ahead of Steph Curry.

Watanabe is actually one of two Japanese-born players on the Nets. Cam Thomas was born in a US military hospital in Yokosuka where his mother was stationed at the time. But Thomas returned to the United States, specifically to the tidal region of Virginia. Watanabe is one of the most popular athletes in Japan, playing for the national team, regularly connecting with his compatriots in Japanese on social media where he has hundreds of thousands of followers.

On Media Day and Day 1 of the camp, Japanese media were present in large numbers. There were about 15 journalists – television and print media representing some of Japan’s biggest media brands – on hand at the HSS training center. Compare that to Australia which had three Australian-born players on HSS pitches, but only one journalist.

Watanabe spoke at length in his native language with reporters about his enthusiasm for joining the Nets and where he sees himself fitting in.

The timing for the Nets and Watanabe is good. His move to the NBA’s biggest media market comes as the league attempts to build a stronger presence in Japan.

Among the major Asian economies, the reach of the NBA is felt the most in the Philippines. That is, as Joel Rush writing for Forbes Sports noted, the numbers for the archipelago are by far the best, not just in Asia, but anywhere outside of the United States. , by far the highest percentage of any country outside the United States, and more than double the 30% interest for Canada, which has had one or more teams in the league since 1995. And at 38% , China has the second highest level of interest.

But Japan, with its huge economy, is barely seen in the NBA landscape. A relatively small 6% of people consider professional basketball their favorite sport, Rush wrote. The NBA hopes to maintain its dominance in China and the Philippines while increasing awareness – and revenue – in Japan.

In pre-season, the Warriors and Wizards (which feature fellow Japanese NBA player Rui Hachimura) played two games in Saitama, not far from Tokyo, selling out its 36,500-seat “super arena”.

“The purpose of these games is to deepen our connection with the Japanese fans,” NBA Asia general manager Ramez Sheikh told Boardroom’s Anthony Puccio at the time. “The international games not only allow us to bring the excitement of the NBA to fans who may never have had the opportunity to attend an NBA game, but partners, media and celebrities looking forward to these games.”

Sheikh also told Pooch that interest had to be driven by homegrown players like Watanabe and Hachimura if things were to improve. How long will Watanabe have with the Nets? He played well in pre-season, showing his generally strong defense with improved 3-point shooting, passing 5 of 11, 45.4%.

Steve Nash thinks he could see plenty of minutes, telling reporters on Sunday the 6’9″ striker can play with “any group” of players and praised his sense of the game. team went further when the Nets signed Watanabe, saying he should be “celebrated”.

In his comments to Japanese reporters on Media Day, Watanabe said he thought he could contribute. “I don’t think it will be that easy again this year, but I think if I do my job well I can get some good results. It’s difficult, but I hope I can enjoy it and continue.

If he does, he won’t just help the Nets win. It could make them even more of the Japan team.

51% of Ethereum blocks followed OFAC guidelines post-merger


A month after the Ethereum merger, 51% of Ethereum reportedly followed Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) standards, insights from blockchain development Labyrs data showed that MEV-relays Boost take control of market share, according to Cointelegraph.

As reported by Cointelegraph, via Twitter users expressed their feelings on how the numbers represent a major step towards censorship with more blocks under scrutiny. OFAC is responsible for enforcing US economic sanctions, while MEV-Boost relays are centralized entities that function as trusted mediators between block producers and block builders. Through this procedure, all Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS) validators can outsource their block production to other builders.

Based on information from Cointelegraph, the metric tracks the number of blocks built by OFAC-compliant MEV-boost relays since the merger. Due to Ethereum’s upgrade to consensus PoS, MEV-Boost has been updated for a more representative distribution of block proposers across a small group of proof-of-work (PoW) miners. Lachan Feeney, CEO of Labrys, pointed out that when it comes to hard censorship, we would not get to the point where sanctioned transactions would be included in the blockchain regardless of the time period.

Additionally, Cointelegraph noted that data from Labrys’ page mentioned the presence of seven MEV-Boost relays, including Flashbots, BloXroute Max Profit, BloXroute Ethical, BloXroute Regulated, BlockNative, Manifold, and Eden. “Of the 7 major relays available, only 3 do not censor per OFAC compliance requirements. OFAC-compliant relays will not include any transactions that interact with the Tornado Cash smart contract or other sanctioned wallet addresses designated by OFAC,” the company concluded.

(With information from Cointelegraph)

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BZS volunteers to remove invasive plants


A group of volunteers from the Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] will work to eradicate invasive plants at Admiralty House Park.

A spokesperson said: ‘To pave the way for a new Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] Micro Forest plot, this Saturday, October 15, the BZS Weekend Warriors will begin removing invasive Japanese Pittosporum and Chinese palms from Admiralty House Park.

“The BZS Weekend Warriors are a group of volunteers who meet regularly to help guard Trunk Island, the BZS ‘living classroom’. This Saturday, the group will channel their passion for the natural environment and begin the removal of two invasive plant species in Admiralty House Park.

Drone image of the felling area at Admiralty House Park

“The removal of invasive species is a key part of managing BZS micro-forest patches, as these plants outcompete native flora and fauna. They can have aggressive root systems that spread long distances from from a single plant, allowing it to spread rapidly and crowd out native and endemic plants, reduce biodiversity, compete with native organisms for limited resources, and alter habitats.

“Invasive species tend to grow faster and are more easily dispersed than our native and endemic species, so removing them is important to give planted plots the best chance of survival.

“The BZS Micro-Forest Project uses the Miyawaki method, developed by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, to grow compatible native and endemic species. The approach involves planting dozens of native species best suited to the local environment in the same area, with the forest becoming maintenance-free after the first three years.

Admiralty House Park Bermuda October 14, 2022 (2)

“The goal of this public-private partnership tree-planting project is to support local and migratory wildlife and expand experiential learning opportunities that help students discover the benefits of trees, conserve our natural resources and promote environmental stewardship.

“The shared mission of BZS and BAMZ is to inspire appreciation and care for island environments, and as a supporting charity for BAMZ, BZS is an example of a very successful public/non-profit partnership .

“Each year, the BZS offers more than 8,000 free educational experiences through our Stempel Foundation BZS school program, in addition to popular community programs for all ages, BAMZ exhibit development, and conservation programs and of research. Each year, BZS volunteers contribute over 10,000 hours of valuable animal husbandry support to the aquarium and zoo, with all programs accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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Safety Harbor gem Pizzeria Gregario reopens with limited hours next month | Openings & Closings | Tampa

Click to enlarge

Pizzeria Gregario/Website

It took almost a year and a half for Greg Seymour of Pizzeria Gregario to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic, but before his loyal customers knew it, he was closed again for the season.

After 6 months of closed doors, Pizzeria Gregario reopens on Friday, November 4, but with even more limitations than before.

Safety Harbor’s favorite located at 400 2nd St. N will only be open on Friday and Saturday evenings for take-out. People are welcome to enjoy their made-to-order wood-fired pies on the restaurant’s patio, but it won’t be the full (or even partial) service experience it once offered.

When the pizzeria reopens next month, it will again offer a small menu of artisan pies, beers and soft drinks, plus Seymour’s famous “shmoo,” a trinity of olive oil, garlic and essential lemon to soak the crust. . It brings back some fan favorites like tomato and potato pie, vegan pizza topped with arugula, spinach pie, ‘mushroom among us’ topped with mushrooms, and a traditional Pizza Margherita with tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, basil and EVOO.

People from St. Pete, Tampa, and even Sarasota will make the trip to Safety Harbor to sample Seymour’s za, but it’s suggested that you have a little patience when visiting the pizzeria, as it won’t be only him and his partner who will run the whole restaurant.

Click to enlarge Greg Seymour, owner of Pizzeria Gregario.  - C/o Pizzeria Gregario

C/o Pizzeria Gregario

Greg Seymour, owner of Pizzeria Gregario.

Seymour will also continue its artisan bread program, where customers can pre-order loaves by Wednesday morning and pick them up on Friday. Using the same ancient, stone-ground grains as his pizza, Seymour offers German rye breads, a heavily fermented whole-grain bread called Desem, and a French sourdough he makes with spelled and rye.

In addition to offering its customers delicious pizzas and breads made with local and seasonal ingredients, Seymour also values ​​the nutritional value of its products. He sources his ancient stone ground beans from two different artisan mills – Carolina Ground in Asheville and Barton Springs outside of Austin – and blends different blends himself by hand.

“As soon as I could, I switched from roller-ground flour to stone-ground grains. This creates an earthier-tasting pizza that’s actually easier to digest,” Seymour told Creative Loafing. “I think it makes some nice pies, but the transition has definitely alienated some people.”

Along with limited weekend hours at Pizzeria Gregario, Seymour will continue his pizza pop-ups at Carrollwood’s Sweetwater Organic Farm throughout this spring. He had a clay oven built at the North Tampa farm last year and continues to host different pizza shops, in addition to sourcing produce from there.

After this spring, Seymour plans to pivot again (something he’s pretty well known for at this point) but isn’t sure exactly which direction he’ll go.

The pizzeria has been closed for the past six months because he tried to create a residence in his commercial space, a monumental task that never materialized. The restaurant’s interior remains empty and gutted from failed renovations – one of the many reasons it won’t reopen to full service.

No matter when he loses customers after 86’ing a menu item (a real controversy that transpired after the Caesar salad was no longer offered) or when they accuse him of inflating the prices of his pizzas, the dedication from Seymour to his craft is an immovable, inexplicable force. He admits to having tinkered with his recipes at the expense of the guests, but as he often says, “I’m not a businessman, I’m an artisan”.

The 51-year-old has worked in the restaurant industry for over 40 years and started washing dishes when he was 12. Cutting his teeth in kitchens working under chefs who could be “physically abusive” in his own words, Seymour knows that the restaurant industry as a whole is rapidly moving towards the “technosphere”, something he absolutely does not want. nothing to do.

The older he gets, the more he hates the fossil fuel industry and the indulgent consumption it promotes. Seymour bikes everywhere, chooses to work in the summer in Florida without air conditioning, and lives as simply as possible – the way he chooses to run the pizza place is just an extension of his values.

He moved to Florida in 2008 to be closer to his family and opened his restaurant Safety Harbor 5 years later. There has been a culmination of changes that have taken place in all facets of his business, but his unwavering commitment to quality ingredients and downright impeccable pizza has only grown, no matter how economically he is. difficult to maintain.

Regardless of what the future holds for Seymour, at least pizza lovers in northern Pinellas and elsewhere can expect the same wood-fired za that Pizzeria Gregario has been offering for over a decade. He tells CL that after this season (which ends in late spring), he might consider selling the little yellow building in which his pizzeria is open, to pursue the life of an ethical snowbirder. Ideally, he’d like to eventually team up with a Tampa Bay-based farm to continue bolstering his seasonal approach to food.

“I really want a space where I can practice my craft and continue to learn,” says Seymour. “I’m interested in learning how to grow and grow my own food, but I’m really trying to find some kind of balance in my life.”

When the Safety Harbor gem reopens next month, it will only be available for takeout from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. For more information on Pizzeria Gregario, follow his Facebook, where the technically repulsive Seymour may or may not post updates.

Those interested in ordering loaves of his artisan bread should email

Best Anime on Crunchyroll (October 2022)


Crunchyroll has the largest anime library in the world. This is perfect for watching ongoing series since the latest episodes hit the platform an hour after their Japanese premiere. Earlier in 2022, Funimation merged with Crunchyroll, making its vast library even bigger.

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It can be difficult to choose which anime to watch next because there are so many titles. Luckily, Crunchyroll is always adding new titles, whether it’s old classics or brand new series from all anime genres. There’s an anime for every type of person, and more likely than not, new viewers can find it somewhere in Crunchyroll’s vast library.

14/14 Samurai Champloo (2004-2005)

26 episodes

Samurai Champloo, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, is a historical anime series set in feudal Japan. However, its hip-hop soundtrack and upbeat characters give it a fresh, rather than vintage feel.

Samurai Champloo features Jin, Mugen, and Fuu. Jin is a ronin more concerned with becoming a better swordsman than making friends and influencing people. Mugen is an animalistic fighting style samurai who adheres to his own moral compass. They are both Fuu’s bodyguards as she searches for the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

13/14 Yu Yu Hakusho (1992-1994)

112 episodes

Yu Yu Hakusho was Yoshihiro Togashi’s first masterpiece before Hunter X Hunter. Yu Yu Hakusho follows Yusuke, a delinquent who nearly died trying to save a child from being hit by a car.

Yusuke’s unexpected selflessness touched the authorities in the spirit realm, so they gave him a second chance, with some conditions. With one of the best tournament arcs in shonen history, well-written antagonists, and thrilling fight scenes, Yu Yu Hakusho is a must-have watch for all shonen anime fans.

12/14 Receding Lycoris (2022–present)

13 episodes

Recoil of Lycoris was one of the best anime released during the summer 2022 season. Recoil of Lycoris follows a crime syndicate called Direct Attack. The group nurtures orphaned girls and raises them as cold-blooded assassins in their “Lycoris” program.

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Recoil of Lycoris stars Takina and Chisato. Takina is a strong Lycoris who is passionate about her work. After a horrific hostage situation, Takina gains a new partner in Chisato, a Lycoris prodigy who doesn’t take his job so seriously. Throughout the show, the duo learns to work together. Recoil of Lycoris isn’t primarily character driven. Instead, the series lets its action do the storytelling.

11/14 Mob Psycho 100 (2019–present)

26 episodes

Mob Psycho 100 is an unconventional shonen hit that takes itself seriously for what it is while poking fun at the genre’s most over-the-top trope. With a simplistic yet unique art style and visually stunning animation courtesy of Studio Bones, Mob Psycho 100 is as character-driven as it is action-packed.

Mob Psycho 100 features Shigeo Kageyama, or “Mob”, a teenage esper who keeps his emotions bottled up to avoid overloading his ESP. If his emotions reach 100%, Mob’s already powerful abilities become terribly strong.

10/14 Sk8 Infinity (2021–present)

12 episodes

The popularity of sports anime has recently exploded thanks to titles like Haikyu!, Kuroko’s Basketballand more recently, Sk8 Infinity. Sk8 Infinity hit Crunchyroll right after the merger with Funimation.

Sk8 Infinity embraces sports anime clichés, but its storytelling never feels contrived. Instead, new viewers can access Sk8 Infinity expect a fun, lighthearted show with a good sense of humor, a lovable ensemble cast, and tons of awesome skateboarding stuff. Sk8 Infinity follows Reki and Langa as they bond over skateboarding and compete in “S”, an illegal tournament in an abandoned mine.

9/14 Gintama (2006-2018)

367 episodes

Gintama is a critically acclaimed shonen series about Gintoki Sakata, a defiant samurai and lovable eccentric who still carries his wooden sword after alien invaders banned his profession. However, he has to accept odd jobs and freelance gigs at his company, Yorozuya, to make ends meet.

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Gintama is full of recognizable pop culture references that make the viewer forget that the series is set in feudal Japan. Gintama is a brilliant combination of slapstick comedy, sci-fi weirdness, and shonen action, all rolled into one.

8/14 Basket of Fruits -Prelude- (2021)

88 minutes

Fruit Basket -Prelude- is the prequel to Fruit basket which recently arrived in Crunchyroll’s anime library. The film tells the story of Tohru’s parents, Katsuya and Kyoko. However, it also features plenty of flashback scenes and all-new adorable moments between Tohru and Kyo.

Fruit Basket -Prelude- delves into Kyoko’s backstory and fully fleshes her out as an abandoned delinquent. It’s a stark contrast to Kyoko’s fans who fell in love as Tohru’s mother. Fruit Basket -Prelude-‘s The box office success is testament to the renewed popularity of shojo in recent years.

7/14 Blue lock (2022–present)

24 episodes

blue lock is a unique sports anime that turns football into an all-or-nothing game of death as Japan’s top players are confined to a facility and forced to compete. Whoever comes first enters the national team as the best striker in Japan.

blue lock follows Yoichi Isagi, a soccer player who cost his national team after making the mistake of passing instead of shooting. At the titular Blue Lock, Yoichi learns the importance of developing an ego as a player as he ruthlessly competes against his peers to become number one.

6/14 Naruto (2002-2007)

220 episodes

From seasons one through nine of naruto are leaving Netflix soon, now is the perfect time to migrate to Crunchyroll and pick up the series. naruto is a classic shonen anime series and has maintained its stronghold in the genre’s “big three” since its premiere in 2002.

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Seasons one through nine make up the first part of the naruto front series Shippuden. These seasons show Naruto as a fledgling shinobi trying to make his way in the world and stand out from his peers. A part of Naruto’s the best arcs take place during seasons one through nine, such as the Chunin Exams.

5/14 My Hero Academia (2016–present)

120 episodes

My Hero Academia The sixth season has recently premiered and features one of the most anticipated story arcs. my hero academia follows Izuku Midoriya after he goes from quirkless wonder to pro-hero with a full roster of super-powered quirks.

my hero academia is a brilliant next-gen shonen series with a memorable art style, thoughtful world-building, and an ensemble cast with a personality every viewer loves. Its villains are just as adorable as the heroes, and every fight lives up to the hype.

4/14 Tokyo Revenge (2021–present)

24 episodes

Tokyo avengers was the breakout anime during the summer 2021 season. Tokyo avengers features Takemichi, a 26-year-old man whose life is at an all-time low. When things couldn’t get any worse, Takemichi discovers that his high school girlfriend was killed in a tragic accident.

After that, Takemichi is caught on a time-travel back to middle school to prevent her death from happening. However, this leads to run-ins with violent college gangs and it changes the course of Takemichi’s life forever. Tokyo avengers is an action-packed series with a great soundtrack and a set filled with lovable characters.

3/14 Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021 Movie)

105 minutes

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was recently added to Crunchyroll’s library. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 serves as a prequel to the main series, taking place a year before Yuji swallows Sukuna’s fingers. It presents fan-favorite characters and recurring antagonists in a whole new light, providing context for certain individuals and events mentioned in the main series.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 features Yuta Okkotsu, who is haunted by Rika Orimoto, his childhood friend who became a vengeful cursed spirit after dying in an accident. Yuta attends Tokyo Jujutsu High to become a wizard and unravel his curse. As expected from any MAPPA project, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 features brilliant animation, stunning visuals, well-choreographed fights, and a beautiful soundtrack.

2/14 Chainsaw Man (2022–present)

12 episodes

Chainsaw Man was the most anticipated anime of the fall 2022 season. Its manga garnered a devoted cult following, so fans had high expectations for the first episode. Fortunately, MAPPA did not disappoint.

Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a poor teenager who drives out demons to get the yakuza to pay off his father’s debt. Unfortunately, the yakuza betrayed him and tried to kill him. Denji’s canine companion and chainsaw devil, Pochita, merged with his heart and resurrected him. After that, Denji joined the Public Safety Devil Hunters to defeat the gun devil and score with a girl in the process.

1/14 Spy X family (2022–present)

25 episodes

Spy X Family was the anime of the spring 2022 season. It is such a light-hearted, action-packed shonen series. Spy X Family features Twilight, a spy who must infiltrate a school to prevent a war. To do this, Twilight takes the name “Loid Forger” and creates a makeshift family.

Twilight adopts Anya, completely unaware that she is a powerful telepath whose true origins are unknown. Afterwards, he marries Yor, a seemingly unassuming town clerk who is actually a master assassin. They all keep their true identities a secret from each other and chaos ensues.

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CA administrators consider changing the organization’s code of ethics


Cricket Australia’s directors will consider a rewrite of the organisation’s code of ethics, a process which begins at tomorrow’s board meeting in Hobart, which could potentially see the eventual lifting of the lifetime ban on David Warner to direct.

CA announced a loss of A$5.1 million for the 2021-22 financial year at its general meeting on Thursday. CA largely blamed the loss on challenges presented by the pandemic such as biosecurity costs and reduced crowd capacity, as well as a drop in UK media rights for last summer’s Ashes.

Former Women’s Rapid Clea Smith was also unanimously elected to the CA Board of Directors as the only former player to serve as manager, following Mel Jones’ decision to step down.

Smith represented Australia in a Test match, 48 ODIs and 12 T20Is, previously held positions with the Australian Cricketers’ Association and was influential in the parental leave policy introduced in 2019.

Former Cricket Victoria chairman David Maddocks was also elected to replace outgoing Michelle Tredenick.

New AC manager Clea Smith played in Australia’s 2010 T20 World Cup-winning squad //Getty

Warner has had a leadership ban since the ball tampering scandal of 2018, and the 35-year-old who is closing in on 100 T20 internationals and 100 Test matches, has been mentioned as a candidate for the vacant captaincy of one day in Australia, but cannot fulfill the role under his sanctions.

Under the current rules, players who accept a sanction under the Code of Ethics waive their right to have the matter reviewed.

That means CA’s code would have to be rewritten before Warner’s ban can be reviewed, and a rewrite is something directors will discuss at Friday’s board meeting in Hobart.

“The view within Cricket Australia is that David is doing particularly well on the pitch and making a great contribution off the pitch,” chairman Lachlan Henderson said.

“The first step with respect to banning David’s leadership is to review the code and see if these penalties can be revised, and the appropriate revisions to this code that should be made.”

Henderson said the code could be rewritten if deemed necessary, with this to happen before a one-day captaincy call is made.

“Our intention is to review the code as quickly as possible. It’s in no one’s interest for us to delay this,” Henderson said.

“That would be in time for any future leadership conversations regarding David.”

CA is concerned that any changes made to the code in consultation with Ethics Commissioner Simon Longstaff may have implications for matters other than Warner.

At the same time, CEO Nick Hockley stressed that players have the right to show that they have changed since being banned for life.

“In very simple terms, we’re looking at penalties to review for good behavior and growth after a period of time,” Hockley said.

“Pending discussion tomorrow, there would then have to be a review of the code and that would have to be approved by the board.”

Meanwhile, the CA remains undecided on whether to lift the ban on playing Afghanistan in bilateral matches ahead of a three-match ODI series early next year.

Australia declined to host the country under Taliban rule last summer but agreed to play them at the T20 World Cup on November 4 as it is an ICC event.

Moses Moody is ready for another season of storytelling


TOKYO — Moses Moody and his father Kareem took an evening stroll last month in a park in Tokyo’s Chiyoda City district, where they admired the lush green grass — perfect for a picnic or a siesta, Kareem said – and were impressed by the late-night serenity within the bustling city of nearly 14 million people.

When a car buzzed, Moses joked, “This car looks like it runs on water from Voss.”

Don’t even ask them how clean the city is, even without trash cans in sight.

“It’s crazy that it’s even possible,” exclaimed Moses.

This trip was not necessarily something Moody had imagined. Sure, Moses dreamed all his childhood of playing in the NBA, but a basketball business trip to Tokyo? Certainly not.

It’s just the latest in a wild series of events for Moses, who grew up following Kareem’s job almost daily as an after-school program director in Little Rock, Arkansas. Now the tables have turned.

“We call it ‘Take your dad to work,'” Kareem said of the trip to Japan.

The past 15 months have been a whirlwind for the Moody family, starting with the 2021 NBA Draft, when the Warriors selected Moses with the No. 14 overall pick. Since then, there have been many times when Moses and his family wondered when they would wake up to the sound of a buzzing alarm and it would all be an elaborate dream.

Moses Moody and his father Kareem in Tokyo during the Warriors’ September 2022 trip. (Photo: Madeline Kenney/Bay Area News Group)

“Yeah, I got pinched,” Kareem said. “I’m pretty bruised. Everything is in mind the next.

After being drafted No. 14 last summer, Moses got rotational minutes as a rookie — even received 11 starts — and played meaningful basketball in the playoffs alongside future Hall of Famers Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green until June.

It all culminated with a title win in Game 6 against the Celtics on the iconic TD Garden Parquet floor.

“It’s cool” to be a part of history, Moses said. “It’s a surreal thing to be with these guys that I’ve been watching all this time. But at some point, you just have to believe it. It was cool in the beginning where it’s like, ‘This is crazy, I’m here with these guys.’ But at some point you just have to be like, ‘Yeah, I’m here with the guys, let’s go.'”

And here’s the thing: the 20-year-old is just getting started.

Moses has stayed in the Bay Area this offseason to hone his game as he prepares to carve out a bigger role in the rotation this season. And he entered training camp on September 24 bigger and stronger than a year ago.

“He’s more explosive,” coach Steve Kerr said of Moses recently. “He had a few dunks in training that you wouldn’t have seen last year.”

Moses credited what he called his “newfound athleticism” to Kevon Looney, who transformed it into Joga, or yoga for sportsmen. The workouts helped Moses cope with routine aches and pains.

“I said to everyone…when I got there, ‘Coach, my knee hurts, it hurts when I play. But if we fix my knee, I promise you there’s an athlete contained within me,” Moses recalled. “And so we worked that out and now I’m able to show it.”

Moses has always been known to his family and peers as reserved and mature beyond his years. Kerr called him an “old soul”. Many of his teammates forget that he was born in the new millennium.

Despite living the fast-paced life of the NBA, earning $3.7 million this season (115 times more than his hometown median income), Moses has remained true to the blue-collar values ​​instilled in him at a young age. He is respectful and humble, speaking only when he deems it necessary.

He was also praised by the Warriors front office and coaching staff for taking his job seriously.

Moses said his work ethic was inspired by his older brother when they were boys. The youngest Moody remembers looking out his bedroom window and seeing his older brother, then in sixth grade, performing uphill exercises through makeshift cones made up of piles of leaves.

“I was like, ‘Man, I’m not going there today,'” Moses recalled. But “‘once I get to sixth grade, I know I have to turn it on.'”

And that’s exactly what he did.

In college, Moses kept his promise and locked himself away. He woke up his father at 5 a.m. before getting dressed. He had come back to his parents’ room to wake Dad up again, this time so they could go to the gym for the first of Moses’ two daily workouts.

“I fell in love with the work,” said Moïse. “It feels good to be prepared, to do all of this rather than doing other stuff that might seem like fun, but it takes stuff out of the tank. I prefer to put stuff in it.

This work ethic carried over to the NBA level.

Growing up, Moses was known throughout the city as “the son of Kareem.”

“Now he’s Moses’ father,” his father said.

And Pops is more than okay with that.

“He’s not a kid anymore,” Kareem said. “I like to feel like my kids are progressing and they’re kind of taking the reins and growing up, that’s kind of cool to see and see, so I’m riding with it.

“He takes me everywhere.”

San Francisco, Boston, Tokyo – and its second season hasn’t even started yet.

American Land Title Association Announces Winners of ALTA Our Values ​​Awards | app


WASHINGTON, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The American Land Title Association (ALTA), the national trade association for the land title insurance industry, announced the winners of the 2022 ALTA Our Values ​​Awards. presents the Our Title Insurance Industry Values ​​initiative, which serves as a cultural compass and highlights the fundamental ideals that ALTA members embrace.

The four winners of the ALTA Our Values ​​Award were honored at ALTA ONE, the land title insurance industry’s largest annual event, taking place October 11-14 in San Diego. Each of the three individual prizes represents one of three values:

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How Leaders Can Prioritize Ethical Innovation and Data Dignity in AI


Increasingly, companies are relying on artificial intelligence to perform various business functions, some that only computers can perform and others that are even better handled by humans. And while it might make sense that a computer could perform these tasks without any sort of bias or agenda, leaders in the AI ​​space are increasingly warning about this exact scenario.

The concern is so widespread that new responsible AI measures have been launched by the federal government, requiring companies to look for these biases and operate systems in front of humans to avoid them.

The four pillars of responsible AI

Ray Eitel-Porter, Managing Director and Global Head of Responsible AI at Accenture, explained during a virtual event hosted by Fortune Thursday that the technology consulting firm operates around four “pillars” for implementing AI: principles and governance, policies and controls, technology and platforms, and culture and training.

“The four pillars are basically from our engagement with a number of clients in this space and real recognition of where people are in their journey,” he said. “Most of the time now it’s really about how you take your principles and put them into practice.”

Many companies these days have an AI framework. Policies and controls are the next layer, which relates to how you put these principles in place. Technology and platforms are the tools in which you implement these principles, and the culture and training part ensures that everyone at all levels of the company understands their role, can execute it and buy into it.

“It’s definitely not just something for a data science team or a technology team,” Eitel-Porter said. “It’s really something that’s relevant to everyone in the business, so culture and training is really important.”

Naba Banerjee, product manager at Airbnb, suggested that a fifth pillar be included: the financial investments needed to make these things happen.

Interestingly, Eitel-Porter said the interest and intent is there, citing a recent Accenture survey of 850 senior executives globally, which found that only 6% had successfully integrated responsible AI into operational plan, while 77% said it was a top priority for the future. .

And going back to Banerjee’s point on investment, the same survey showed that 80% of respondents said they would allocate 10% of their AI and analytics budgets over the next few years to responsible AI. , while 45% said they would allocate 20% of their budget. to effort.

“It’s really encouraging because, frankly, without the money it’s very difficult to do these things, and it shows that there’s a very strong commitment from organizations to take the next step. .. to operationalize the principles through the governance mechanism,” he said.

How companies try to be responsible

Airbnb is using AI to prevent parties at hospitality homes, which have become a bigger issue amid the pandemic. One of the ways the company is trying to detect this risk is by looking at tenants under the age of 25 who rent mansions for one, assuming those customers are looking for party venues.

“That seems quite logical, so why use AI?” Banerjee asked. “But when you have a platform with over 100 million guests, over 4 million hosts, and over 6 million listings, and the scale continues to grow, you can’t do it with a set of rules. And as soon as you build a set of rules, someone finds a way around the rules.

Banerjee said the employees were constantly working on training the model to enforce those rules, but it wasn’t perfect.

“When you try to stop bad actors, you unfortunately also catch dolphins in the net,” she said.

That’s when the humans in customer service have to step in to resolve issues with individual users of the platform, who had no intention of raging, but were prevented from booking anyway. These instances were also used to improve the models.

But robots can’t do everything. Airbnb’s Project Lighthouse, which focuses on preventing discrimination by partnering with civil rights organizations, helps the online homestay marketplace keep humans in the loop. Banerjee said the company’s mission is to create a world where everyone can belong anywhere, and to that end the platform has removed 2.5 million users since 2016 who didn’t comply. community standards.

“Unless you can measure and understand the impact of any kind of system you build to keep the community safe… there’s really nothing you can do about it,” she said.

Project Lighthouse aims to measure and eliminate this discrimination, but it does so without facial recognition or algorithms. Instead, it uses humans to help understand a person’s perceived race while keeping that person’s identity anonymous.

“Where we see a gap between white guests, black guests, white hosts, black hosts, we take action,” she said.

At Mastercard, artificial intelligence has long been used to prevent fraud on the millions of daily transactions made across the country.

“It’s interesting because at Mastercard, we’re in the business of data and technology. This is the space we’ve been in for many, many years,” said Raj Seshadri, president of data and services at Mastercard.

And the concept of trust is inherent in this work, she added: “What is the intention of what you are doing? What did you hope to accomplish and what are the unintended consequences? »

But the more data you have, the more discrimination you can avoid when using AI, Seshadri said. For example, small businesses run by women are generally not approved for as much credit, but with more data points it might be possible to reduce gender discrimination.

“It levels the playing field,” Seshadri said.

Biased robots are human creations

Krishna Gade, founder and CEO of Fiddler AI, said the biased robots are not sentient creatures with a program, but rather the result of faulty human data informing what we hope can be an improved version of the process.

A difficulty here is that machine learning-based software improves in a kind of black box, Gade said. And it doesn’t work like traditional software where you can view code line by line and make fixes. It then becomes difficult to explain how AI works.

“They’re basically trying to infer what’s going on in the model,” says Gade. The data the AI ​​uses to calculate a Mastercard customer’s loan approval, for example, may be causal to the model, but not in the real world. “There are so many other factors that could influence the current rate.”

At Fiddler AI, users can “play” a model’s inputs to understand why it behaves the way it does. You could adjust someone’s past debts to see what their credit score would change, for example.

“These types of interactions can build trust with a model,” he said, noting that many industries, such as banking, are asking risk management teams to review their AI processes, but that not all sectors implement these controls.

New government regulations are likely to change that, as many in this industry have called for an AI bill of rights.

“A lot of these conversations are going on, and I think that’s a good thing,” Seshadri said.

‘It’s been my best week ever’: Dealer’s Japanese armor takeaway wins slap-up celebration ahead of Asian art in London


Edo period samurai armor priced at £30,000-50,000 at David Thatcher Samurai Art.

The master craftsman-turned-specialist dealer received a remarkable response to the release of his latest catalog, selling around 90% of his new stock within days.

Taking advantage of the strength of the dollar and the weakness of the pound (the two currencies being almost at parity on September 26), American buyers seized 12 pieces including a rare red lacquer armor made for a member of the Takeda clan in the Momoyama era.

Hit on social media

Thatcher, who has more than 18,000 social media followers for his images of samurai armor and weapons, sold it within hours through his Instagram account.

He said ATG“I’ve sold a dozen pieces in the United States in the last eight days. Included were freshly listed items that I had purchased in Japan specifically for the AAL gallery event.

“It has been my best week. I even took my wife out for fish and chips!

Although only five articles from Thatcher’s AAL catalog remains, three complete Edo samurai suits of armor (priced at £30,000-50,000 each) will make a statement when it goes on display at the Shapero Gallery, Bond Street from 27 October to 5 November.

Momoyama period mask

An iron and lacquer mask from the Momoyama period signed Nobuie exhibited at Japan House.

The dealer will also show an iron and lacquer mask from the Momoyama period which is among the items chosen to be displayed at Japan House in Knightsbridge as part of the group exhibition. The Art of Collecting: Japan.

The 16th century mask bears a golden inscription and a kao bearing the signature of the famous Myochin blacksmith Nobuie.

Trading for only a year, David Thatcher Samurai Art is a relatively new member of the trading community, but he is well known in his chosen field as a leading restorer and advisor with 35 years experience.

See next week’s edition,
ATG No 2564, to learn more about East Asian art.

The experimental drug slows disease progression by 27%.

  • If the data is confirmed, “it would be the first treatment that modifies the natural course of the disease”, specifies the Pasqual Maragall Foundation.

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai has announced that the final phase of the study I was leading with a experimental drug, lecanemabfor the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has shown positive results in the treatment of slow down the worsening of the disease: lecanemab seems reduce aggravation by up to 27%. Alzheimer’s symptoms. Eisai published this Wednesday the results of the. clinical test, the third and final phase of its analysis on this new treatment for the neurodegenerative disease that he is studying in collaboration with an American pharmaceutical company Biogenic.

All the details of the final result will be presented in November, at a congress in San Francisco (USA). If these “hopeful” data were finally confirmed, it would be the “first drug that modifies the natural evolution of Alzheimer’s disease”, appreciates the director of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, Arcadi Navarro.

The clinical test began in March 2019 and involved 1,795 people from Japan, the United States and Europe with mild cognitive impairment (dementia) or early-stage Alzheimer’s with abnormalities of beta-amyloid (a key peptide in its development) confirmed.

Changes in cognitive functions.

The patients were divided into two groups: members of one received the drug once every two weeks for 18 months, while the other received a placebo, to study changes in their cognitive functions.

After a year and a half, the group dealt with lecanemab presented a 27% reduction in symptom aggravation. compared to the one who received the placebo, and already after six months “the treatment showed statistically significant changes” in cognitive evolution, according to the results of the study.

Another trial involving 111 patients in China is currently underway.

“Cautious optimism.”

“We have known for some time that this drug is under investigation. Today the Japanese company released this press release, they are. promising clues which we have to take with caution until we have the details, at the November congress,” insists Navarro. The director of the Fundació Pasqual Maragall considers the data as “very encouraging”.

“Companies say they have demonstrated a slowing cognitive decline. If confirmed, it would be the first time there has been a drug that alters the natural course of the disease. But we have to wait until November. We can’t judge the film by the title. He insists.

“We take the news with cautious optimism,” Navarro said. Currently, there is no drug that cures or slows down Alzheimer’s disease. But research is ongoing about 130 and lecanemab, if approved, would be the first to be released.

Navarro opts for caution because he remembers what happened last year with another drug, lecanemab. aducanumab, which was the first Alzheimer’s drug approved in the United States in 18 years. “There was a big controversy: the FDA approved it against the experts’ vote because it its effectiveness was low and it had noticeable side effects. recalls Navarro. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has rejected its approval in Europe and multinationals such as Biogen withdrew their request for authorization.

Stopping its progress

Lecanemab is designed to prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. by binding an antibody to beta-amyloid (which occurs in abnormal buildups in the brains of patients with this disease, the most common form of dementia) and removing it, to prevent nerve cell destruction.

If ultimately positive, the drug will still need to be approved by the US drug agency, the FDA. Eisai plans to discuss its findings with regulatory authorities in order to seek approval of the drug in the United States, Japan and Europe by March 2023.

6 sci-fi anime that could have been inspired by Star Wars


It’s no secret that the original star wars franchise was heavily inspired by Japanese culture. From strength-sharing parallels with Zen Buddhism to the Jedi being compared to the samurai warrior caste, elements of Japanese culture and ideas are abundant in the star wars intrigue and world building. George Lucas himself even admitted that A new hope was heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s 1958 film, The hidden fortress, which told the story through the lens of its peasant protagonists. In star wars, the “peasant” perspective is seen through the two droids R2-D2 and C3PO.

RELATED: How Andor Elevates Star Wars Action

Fast forward to today, the east-west cultural exchange has come full circle. It wouldn’t be difficult for anime lovers to point out several sci-fi anime shows that contain elements of star wars. From certain story elements to the iconic lightsaber reimagined, it shows that nothing is truly original under the sun. That being said, that doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel means a dull, unoriginal story, it can be quite the opposite.

Most of these examples are unconfirmed to be inspired by star warsbut they share a few key elements in common.


6/6 Star Wars: Visions

This entry does not need a “could” qualifier. Star Wars: Visions happens to be an animated anthology series created for Disney Plus. Released in 2021, the series is split into nine standalone shorts that take place in the star wars canon mythos and it was supposed to offer a new, diverse take on the franchise.

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Maintain the mood and theme of the star wars world, each film is directed by a different director and a different animation studio. While maintaining no consistent storylines with each other, the series allows viewers to witness star warsthrough an alternate lens. Perhaps he brings up the idea and demonstrates how the star wars The legacy has come full circle, cementing itself as a cultural zeitgeist even today.

5/6 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

On the surface, Code Geass may appear not to share elements with star wars at all. Sporting mechs, multiple political factions, and magical powers while partially set in a school, it just doesn’t add up. However, looking at the spectacle from a macro lens, the series sets in motion a rebellion against a tyrannical empire in which the protagonist must defeat his father who is the head of the autocratic regime.

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While Lelouch isn’t as selfless and legally good as Luke Skywalker, and the magical systems are vastly different in how they work, the threads that bind the two franchises cannot be ignored.

4/6 Mobile Suit Gundam

Released 2 years later A new hope, Mobile Suit Gundam paved the way for Sci-Fi anime and its popularity. As the ancestor of the “mecha” genre in anime, the series focuses on political unrest and conflict taking place in space. While there are no evil Jedi or Sith, the show features armored mech units wielding their versions of guns and lightsabers.

Although not parroting star wars, the series shares similarities with its visual elements and plot devices – a rebellion brewing against mighty empires with super weapons. Sound familiar? Mobile Suit Gundam may also owe a lot to star wars because it gave audiences a taste and desire for more science fiction stories.

3/6 cowboy bebop

A classic sci-fi masterpiece, cowboy bebop shares many elements with the original star wars trilogy. Both being space westerns, cowboy bebop perhaps captures the more “romantic” themes and spirit of its Western counterpart, more so than any other anime series on the market. Both feature an extraordinary soundtrack that evokes the vast expanse, epicness and loneliness of space. You have to see both to find the connecting threads, because, as they say, seeing is believing.

cowboy bebop also follows a ragtag band of bounty hunters searching for their fortunes and a way to escape their past. Other than that, there isn’t much else that ties the franchises together. Those who haven’t checked out this gem should do so immediately as it’s an (emotional) ride.

2/6 my hero academia

my hero academia shares many similar tropes one would expect from the superhero genre – interesting powers, several big bad guys, a school of heroes, and the theme of good versus evil. Overall, this is a typical anime superhero series heavily inspired by its Western superhero counterparts. Whereas My Hero Academia characters and story arcs are far from star warsseveral aspects tie the two franchises together.

Main protagonist Deku’s training ground in the first story arc: Takoba Municipal Beach Park is a nod to Dagobah where Luke trains with Yoda. Speaking of Yoda, Deku (who looks a lot like Luke in his vision) hangs out with a short, former mentor named Gran Torino who is at the same time an extremely powerful yet eccentric mentor figure.

1/6 Legend of Galactic Heroes

While some shows are inspired by or borrow story beats and technological concepts from star wars myth, Legend of Galactic Heroes practically scream star wars. A politically heavy sci-fi space opera, the series explores the struggle between the Democratic Alliance of Free Planets against the monarchical Galactic Empire with a third power known as the Dominion of Phezzan caught in the mix. The show explores the conflict through the lens of both sides as well as neutral parties trying to navigate through the epic conflict.

Featuring complex characters and intricate politics, the series doesn’t shy away from its fair share of epic space battles and impressive war strategies. It’s basically star wars in full glory while delving into some of the themes and concepts that were touched on in the original trilogy. Some concepts from the anime even share similarities with the prequels. Talk about a senseless cultural exchange of ideas.

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Vanderbilt Pauses Gender Affirming Surgeries on Minors, Says Genital Surgeries Not Performed – Tennessee Lookout


Vanderbilt University Medical Center is temporarily halting gender-affirming surgeries on patients under the age of 18 while it reviews new national recommendations for treating transgender patients, the deputy chief executive and director of the hospital health system in a letter to Tennessee Rep. Jason Zachary on Friday.

So far, the hospital’s transgender health clinic has performed an annual average of five surgeries on minors aged 16 and over – none of which were genital surgeries, the deputy chief executive’s letter said. and Health System Director, Dr. C. Wright Pinson.

Pinson’s letter served as a response to demands last week from Zachary and 61 other members of the House Republican Caucus that the medical center immediately halt permanent gender-affirming surgeries on minors. Lawmakers said they were “alarmed” by reports from a far-right publication, the Daily Wire, that the clinic was performing “surgical mutilation” on minors.

“It is a glaring error in judgment that an institution as respected as Vanderbilt condones (and promotes) harmful and irreversible procedures for minor children in the name of profit,” said the Sept. 28 letter sent by Republicans. The letter demanded a response from Vanderbilt within 10 days.

Rep. Jason Zachary, R-Knoxville (Photo: John Partipilo)

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh first published edited video clips of Vanderbilt staff discussing transgender surgery last month: One depicts a doctor calling him a “big money maker”, although does not mention minors; in another, a Vanderbilt plastic surgeon discussed “peak surgeries” on 16- and 17-year-old patients who took testosterone and had parental permission. Another clip showed a Vanderbilt law professor saying “conscientious objections” to gender-affirming surgery were “problematic”.

Republican leaders in Tennessee were quick to express their outrage, pledging to introduce legislation banning gender-affirming surgery for minors. Governor Bill Lee said the allegations warrant a “full investigation”.

Democrats pushed back, saying “hate” was being used “for political purposes”.

“Parents should be able to make decisions about the health of their children. This is something Republicans claim to stand for, but refuse to acknowledge when it comes to transition care,” said Rep. Vincent Dixie, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

Vanderbilt has been quiet since the controversy emerged. Hospital officials simply noted that the health care provided to transgender children is “in accordance with state law and consistent with proactive professional standards and guidance established by medical specialty societies,” but declined to comment. answer specific questions.

The clinic’s website, which included photos and contact details of clinic staff, was immediately removed. STAT News reported that at least 20 children’s hospitals across the country have been singled out by right-wing pundits and that all but three have edited or removed information from websites, in part to protect staff and patients. doctors against threats.

Similar social media campaigns regarding transgender care for minors have led to threats of violence against staff and doctors. Earlier this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association and Children’s Hospital Association, writing on behalf of 220 children’s hospitals, urged Attorney General Merrick Garland to “investigate organizations, individuals and entities that coordinate, provoke and execute bomb threats”. and threats of personal violence against children’s hospitals and doctors across the United States”

On Friday, a VUMC spokesperson referred Lookout questions to Zachary’s Tweet about Pinson’s letter.

The letter notes that Vanderbilt established its Transgender Health Clinic in 2018 “because transgender people are at high risk for mental and physical health issues and have historically been underserved by our nation’s health care systems.”

Pinson’s letter does not specify how many minors have been treated at the clinic, but does note that only a small number of surgeries are performed on minors each year — and all of them on teenagers who are at least 16 years old. None of the surgeries were performed without parental consent and none of the surgeries involved genital procedures, the letter states.

Revenue from these surgeries constitutes “an intangible percentage of VUMC’s net operating revenue,” the letter states. Pinson noted that VUMC’s policies allow employees to be excluded from medical care they deem morally wrong.

Vanderbilt is nonetheless halting those surgeries while he considers new recommendations from WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, released Sept. 6, the letter says.

“We are suspending gender-affirming surgeries on patients under the age of 18 while we complete this review, which may take several months,” the letter reads.

The pause can become indefinite. Pinson acknowledged that GOP lawmakers intend to introduce legislation regarding transgender care, which could pass as soon as the Legislature resumes in January.

“As always, we will ensure that VUMC’s programs comply with any new requirements that may be established under Tennessee law,” Pinson said.

Hans Zimmer announces new double live album and 2023 tour dates


Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer is set to release a new double album, “Hans Zimmer Live,” in 2023.

Sony Classical announced the news today by previewing the first single(s), the three-part “Last Samurai Suite”.

Zimmer’s new album features reimagined arrangements of his most iconic tunes. Among those scores receiving new treatments are “The Lion King”, “The Dark Knight”, “Dunkirk”, “Gladiator” and “Inception”.

Zimmer recorded the album last summer while on tour. The sessions were held over 10 nights with his 20-piece band, “The Disruptive Collective”.

His band includes frequent collaborators Lisa Gerrard (“Gladiator”), Lebo M. (“The Lion King”), Loire Cutler (“X Men: Dark Phoenix”), cellist Tina Guo (“Wonder Woman”) and Nick Glennie -Smith. (music director of the group). Zimmer plays multiple instruments on the album, which also features the Odessa Opera Orchestra and Chorus.

He said, “I just wanted to produce the best album. I wanted to create an opportunity for the music to breathe a little differently, in its own context. For this adventure, I am delighted to have been joined by the largest team of collaborators possible.

“Hans Zimmer Live” will be released on March 3 and will be available on streaming platforms.

In addition to the album news, Zimmer also announced a series of new European tour dates for next year. Visit www.hanszimmerlive.com for more information.

Taiwan seeks ‘crucial’ role in Indo-Pacific: President Tsai


Taipei, Oct. 7 (CNA) Taiwan seeks to play a “crucial” role in the development of the Indo-Pacific region in the post-COVID-19 era, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said on Friday during of the opening of the Yushan Forum in Taipei.

Taiwan can be “a crucial player” in the Indo-Pacific region in the post-pandemic era by aiding regional and global economic recovery and contributing to supply chain restructuring efforts, Tsai argued.

“While Taiwan finds itself at the forefront of authoritarian expansion, our resilient economy and industrial supply chain remain a vital part of the regional ecosystem,” she said.

Tsai pledged to put more emphasis on the Government’s New Southbound Policy (NSP), an initiative launched by the Tsai administration in 2016 aimed at expanding Taiwan’s economic, cultural and political ties with Asia. Southeast, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The NSP will be Taiwan’s “pivotal regional policy for Asia” as it works to “strengthen our security and economic ties with our partners in the region”, Tsai said.

The government will actively integrate Taiwan’s capability in high-tech industries with the existing NSP to promote “a new southern digital initiative”, she said.

According to the president, Taiwanese companies have significantly increased their investment in the 18 countries targeted by the NSP over the past six years, with Taiwan’s investment in these countries reaching $2.2 billion between January and July this year.

In the first quarter of 2022, profits from investments in those 18 countries by listed Taiwanese companies exceeded profits from investments in China by those same companies for the first time, she said.

Also at the opening, former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said in a pre-recorded video that he felt responsible for further strengthening Taiwan-Japan relations following the death of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe, Japan’s longtime prime minister, died on July 8 at the age of 67, hours after he was shot twice by a man armed with a makeshift rifle on a street in the city of Nara, near Osaka, during an election rally. He served as prime minister from 2006 to 2007 and 2012 to 2020 and was seen by some in Taiwan as a strong supporter of the island.

Aso, who is currently vice-president of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, also condemned Russia for “military aggression” against Ukraine, saying attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by force are “not allowed anywhere.” part in the world”.

Japanese parliamentarian Keiji Furuya, meanwhile, said like-minded countries should work together to prevent a “crisis” in the Taiwan Strait while expressing concern over China’s growing military pressure on Taiwan.

“No one benefits from such a decision, and it will only harm the peace and stability of the region,” said Furuya, who is chairman of the Japan-ROC Diet Members Advisory Council, a parliamentary group. of 270 members dedicated to promoting Japan-Taiwan relations.

Furuya said peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is important not only to Taiwan, where about 24,000 Japanese currently live, but also to the international community.

“A contingency in Taiwan means a contingency for Japan and a contingency for countries that share common values ​​of freedom, democracy, rule of law and basic human rights,” he said.

The sixth edition of the Yushan Forum will include speeches and panel discussions from former government officials, lawmakers, academics, business leaders and representatives of civil society groups from 12 countries, the organizer said. of the event, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF). .

Also attending the forum are Rose Gottemoeller, former NATO Assistant Secretary General and US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, and the President of Palau, Surangel Whipps Jr., among others.

The Untold Truth of Avatar: The Last Airbender


There are four main types of bending in the world of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. But bending isn’t as simple as it might imply. The series and its sequel, “Avatar: The Legend of Korra,” explore the complex origins of several different bending strains and subtypes.

As series creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino revealed to IGN, each bending style is based on a specific kung fu form. Waterbending, for example, is based on tai chi and works in concert with the moon. With proper training and skill, waterbenders can heal disease and injury. They can also bloodbend, allowing them to control other people’s bodies like puppets. Airbending is also multifaceted. Based on baguazhang, airbending allows some practitioners to fly (Zaheer) and project themselves into the Spirit World (Jinora). Firebending, rooted in Northern Shaolin kung fu, is strengthened by comets and weakened by eclipses. Prodigies like Azula can create lightning.

However, few styles are as explored as earthbending. Based on Hung Ga, earthbending is deeply sensory: Toph’s blindness actually gives her better perception than most earthbenders, because it roots her so deeply into her sense of touch. Eventually, Toph’s skill becomes so great that she invents metalbending. It’s so useful that in Korra’s time, metalbending practically counts as its own type of bending. It is used in manufacturing, law enforcement, architecture, and a wide variety of other fields.

Brain Bias: A Yale Psychologist Examines Common ‘Thinking Problems’


The sometimes counter-intuitive ways our brains work can raise big questions. Why do we procrastinate, drag our feet when we know we’ll regret it later? Why are misunderstandings and miscommunications so common? And why do people often turn a blind eye to evidence that contradicts their beliefs?

For Woo-kyoung Ahn of Yale psychology professor John Hay Whitney, a better understanding of these kinds of questions is crucial.

In her new book, “Thinking 101: How to Reason Better to Live Better,” Ahn explores the ins and outs of so-called “reasoning errors” – or, as she describes them, “thinking problems” – and how they affect our lives, from influencing how we perceive time to why we stereotype and profile others. His work examines the complexities inherent in science of how we think and ultimately promotes solutions to overcome these errors in thinking.

The book is based on the lessons Ahn teaches in his undergraduate course “Thinking,” which has become one of Yale’s most popular courses.

In an interview with Yale News, Ahn discusses the nuances of these “thinking issues” and what steps we should take to reduce bias. The interview has been edited and condensed.

The book is based on your popular course, “Thinking.” What inspired you to create the course itself and condense a semester-long course into a book?

Woo-kyoung Ahn: I’ve been teaching for over 30 years and have always covered some of this material in various courses, and I also taught a seminar and a graduate psychology course on thinking. But in 2016, I felt it was time to release this content more widely for those who don’t major in psychology.

The inspiration is this: it is now well known that people make a variety of errors in reasoning, but these have been mostly discussed in the context of behavioral economics or, to put it differently, psychology in the economic context. For example, people have talked about “negativity bias” – the bias of overweighting negative information over positive information. [information] — in terms of loss aversion in transaction or endowment effects. But I believe that these irrational behaviors influence us in other situations of our daily life. And I wanted to teach that rationality is not only important in money management [and other material things] but much more broadly.

Another inspiration is that there hasn’t been much discussion about what to do next once we notice we are committing thinking biases. It is not enough to recognize them; it is as if one could recognize that they suffered from insomnia, but it is not enough to cure the insomnia. So, I provided as many action strategies as possible.

What concepts did you choose to highlight in the book – and how did you choose to focus on them?

Oh: In the course, I cover many topics, such as creativity, moral judgments, the effects of language on thoughts, among many others – which I may or may not cover in a book at another time. But to be honest, I really don’t have a good answer as to why they were chosen; I could have written a completely different book with the same title! One thing I tried was not to cover too much in one book. Now there are websites with titles like “61 cognitive biases”. I just don’t want to overwhelm readers. I also address more technical issues in the course, [like] models of causal learning or mathematical proofs of irrational choices, which I don’t think was necessary for a book aimed at the general public.

A valuable insight that has become a recurring theme in the book is that these thinking “problems” aren’t really about what’s wrong with us. I mentioned this problem sometimes in my course, but I became more convinced of it while writing the book.

How would you define or diagnose these “thinking problems”?

Oh: The kind of wrong thinking that interests me the most is unrighteous thinking. We can be unfair to ourselves and also to others when we are inconsistent, biased, overconfident or underconfident.

For example, I don’t think the well-known confirmation bias is necessarily a reflection problem.

It refers to a tendency to confirm what we emit or what we believe. In other words, we tend to look for evidence that supports what we believe or interpret evidence based on what we know. It sounds pretty bad, but it’s actually quite an adaptive mechanism. For example, you go to a Stop & Shop three miles from your house and find that their apples are good. The next time you want apples, you can try another supermarket, but if your goal is just to get good apples, you might as well go back to the same supermarket. In other words, when our goal is to survive, it is better to continue with what you know than to try to explore other possibilities.

Confirmation bias becomes a thinking problem when it causes us to draw conclusions that are unfair to ourselves or others. For example, let’s say a CEO of a company only hires white people for his leadership positions. They’re all doing a reasonably good job, so now the CEO believes race matters and continues to only hire white people. However, this CEO did not even check what would have happened if non-white people had been hired for these positions.

Confirmation bias can even hurt those who commit it. An experiment I conducted illustrates this. In the experiment, participants performed a saliva test. Half of the participants were told the test results indicated they were at high genetic risk for major depressive disorder, and the other half were told they were at no risk. Next, we asked all participants about the symptoms of depression they had experienced in the past two weeks. These participants were randomly assigned to one of two conditions, so there’s no reason one group was more depressed in the past two weeks than the other.

But those who were told they had genetic risks for major depression said they were significantly more depressed and their average score was higher than what might clinically be considered mild depression.

A recurring theme in the book is how we might better communicate ideas, especially when there is evidence that the use of metrics – like data, statistics, etc. – may be ineffective. How do you think public messaging campaigns can best incorporate some of these ideas and concepts?

Oh: I think public messaging campaigns should recognize how we are wired. For example, when a charity asks for donations, they should not just use statistics or abstract data, but also an anecdote from someone who is suffering from the issues they are concerned about. In my recent study, we presented very disgusting images of COVID-19 to participants: images of COVID toes, burials of those who died of COVID, etc. As we know, politically conservative people were generally less willing to conform to [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines than politically liberal people, at least at the time of the study. However, when presented with these stark examples of those suffering from COVID-19, they became much more willing to comply with the guidelines.

You seem to be a big proponent of promoting more dialogue between people, as that will help combat a lot of these cognitive biases that we have.

Oh: Again, I tried to emphasize that those who commit cognitive biases are not bad people; these errors are part of our highly adaptive cognitive mechanisms. Let’s go back to confirmation bias again to illustrate this once again. My favorite example is what happened when my son was four. He asked me why a yellow light is called a “yellow” light. I didn’t understand the question but I had the patience to tell him it’s called a yellow light because it’s yellow. Then he told me it was [not yellow, but] orange. I said no. He insisted that I watch it, so I did. And that is orange.

I had no ulterior motive to call it a yellow light or to interpret the color amber as yellow, but because everyone called it a yellow light, I saw it as yellow all my life until until he tells me. But what I committed was confirmation bias; I interpreted the color of a traffic light in light of what I already believe. We do it every moment of our lives. Thus, we should not think that those who disagree with our views are different types of people; they just see the world from their point of view.

Of course, there are people with ulterior motives and right-thinking people, but if we want to start a dialogue, we must first recognize [the biases] we all share.

Moreover, since these prejudices are essential elements of our survival, they are not easy to counter. So sometimes I present actionable strategies – don’t guess what others might like, ask! – but in some cases we just need to try to focus on fixing current problems rather than trying to change others.

Japanese expatriate digital asset entrepreneur says taxes drove him away


Japan’s tax regime is hostile to businesses in the digital asset sector, such as tokenization, and needs to change, a businessman who now lives in the Netherlands told this news service.

Asia contains a patchwork of starkly contrasting approaches to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. And it seems Japan’s tax rules don’t make the country a friendly place for space entrepreneurs, at least according to one game developer.

Shinnosuke “Shin” Murata, founder of blockchain game developer Murasaki, left his home country for the Netherlands, frustrated with tax rules he says penalize businesses like his.

Japanese regulations prevent listed companies from selling tokens that are not listed on certified exchanges. Japan levies a 30% corporate tax which is imposed on the face value of the issued token, although this may be revised soon as sales of goods are still subject to 30% taxation as soon as the issuer sells tokens.

“In practice, this means that startups cannot issue a fungible token, due to the taxation of unrealized assets,” Murata told this news service during a call.

Another problem is that auditors are unwilling to give an opinion because there is no firm accounting protocol for crypto.

Murasaki, who moved to the Netherlands in July last year, works with around 30 people in various locations. Murasaki was founded in February 2022. The Incubate fund is the company’s lead investor and has been investing in the crypto sector for over 10 years.

The stakes are high. According to a report published in March by EY, the accounting and professional services firm, investments in digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, utility tokens and security tokens, have increased rapidly. The crypto-economy has reached a market cap of over $3 trillion in less than 13 years. Tokenization — a term for how people get stakes in assets such as art and investing and which is driven by blockchain technology — could reach $16.1 trillion by the end of the decade, according to a report.

(This news service took an overview of digital assets and related issues here.)

Rival Asian jurisdictions such as Singapore are courting the digital asset space, although they are cautious about trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Sharp declines in crypto stocks this year have cooled the euphoria. Year-to-date, bitcoin fell from £35,275 ($40,374) to £17,454 yesterday, down by more than half.

On December 10, 2021, Japan’s ruling coalition approved a tax plan for fiscal year 2022 that continues to treat token listings as taxable. Once the tokens are listed on an active market, issuers are liable for the tax even if they do not sell (source: CoinDesk). A project that lists some of its tokens on exchanges and keeps the rest in its treasury must also pay taxes on what it holds if its market value increases.

Against the Upstarts
Murata said part of the push to tax such companies in Japan came from large incumbents that saw crypto start-ups as a competitive challenge.

He says other Japan-based entrepreneurs and businesses are moving to other countries due to the situation.

According to reports, the Astar network, a multi-channel decentralized application (dapp) hub founded by Sota Watanabe, has left the country. Watanabe said Bloomberg on August 8 he is in Singapore. He was quoted as saying that there was no future for the industry in Japan without corporate tax changes.

Murasaka said the market is in its infancy. “It’s like the internet in 1995 right now. Tokenization is a flexible vehicle for transitioning value across nations. Simply, tokens are cheaper and faster than stocks and securities,” he said. declared.

Murata looks at how the wealth management industry has become involved in the digital asset space.

“We provide intellectual property [intellectual property] ownership values ​​of NFTs through manga and/or game series. Some people are already hedging their assets with NFTs,” he said.

The move to the Netherlands was a plus for Murasaka although, as Murata told this news service, he misses home food and the Japanese work ethic.

Ninja vs. Samurai night battle will take place in Japanese castle ruins, 100 fighters needed


Entries are now open to battle for glory and prizes when night falls on one of Japan’s most famous ninja towns.

The phrase “local history” can sometimes conjure up stuffy, mundane details. Things like “The city borders were set when Farmer X asked County Administrator Y to dig an irrigation canal, which under Land Ordinance 2316 required annexation official unincorporated land within 20 meters of the point where a man-made waterway meets a natural body of water.”

But you know a place that has no problem with its boring local history? kokathe city of Shiga Prefecture it is the house of Koga Ninja Clan. Koka wears her love for her heritage on her shinobi sleeve, and in the latest awesome example of how, the city is currently recruiting 100 participants for a ninja vs. samurai night battle, to be held later this month, which will pit two teams against each other in a moonlight battle competition at the site of the Minakuchi Okayama castle ruins.

Before the destruction of the castle, the samurai Natsuka Masaie was the last lord of the fortress. After allying with the losing Toyotomi forces in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Natsuka retreated to Minakuchi Okayama, which was then attacked and fell to the Tokugawa army.

All of the above is a matter of established historical records, and given the castle’s proximity to one of the main sources of ninja for hire in Japan, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine Koga ninja playing a role in the successful siege. This bit of historical speculation is the inspiration behind the Shinobi YouchiWhere Shinobi Night Attackan event. After dark, the team of 50 ninjas will climb the hill to the site of the castle, where they will try to assassinate as many members of the defending 50 samurai army as possible..

▼ A teaser video for the event (although the video is shot during the day, the actual event will take place after sunset)

Of course, Japan has become a much less violent place since the end of the feudal era, so ninjas won’t be slaying their prey, and samurai warriors won’t beheading defending their castle. Instead, each participant will receive a foam sword and a pair of targets to carry on their shoulders, as seen in the image below.

Getting hit causes the target to light up, confirming the kill. Once defeated, the participant must deliver a wooden name tag with their name to their killer, to be counted as points for their team at the end of the battle. The samurai and ninja each have three lives, but after losing each must retreat to their home base to have the light turned off by a game official.

This is just the beginning of the detailed gameplay system, however. For starters, not all kills are worth the same number of points.. Basic samurai, for example, are worth 10 points, while general samurai are worth 100. A member of the samurai team will also take on the mantle of Lord Natsuka himself, and his one and only dog ​​tag is worth a huge 500 points, so keeping him safe is the number one priority for the samurai. Things are a little more balanced on the ninja side, with their five leaders worth 100 points to 10 for the other ninjas.

▼ “Defeat the invading ninja and protect the generals!”

With the battle taking place on a sprawling playing field, each team will have to divide their forces. Just because you have a partner who is supposed to watch your back doesn’t mean you’re safe. On each team are three spies who actually work for the other side, aiming to relay information to your enemies or, worse, kill you when you let your guard down because you think you’re among the allies.s. There is even a popotential story branch, all sorts. The battle will take place over two 30-minute rounds, and if the ninja succeeds in assassinating Lord Natsuka, then Round 2 will begin with the ninja having occupied the territory and the teams switching positions, so the ninja is defending and the samurai is attacking in an attempt to recover their castle.

▼ Detailed rules are covered in the video here, but it basically boils down to “Kill your opponents”.

At the end of the two rounds, the total scores are tallied and the team with the most points is the winner. The winning team will receive some sort of as yet unrevealed prize, and there are also rewards for samurai and ninja who stand out for particularly exemplary performance in battle..

Shinobi Youchi will take place on October 22, and given the complexity of the event, it’s basically a one-day event. Participants gather at the reception at 1:30 p.m. to check in and put on their costumes/uniforms. Then there is playing field scouting sessions, strategic advice and formation positioning before the start of Round 1 at 5:30 p.m. Taiko drum signals will be used to tell players how much time is left in the battlewith round 2 ending at 7 p.m., followed by awards and closing ceremonies, descending from the hilltop ruins to the reception area to get back into modern gear, and even ending at 9 p.m. .

▼ There’s also a vague promise of some kind of partial reconstruction of the castle for the event, most likely this inflatable replica of its central keep.

The event organizers kindly declare that even people without ninja or samurai experience are welcome to participate in the battle, although participants must be at least high school age (15 in Japan) and in good health, because even if there are no real swinging blades, you will still be running in the middle of the night . Participation fees start at 5,000 yen (35 USD) for the 42 standard samurai slots and 42 normal ninja slots, with the roles of samurai general and ninja leader at 7,500 yen and the honor of being the main target of 50 ninjas as Lord Natsuka at 10,000 yen. Requests can be made here via the official event website.

Source: Shinobi Youchi Official Website via Japaaan, PR Times
Featured Image: Shinobi Youchi Official Site
Top Image: Shinobi Youchi Official Website
Insert images: PR Times, YouTube/ NinTube
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Former Nationalist MP Thake breached ethics, standards commissioner rules


Former PN MP David Thake breached both the Standards in Public Life Act and the MPs’ Code of Conduct when his companies failed to settle unpaid VAT and when he failed to declare his stake in a company in the declaration of assets.

In his report on the case, the outgoing Standards Commissioner, George Hyzler, noted that Thake had said his unpaid VAT dues were due to a lack of cash at his two companies. But he said he had no clear indication of the amount of VAT due because the last declaration he had received from the IRD was from 2016 and he had never been asked to pay the amount.

In January 2022, just two months before the election, PN MP David Thake resigned from parliament after it was revealed that his telecommunications company, Vanilla Telecoms had an ongoing contract VAT invoice of €270,000 with the Inland Revenue Department and that his other company Maltashopper Ltd owed more than €500,000 in VAT.

Thake had written to the Standards Commissioner, asking him to investigate the matter. He did not contest the last elections.

Hyzler also noted in his report that Thake did not mention his 50% stake in Davmar Holdings Ltd, in his 2020 asset declaration as an MP. “Whatever the reason, the fact remains that Thake failed to meet his obligations and declare the company in his declaration of assets as an MP, in breach of the Code of Conduct for MPs”, Hyzler said. He added that it was a direct violation of his ethical obligations as an MP.

Hyzler said MPs should lead by example and obey the law when it comes to paying taxes. He said that although late payment of taxes was common practice for businesses and tolerated by the authorities, an MP had a duty to set a good example.

Hyzler report

Steph Curry’s incredible clapback to ESPN propels Warriors to eighth in the West


Even after the Warriors won their fourth NBA championship in eight seasons, the naysayers still exist and they’re adding more fuel to Golden State’s fire.

Steph Curry saw the latest matchup Friday night (Saturday in Japan, where the Warriors are currently playing preseason games against the Washington Wizards) and he couldn’t help but cheer.

Curry commented on a post from ESPN’s NBA account, which promoted a stat-based model that projects the Warriors will finish eighth in the Western Conference this season with 41.9 wins.

The four-time NBA champion responded using ESPN’s Basketball Power Index odds that saw the Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. Prior to the start of the series, ESPN’s BPI thought Golden State only had a 14% chance of winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Of course, Curry led the way as the Warriors beat the Celtics in six games to reclaim their throne as champions.

Curry has been open about seeing everything, so it was only a matter of time before he had something to say about ESPN’s latest screening.

The Warriors, who won 53 games last season, don’t care about doubters. They have dealt with criticism for the better part of a decade. It leads them.

RELATED: Steph Proved Bomani Wrong With Fourth NBA Title

If the Warriors surpass the projected 42-win mark and win another NBA championship next June, Curry and Co. will likely return to ESPN’s preseason pattern as the spark that ignited their title defense.

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Opposition parties must show they have the ability to govern

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, right, takes questions from leader of Japan’s Democratic Constitutional Party, Kenta Izumi, bottom left, May 26.

As the extraordinary session of the Diet begins in October, opposition parties will take center stage. They will interview Cabinet ministers and government officials to keep a spotlight on the deep relationship between the religious group known as the Unification Church and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The church is considered a religious cult and has caused many tragedies among the families of its members. One such victim is the alleged assassin of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Along with the controversy over Abe’s state funeral a few days ago, political offensives by opposition parties have dented Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s approval ratings. It is likely that a cabinet minister or LDP party leader will suffer a severe blow in the Diet debate due to improper involvement with the church. If this happens, the opposition parties will brag about having corrected a political injustice. Indeed, they will have done an excellent job.

We’ve seen scenes like this before. Opposition parties have researched and jumped on the scandals and wrongdoings not only of the Kishida administration, but of all past LDP administrations. However, these efforts have not made the opposition a reliable force in their own right. The opposition parties successively lost three elections to the lower house and four elections to the upper house. Clearly voters did not give much weight to this style of inquiry and attack when considering who to vote for.

After the establishment of the long-dominant LDP in 1955, the main opposition parties separated and regrouped on several occasions. During the first four decades, the most important was the Social Democratic Party, which was succeeded by the New Frontier Party, then the Democratic Party and finally, currently, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. Many were positioned as centre-left parties to take on the conservative LDP.

In retrospect, opposition parties have defeated the LDP only four times in 45 upper and lower house elections. Their success rate is about 10%. When we compare it with the centre-left parties of other developed countries, it is clear that it is extremely low. In the United States, the Democratic Party won eight of 17 presidential elections during the same period. The British Labor Party and the German Social Democratic Party achieved a victory rate of around 40% in the general election.

The main opposition parties in Japan today are the centre-left CDPJ, the centre-right Ishin no Kai (Innovation Party of Japan), the People’s Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party. The political differences between them are so critical that they cannot cooperate to build an electoral force equal to the ruling camp of the PLD and its coalition partner Komeito.

A July poll by The Yomiuri Shimbun showed 80% of voters say there is a need for an opposition party that can compete with the LDP. But two-thirds thought the current opposition parties did not have enough enforceable policies. Although 63% of respondents want to see a transfer of power to an opposition party at regular intervals, most respondents believe this will not become a reality any time soon.

Voters’ views of the main opposition party remained unchanged even when such a party was replaced by another. Their main flaw is the absence of a realistic national security policy. Due to the strong anti-military sentiment of some members, the parties were unable to form coherent security policies. These members advocated extreme pacifism even during the Cold War era, when the Soviet Union threatened Japan with its enormous armed forces. And they continue to hold such views even now, as China has become a global military power with its intimidating diplomacy.

The Democratic Party, which won victory and a change of government in the 2009 general election, quickly lost popularity due to its mismanagement of the realignment of US military bases in Okinawa Prefecture. The administration undermined the credibility of the Japan-US alliance and Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama was forced to resign.

The opposition faced a difficult situation after Abe took over the reins of government in 2012, becoming Japan’s longest-serving prime minister. One reason is that the then Democratic Party misjudged Abe’s PLD and thought he had drifted too far to the right. They claimed that the Democratic Party, not the LDP, was essentially in the moderate mainstream. But Abe’s economic and social policies fell far short of what the opposition claimed, including moderate policies like urging society to improve job opportunities for women, which goes against the LDP’s outdated family values, or raising the minimum wage, which had been a key left-wing political factor. As the LDP had co-opted some policies of the opposition parties, the Democratic Party and its successor, the CDPJ, could not take countermeasures and had no choice but to swing further to the left, which meant losing the broad support of moderate parties. voters. In fact, the CDPJ had even promoted relations with the far-left JCP, only to lose seats in lower house elections last year, after which the party leadership resigned.

A more serious problem is that the main opposition party is supported mainly by older people and is seen as a vested interest party. Although they were called progressives, they lost their pro-reform position of changing Japan’s economic and social structure. Clearly, the key to gaining voters’ trust is to move beyond being a party that simply resists changes to the status quo.

If the opposition parties had another path to power, I guess it would be a grand coalition with the LDP. Unfortunately, they lost their few chances to form one. In Japan, this idea was rejected because its image is reminiscent of the Imperial Aid Association which supported the total war regime during World War II. But there have been precedents in democratic European countries. Germany’s SDP and Britain’s Labor Party have benefited from grand coalitions. These parties have learned to govern and gained public trust.

As such opportunities rarely arise, the opposition, especially the larger party, has a long way to go. Their to-do list includes holding in-depth discussions on national security issues, refreshing proactive policies supported by the younger generation, strengthening their weak grassroots organizations, and more.

If the ruling party fails and loses its credibility, the opposition takes its place. This is the normal process of constitutional democratic government. The two-party system is an unrealized dream in Japan. But it is worth pursuing, as long as the people want it and the opposition strives for reform.

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Takayuki Tanaka

Tanaka is Senior General Manager, General Manager of Administration of the Yomiuri Shimbun. His previous position was editor-in-chief.

Saving sake: How Australia’s thirsty market can help revive Japan’s national drink

Strong points
  • Japanese sake consumption has shown a continuous decline since its peak in 1973
  • The popularity of sake outside the country has skyrocketed in recent years
  • Australia is the seventh largest market for Japanese sake and will host its first dedicated sake festival in October.
Japan’s alcoholic beverage market has been shrinking for years, driven by an aging population, declining birth rates and healthier lifestyle choices.
The pandemic has further accelerated the process, so the Japanese government recently launched the “Sake Viva” campaign, encouraging people to come up with ideas to help revitalize the industry.

Among the hardest hit industries is sake – the national drink, also known as nihonshu, made from fermented rice – consumption of which has been falling steadily since its peak in 1973.

Japan’s domestic alcoholic beverage market has shrunk Credit: xavierarnau/Getty Images

Hitoshi Utsunomiya is the president of the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, a non-profit organization made up of producers from all over the country.

He says the 40 to 50 age group, traditionally considered “heavy consumers of Japanese sake”, has evolved.

“These people either choose to drink something other than sake or just drink less,” he told SBS Japanese.

Hitoshi Utsunomiya.jpg

Hitoshi Utsunomiya, President of the Japanese Association of Sake and Shochu Makers Credit: Hitoshi Utsunomiya Credit: Hitoshi Utsunomiya

New markets

Despite the decline at home, sake’s popularity has skyrocketed elsewhere in recent years, offering a glimmer of hope to the industry.
According to data released by Japan’s National Revenue Agency in April this year, sake exports from January to December 2021 totaled AU$1.2 billion, surpassing AU$1.1 billion for the first time and marking an increase of 61.4% over the previous period.
Australia has also seen a steady rise in the popularity of sake, with imports from Japan more than sevenfold, from AU$10 million in 2009 to AU$73 million in 2021, making it the seventh most largest Japanese sake market in the world.
Tsuyoshi Endo recently hosted the first Australian Sake Awards and is set to launch the Australian Sake Festival in Sydney on October 1.
According to Endo, Japan’s young population is spoiled for choice these days, so sake may not be as appealing as it was decades ago.

However, he believes that markets like Australia, where recognition and awareness of sake is still low, have immense potential for improvement.

Tsuyoshi Endo.jpg

Tsuyoshi Endo’s passion for Japanese sake led him to organize Australia’s first Sake Awards and Sake Festival. Credit: Endo Tsuyoshi

“There are many more delicious sakes that people should know about,” he says.

Sake should be better known. It should be given much more value.

Tsuyoshi Endo, organizer of the Australian sake festival

These thoughts led Mr. Endo to organize the first Australian Sake Awards earlier this month, which brought together more than 60 judges to select the sake best suited to the Australian market.

Mr Utsunomiya says such localized competitions are crucial for the industry, as people’s taste preferences can differ significantly from place to place.


First Australian Sake Awards in Sydney, September 17, 2022 Credit: Hiroto Yamada

Sake Samurai

Leading the judging panel at the awards ceremony was Simone Maynard, who was recently ordained “Sake Samurai” – a title awarded by the Japan Sake Brewers Association’s Junior Council to those who show passion to promote the drink.
The Samurai Sake Order was introduced in 2005 to restore the “pride of sake” and promote Japanese culture, not only in the country but around the world.
There are currently around 100 sake samurai in the world, and Ms Maynard is the fourth Australian, after celebrity chef Tetsuya Wakuda, sake ambassador Andre Bishop and Deja Vu Sake Co.’s Yukino Ochiai.

Ms Maynard, who has had a “deep fascination and love for Japanese culture” from a young age, fell in love with sake when she first visited the country in 2003.

Simone Maynard.jpg

Simone Maynard is Australia’s fourth sake samurai Credit: Simone Maynard

“I realized how versatile and varied it was. I continuously fall in love with sake,” she told SBS Japanese.

Based in Melbourne, she shares her knowledge and passion for sake through tasting experiences, masterclasses, paired dinners and collaboration opportunities.
Ms Maynard says it is “sad” to see the decline in sake consumption in Japan, but she also hopes the growing popularity overseas can attract a new generation of sake drinkers who will see how “this national drink is unique, important and wonderful”. .
She says the Sake Awards will help “solidify our place on the sake map” and create greater visibility for sake in Australia.

“I think it will also help strengthen the relationship between Japanese brewers and Australia.”

I hope people will have and keep an open mind when it comes to sake.

‘Sake Samurai’ Simone Maynard

“Just like wine, you may not like the first one you try or there will be some you like more than others. I want people to bury any misconceptions they might have about sake and understand that premium sake is a wonderful world to discover and explore,” she says.
The Australian Sake Festival is scheduled for Sydney on October 1, which is also World Sake Day.
Tickets for the event, which will feature some 200 varieties of sake as well as food and entertainment stalls, sold out weeks in advance.
Mr. Endo says he is “absolutely surprised” by the request.
He hopes to use the event to raise awareness of sake among the Australian public and cultivate long-time fans of the drink.
“Sake is a Japanese culture. I hope that by providing more touch points, consumers can deepen their understanding and enjoy Japanese sake.
In Australia, you must be 18 or over to buy or drink alcohol. When you drink, savor it in moderation.

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Misconceptions about nonpartisan democratic values ​​can erode democracy


Democrats and Republicans value Democratic characteristics

Consistent with previous research5, in Study 1 and Study 2, members of both parties valued democratic characteristics, such as the importance of fraud-free elections. Notably, while Democrats (M= 90.24, SE= 0.54) rated Democratic characteristics, on average, slightly higher than Republicans (M= 88.59, SE= 0.56) in Study 1 (you[1221]= 2.12, p= 0.034, 95% CI[0.12, 3.17]ηp2= 0.004), no partisan difference between Democrats (M= 90.61, SE= 0.58) and Republicans (M= 89.29, SE= 0.57) emerged in Study 2 (you[976] = 1.63, p= 0.104, 95% CI[− 0.27, 2.92]ηp2= 0.003). The results are displayed in Fig. 1.

Figure 1

Density plots of respondents’ own ratings of the importance of democratic characteristics. Vertical bars show means and standard errors for Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue).

Democrats and Republicans grossly underestimated how much members of the outgroup valued Democratic characteristics

Consistent with our theory, Democrats and Republicans in both studies believed that members of their own party valued Democratic characteristics more than members of opposition parties. Democrats believed their ingroup would value features 31.86 points higher (on a 0-100 point scale) in Study 1 (you[1221]= 24.59, pp2= 0.326) and 39.00 points higher in study 2 (you[975]= 22.99, pp2= 0.352) than their outgroup. In relative terms, Democrats believed that their own party members valued Democratic characteristics 56% (in Study 1) and 77% (in Study 2) more than non-party members. Similarly, Republicans predicted that their ingroup (compared to their outgroup) would value characteristics 39.76 points higher in Study 1 (you[1221]= 28.33, pp2= 0.397) and 40.83 points higher in study 2 (you[975]= 24.21, pp2= 0.375). In relative terms, Republicans believed that members of their own party valued Democratic characteristics 82% (in Study 1) and 88% (in Study 2) more than members from outside the party. These results are shown in Figure 2, which demonstrates the minimal overlap between the perceptions of Democrats and Republicans.

Figure 2
Figure 2

Density plots of the importance of the norm perceived by supporters. Sign (A) (Study 1) and Panel (VS) (Study 2) demonstrates the predictions of Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue) about the value the average Democrat places on Democratic characteristics. Sign (B) (Study 1) and Panel (D) (Study 2) demonstrates the predictions of Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue) about the value the average Republican places on Democratic characteristics. Vertical bars show means and standard errors for Republican (red) and Democratic (blue) respondents.

Framed another way, the Democrats’ and Republicans’ predictions of which group valued the most divergent characteristics by 71.62 points in Study 1 (you[1221]= 36.20, pp2= 0.518) and 79.83 points in Study 2 (you[975]= 33.38, pp2= 0.533). In both studies, this gap was significantly larger among the strongest supporters (Study 1: b= 38.96, you[973]= 7.56, pp2= 0.056; Study 2: b= 41.11, you[973]= 8.06, pp2= 0.063). Among strong supporters, predictions made by Democrats and Republicans differed by 83.46 points in Study 1 (you[1219]= 36.56, pp2= 0.523) and 91.88 points in Study 2 (you[973]= 33.24, pp2= 0.532). Among the weakest supporters, predictions differed by 49.66 points in Study 1 (you[973]= 11.58, pp2= 0.121) and 50.78 points in Study 2 (you[973]= 11.85, pp2= 0.126).

In addition to our core questions, which concern ordinary citizens’ perceptions of values, we also asked participants in Study 1 (in an exploratory follow-up survey conducted two months later) to predict the extent to which the member of the The average Democratic and Republican Congress valued the same principles. The results closely mirrored predictions made about the average Democrat and Republican. Democrats predicted that the average Democratic congressman (M= 84.10, SE= 1.04) would rate characteristics 37.99 points higher than the average Republican congressman (M= 46.12, SE= 1.00; you[1024]= 24.76, pp2= 0.374). Conversely, Republicans predicted that the average Republican congressman (M= 81.77, SE= 0.98) would rate characteristics 40.03 points higher than the average Democratic congressman (M= 41.74, SE= 1.02; you[1024]= 26.57, pp2= 0.401). In relative terms, Democrats and Republicans respectively predicted that the average congressman from their own party would value Democratic characteristics 82% and 93% more than the average congressman from the opposing party’s member. The results are shown in Fig. 3. Similar to the perceptions of ordinary citizens, the 78-point difference between each party’s predictions (you[1024]= 36.28, pp2= 0.562) was significantly wider among strong supporters (as opposed to weak supporters) (b= 33.76, you[1022]= 7.18, pp2= 0.048). Although the overall results here mirror those reported above, the comparison of Figs. 2 and 3 show that supporters considered support for democratic characteristics to be slightly lower among elites (compared to average supporters). This was true even when evaluating their party members.

picture 3
picture 3

Density charts illustrating how Democratic supporters think (Panel A) and Republican (Group B) members of Congress value democratic features. Republican perceptions are plotted in red, as are means and standard errors. Perceptions of Democrats are plotted in blue, as are means and standard errors.

Americans (especially Republicans) with more biased cross-group perceptions were more supportive of undemocratic practices

We hypothesized that Americans with more biased intergroup perceptions would also be more supportive of antidemocratic practices. As expected, in both studies, people who believed more strongly that the average ingroup member placed more importance on democratic characteristics than the average outgroup member were also more willing to overthrow the democratic principles, in practice, to help their party (Study 1: b= 0.37, you[1221]= 3.49, p= 0.001, 95% CI[0.16, 0.59]ηp2= 0.010; Study 2: b= 0.79, you[975]= 6.85, pp2= 0.046). In Study 1, we found this relationship for Republicans (b= 0.58, you[1219]= 4.03, pp2= 0.013), but not for Democrats (b= − 0.01, you[1219]= − 0.08, p= 0.934, 95% CI[− 0.33, 0.30]ηp2b= − 0.59, you(1219) = − 2.73, p= 0.006, 95% CI[− 1.01, − 0.17]ηp2= 0.006). In Study 2, this relationship held for both parties, but was stronger for Republicans (b= 0.83, you[973]= 5.31, pp2= 0.028) than for Democrats (b= 0.37, you[973]= 2.16, p= 0.031, 95% CI[0.33, 0.70]ηp2= 0.005), interactions (b= − 0.46, you[973]= − 1.98, p= 0.048, 95% CI[− 0.91, − 0.00]ηp2= 0.004). The results are shown in Fig. 4. Notably, a mini meta-analysis shows that the cross-study effect for Democrats was also not significant, z = 1.46). As can also be seen in Figure 4, on average and across both studies, Republicans (MStudy 1= 3.07, SE= 0.05; MStudy 2= 3.35, SE= 0.06) were also more willing than Democrats (MStudy 1= 2.68, SE= 0.05; MStudy 2= 2.93, SE= 0.06) to subvert democratic norms in practice (Study 1: you[1221]= − 5.14, pp2= 0.021; Study 2: you[975]= − 4.81, pp2= 0.022).

Figure 4
number 4

Relationship between ingroup bias in the perceived importance of the norm and willingness to violate democratic norms, with 95% Cis. The scatterplot shows the underlying distribution for all respondent data.

Transfer Whispers, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Wests Tigers, Newcastle Knights, Roosters, player movement, contracts


The Roosters have distanced themselves from Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, but his services will not lack interest if the reports he wishes to withdraw from rugby are profitable.

Brent Read revealed on NRL 360 that the Roosters feel well supplied at the back, but he believes Tuivasa-Sheck will return to the NRL and that could spark a bidding war from a number of clubs looking of a rear of its quality.

“John Kirwan, the former All Black and Warriors player, came out in New Zealand and said Roger Tuivasa-Sheck had a deal on the table and he thought it was with the Roosters,” Read said on NRL 360.

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“I checked with the Roosters and they said it doesn’t make sense that they have four fullbacks already.

“The Roosters basically distanced themselves from that.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger Tuivasa-Sheck eventually returns.

“There’s a lot of money in Japanese rugby that he can pick up and then come back to.”

Paul Kent believes Tuivasa-Sheck is frustrated with the lack of opportunities in the All Blacks starting squad which could see him opting for a return to rugby league.

“He may have heard whispers that he would return to rugby league,” Kent said of Kirwan’s comments.

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The Roosters are unlikely to make a play for Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.Source: AAP

“The other thing with RTS is that he’s not leaving for the All Blacks.

“He went to rugby to play for the All Blacks and he’s not a starter. It gets frustrating for elite athletes when you’re continually on the bench.

Phil Rothfield thinks the Dolphins would do well to play for the former New Zealand captain.

“Does Wayne Bennett still need a fullback at the Dolphins?” said Rothfield.

However, Read thinks the Tigers and Knights will go hard for Tuivasa-Sheck if he returns to the 13-man code.


JIMMY BRINGS: $3.5M Panthers grand final hangover, five-year Roos recall of Eels star

REVENGE: $4m slap in the face driving Eels enforcer as rejected trio plan crumbles

STATISTICAL ATTACK: the eels’ attempt to join the drought breakers; Third bad luck for the Panthers?

CRONULLA COUP: Hynes breaks 43-year-old record in epic Dally M Medal win

Opacic still has a chance to play in GF | 00:42

“I think Bennett is close to something at the Dolphins,” Read said.

“As far as Roger is concerned, there are a host of clubs who would be looking to sign him.

“The Tigers are a no-brainer because they talked to Daine Laurie about playing in the halves.

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‘8 Million’ Munster stalked by Fletch | 01:36

“Newcastle is another. They would love to move Kalyn Ponga in five-eights.

Anasta believes there are a number of clubs that could use someone of Tuivasa-Sheck’s skill, experience and class on and off the pitch.

“He would be an asset to any team because not only his performance on the pitch, but off it, he’s just an ultimate professional and he’s a great leader,” Anasta said.

Tuivasa-Sheck, 29, scored 58 tries in 195 games for the Roosters and Warriors from 2012-2021 and scored 11 tries in 10 tests for New Zealand, while winning the 2018 Dally M Medal and a Prime Minister in 2013.

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New KOF XV DLC will add three Samurai Shodown fighters


SNK announcement samurai fight fighters Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Darli Dagger will join KOF XV in the next DLC. The three characters will join the title within Team Samurai. The new DLC will arrive on October 4, 2022. Additionally, SNK released an intro trailer for the characters. [Thanks, ryokutya!]

Team Samurai consists of new and old characters from the franchise. Haohmaru, a ronin inspired by legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, first appeared in the original samurai fight released in 1993. Nakoruru, a character with designs inspired by Ainu culture, also appeared in the original game as well as the previous one King of Fighters XIV. The prequel 2019 samurai fight introduces Darli Dagger, a shipbuilder who wields a giant saw.

Additionally, the new trailer features interactions between new and existing characters. Haohmaru, for example, references a previous encounter with Mai Shiranui, though she insists they never met. When Darli Dagger meets Jenet, the leader of the Lillien Knights pirate group, she asks if she can see his ship.

You can view the interactions in the KOF XV Team Samurai DLC trailer below:

samurai fightalso known as Samurai Spirits in Japan, was an arcade fighting game released in 1993. Characters from the series have appeared in other KOF titles, such as those mentioned above KOF XIVas good as The King of Fighters: All Star and the cross title Capcom vs. SNK 2.

The previous DLC team was Team Awakened Orochi, which added new versions of Chris, Shermie, and Yashiro. Before that, SNK also revealed Team Garou and Team South Town. Team Samurai is the fourth and final confirmed DLC team of 2022.

The Samurai Shodown DLC for KOF XV will be available from October 4, 2022. King of Fighters XV is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Veteran forward Andre Iguodala returns to Warriors for 19th season


Veteran forward Andre Iguodala is back for his final NBA season in 2022-23.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Andre Iguodala rode the Peloton bike a few times last week and noted that “I’m not in such bad shape”.

Now he will see how that translates to the basketball court again.

After seriously considering retirement all summer and deciding his playing days were over, the 38-year-old guard and forward returns for a 19th NBA season after signing with Golden State on Monday. The deal is for the veteran minimum, and Iguodala is expected to travel to Japan with the team on Tuesday for a pair of preseason games this weekend against the Washington Wizards.

“The way information travels so fast now, it’s like you almost forget what we just did. We’re still the champions and it lasts until we’re not the champions anymore I don’t know if it’s 300 days or 600 days but I’m lounging because when you gonna look back like 25 years to from now on, you’re going to wish you kissed her a little more.

Iguodala heard encouraging words from Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga this summer about one last hurrah, and the 2015 NBA Finals MVP called it “a bit of a rollercoaster” to take his decision.

“I had been jumping back and forth like twice, and it’s literally exhausting jumping back and forth, like okay, I’m in it, then I practiced like twice and I was like ” why? ‘” said Iguodala, who has a production company and her own podcast.

What sold him one more season was a meeting with Warriors vice president of player health and performance, Rick Celebrini, who met with Iguodala and laid out a plan to keep him healthy. health and balance playing time with proper rest and recovery. Iguodala played 19.5 minutes in just 31 games last season due to a series of injuries from a bulging disc in his lower back, a neck injury and a knee that required multiple drainages.

“If he hadn’t come up with this plan, I wouldn’t have been so comfortable,” Iguodala said. “I think that’s what sealed the deal.”

He joined the Warriors last season after two years in Miami and became a key presence as the Warriors won another title, saying on Monday, “I’m really just playing for the fun of the game.”

“It makes my job so much easier because we have so many young guys and they need coaching, they need mentoring. Andre is the best with it,” coach Steve Kerr said. “And he loves working with the younger ones. As a player he makes everything work because he knows exactly where he needs to be and so he makes every lineup click and then if he’s not on the pitch he teaches those youngsters the same guys. André is therefore a really crucial part of our whole program, delighted to have him back.

Iguodala plans to seek his shot more regularly, even in a lineup featuring Splash Brothers stars Curry and Klay Thompson.

“I need to score more, I’m really looking forward to it,” said Iguodala.

Curry and the others are eager to see it after realizing Iguodala’s career was over after beating the Celtics for the title in June.

“He’s planting his flag now, which I think is a healthy way for him to approach this year, knowing he’s giving it his all,” Curry said. “The point of his coming back, we talk a lot about him being the mentor first, that’s kind of the narrative. But he won’t come back if he doesn’t think he can play and contribute, whether it’s 10 minutes, 20 minutes. Big creeping game, maybe even more, playing regularly maybe in the second half of the season.

“He’s not there to be a coach first, a player second.”

Iguodala, who won four titles with the Warriors (2015, 2017, 2018, 2022), reiterated that the upcoming season will be his last year in the NBA.

“I’m warning you now, Steph [Curry]it’s the last,” Iguodala said after announcing his decision to play for one more year.

Last season, Iguodala, 38, averaged 4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists in just 31 games with Golden State.

Finally Bullish Catalysts for the Japanese Yen (NYSEARCA:FXY)


MicroStockHub/iStock via Getty Images

Trends can persist in currency markets, as the macroeconomic forces that tend to dominate currency values ​​are generally slow to change. Thanks to the Bank of Japan’s stubbornly accommodative monetary policy, a growing interest rate differential between the Japanese yen (NYSEARCA:FXY) and other major currencies, especially the US dollar (UUP), created one of the most profitable money trends of the year. While the trend remains a friend, bullish catalysts have finally arrived to turn the tide in favor of the yen.

The Invesco CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust [FXY] suffered a long and persistent fall this year.

The Invesco CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust [FXY] suffered a long and persistent fall this year. (Looking for Alpha)

Monetary intervention

In an attempt to have its cake and eat it too, the BoJ intervened in the currency markets to slow or even stop the yen’s hemorrhage. The news caught on shortly after the BoJ again refused to back down from its negative interest rate policy. The monetary policy statement includes a note of confidence from the Bank of Japan (emphasis mine):

“The Japanese economy is expected to recover, with the impact of COVID-19 and supply-side constraints easing, although it is expected to come under downward pressure from higher commodity prices. first due to factors such as the situation surrounding Ukraine. as the virtuous cycle from income to expenditure gradually intensifies, the Japanese economy is expected to continue to grow at a rate above its potential growth rate.”

The BoJ conducted its accommodative policy due to weak inflationary pressures in Japan. However, the rapid devaluation of the yen threatens to upset the otherwise placid inflationary waters. So on the face of it, BoJ intervention makes sense with USD/JPY last reaching highs in 1998. At that time, the Asian financial crisis was beating the yen. The United States cooperated with the BoJ to support the yen as part of the crisis response. This time, the authorities remained silent on cooperation and who knew what and when. Anyway, even from a purely technical level, I would expect the Asian Financial Crisis highs for USD/JPY to provide at least some psychological resistance.

For now, the BoJ has some leeway to prevent a disastrous breakout (on USD/JPY) at perhaps levels last seen in early 1990. The BoJ is holding a lot of dollars to sell against the yen. Bloomberg reported that the Bank of Japan held more than $110 billion in the Federal Reserve’s foreign and international monetary authority repo pool. Japan also declared $1.33 billion in total foreign exchange reserves. Given the lack of details surrounding the intervention, I have to assume that the BoJ is preparing for a protracted battle and holds plenty of ammunition to continue fighting against traders who dare to press against the wishes of the central bank. I also suspect that a surprise rate hike is in the cards to deal a knockout blow to yen weakness. A sudden break in policy could be enough to put a durable floor on the yen without the BoJ needing to join its peers in aggressive tightening.

The impending global recession

The status of the Japanese yen as a “safety currency” will also work in its favor as a looming global recession becomes increasingly real. Bank of Japan peers have launched aggressive rate hikes on the stated calculation that they know exactly how far to go without triggering a recession (can someone spell “soft landing”?). Given the low odds of success, I see the Japanese yen becoming more popular next year as economic weakness becomes more real. I do not make economic forecasts. Instead, I bet the fog of uncertainty surrounding central bank earnings will lift contrary to optimistic expectations. In other words, I assume that the earnings distribution curve does not favor central banks. The Japanese Yen should be at least marginally better for traders in a global economic downturn.

The carry trade is coming to an end

The Japanese yen acts as a fantastic currency for carry trades. In carry trades, traders sell a low-yielding currency to buy a higher-yielding one to take advantage of the interest rate differential. Traders can also use the proceeds to fund investments in higher yielding assets like stocks. Traders also anticipate that the low-yielding currency will continue to weaken given the differential and provide ample runway for the overall strategy to work. The Bank of Japan forced these trades by falling further and further behind its peers. However, the risk of continuing this performance increases rapidly as economic results weaken. To the extent that the carry trades are still active, I expect the reversal of these carry trades to provide further bullish catalyst for the Japanese Yen.

The exchange

Trading against the trend is always fraught with pitfalls, no matter how strong the contrarian catalysts are. If I’m right about the catalysts, I see an upside for FXY to at least get back to its downside 200-day moving average (the blue line in the chart above). Such a move represents at least a 10% upside. I estimate downside risks are also around 10% with a return to the early 1990s levels I mentioned earlier. However, traders can limit this downside risk by stopping at a new all-time low on FXY, resulting in a loss of around 1.5%. In this scenario, I would wait to resume this trade until either 1) FXY approaches another 10% loss with NEW bullish catalysts, and/or 2) FXY closes above 66 again.

Be careful there!

10 Best Anime We Can’t Stop Watching (And Why)


The best anime series also tend to be the most immersive. Once someone starts watching them, it’s hard to walk away and take a break. Even after it’s over, fans mostly feel compelled to rewatch the entire series over and over again.

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Some anime series are recognized for their unique art styles and colorful visual effects, while others are identified by their intense, high-stakes battle scenes and harsh social commentary. However, many anime series have garnered attention for their lovable characters and non-stop slapstick comedy. These series stood out and kept fans from looking away.

ten Spy X Family was the Breakout series of 2022 and kept fans entertained

Spy X Family was one of the most anticipated spring 2022 releases. Fans are already watching the first dozen episodes with its second yard just around the corner. Spy X Family stars Loid Forger, or “Twilight,” a spy tasked with creating a makeshift family, infiltrating one of the nation’s top schools, and getting close to an important politician to prevent a war.

Although Loid is technically the protagonist, Family Spy X The star was Anya, a telepathic girl whose imagination is always wild. His facial expressions have become viral memes. Fans also fell in love with Yor, a masterful assassin who must hide his true identity.

9 Gintama is a classic Shonen parody series that makes tons of pop culture references

Gintama is set in feudal Japan, but its references to modern pop culture made